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Bull terrier continues winning ways

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by Vicki, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    bullful.......your replies concerning reproduction etc are at best childish....at worst embarrassing......

    i take it your lack of ability to debate a subject and STAY on the subject lead you to make personal childish jibes towards me.......it is actually so pathetic i cant see any point answering the point as unlike you i dont need to score points in an argument i enjoy healthy debate not playground battles.
    for your information i have never had complaints on my reproductive system size or otherwise......your highlighted replies are actually agreeing with what i said if you had taken the time to look instead of wildly smashing away at your keyboard !!!

    as for the breeding part.....dont insult my intelligence by trying to claim that health testing is done to better the breed.....and then also try to tell me that the BEST dog of the breed who wins dog shows wins these dog shows whilst being physically deformed !!!!!!.....i told you before,you can fool some of the people some of the time......but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time !
  2. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog


    "your highlighted replies are actually agreeing with what i said if you had taken the time to look instead of wildly smashing away at your keyboard !!!"

    I am fully aware of the highlighted information agreeing with your statement. Probably the one time we will agree.
    It was to show Hucklebutt that maybe they should consider cutting back on over-excercising their stud dog as it does have its down side.
    Funny how excercising can sometimes be detrimental to ones health.

    Your failure to answer any requests for photos or achievements of your dogs leads me to believe that all you do is debate. Or perhaps you have concerns about sharing what you and your dogs do in an open forum.
    Continue to breed for high energy, game, driven dogs and when the inexperienced or irresponsible owners, whose hands they sometimes fall into, can not control them in public, an intimidated John Q. will scream for BSL. Once passed we won't have to worry about how healthy "our" dogs are, or about all the dogs that continue to wind up in rescue. We will just switch breeds and make that new breed healthier also, right?
  3. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    i gaurantee you exercise did not do this to my dog.
  4. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    I think it's incredibly lame how this entire thread has turned into an 8 page pissing match to see who can insult who, and whose dogs, more.

    Does no one know how to do a proper debate anymore?
  5. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    So your otherwise healthy stud dog may have a genetic reproductive problem then?

    There are many reason that you might want to consider. Do you require that the bitches be tested and certified free from any STD's.
    You are probably already aware of this but may find this link worth a quick look.


    You may also want to consider that what you are considering fun excercise may be stressful on your stud dog and stress definitely will have a negative impact on sperm production.
    Also overheating may decrease sperm production and lower sperm count.
    Stress and excessive physical exertion can cause some hormonal changes in the body that can affect sperm count and fertility but we have already been told that.

    clueless- thanks for the performance review but this is about the dogs
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2010
  6. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    "You may also want to consider that what you are considering fun excercise may be stressful on your stud dog and stress definitely will have a negative impact on sperm production.

    hes not stressed out, I only allow him to do things he loves to do. He doesnt want to sit on the sofa all day, I can assure you that. bull terriers are supposed to be high energy dogs that require exercise, i give my dogs what they need.

    Also overheating may decrease sperm production and lower sperm count.

    you underestimate me bullful, I know this. I worked for a vet hospital for 2 years.

    Stress and excessive physical exertion can cause some hormonal changes in the body that can affect sperm count and fertility"

    there are many working dogs that dont have reproductive problems, such as kaiser, GSD, working labs all that. So Im going to have to disagree with ya!
  7. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    Okay- good luck, but tell me please, where does sitting on a sofa all day come from?
  8. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    just the words i chose to use.
  9. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    bullful i think you simply bullshit to get out of bullshit you have already said !!!

    so you " highlighted " all those points to agree with me did you....sometimes its best just to admit to a mistake as you dont fool anyone !

    as regards the point about infertility and fitness.....a dog ( or human ) would need to be peaked out in the fittest condition it could possibly be for fertility to be effected,so no its not linked to general fitness no.....
    as an example,a marathon runner over here could not produce a child until she gave up the event.....which is kind of self explannatory,a marathon runner needing an extreme type of fitness.

    as for any dogs ive had....you see,there you go presuming things again...what would make you presume i have ever sold a dog ? or put a pup/dog with anybody other than somebody who could get the best from the dog.....some of us have pride in our animals and will not just sell them out for financial gain or stick them in front of a show judge to earn a rossette.........you put a picture of a dog up to get praise/critism,and got it......when i do the same then praise/critisize as much as you like.until then dont just presume what you dont know to be fact !
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2010
  10. AmberABCg

    AmberABCg Puppy

    Teal, I think the thread addressed health/fitness, although the two seem to have the same definition for some. The dog first being criticized is owned by one of the posters, which allows for a rebuttal. When someone makes a statement, we should either stand behind it because we have facts to back it up, or admit that it is our preference and be at a stand still. (I have admitted that.)
    I will re-address an earlier question in hopes that those voicing strong opinions will answer. This question isn't to create pissing match, but to begin constructive understanding about the differences and similarities within the breed worldwide. I'm sure we won't all agree, but many generalizations have been made in recent threads, and I'd like to hear specifics on the issue. Claims will either be substantiated or scrutinized, but hopefully valid points can be made on either side to open minds and agree to disagree without personal insults.

    "One thing I find notably absent from this thread, and another regarding changes in the breed, are the differences in the bull terrier breed from continent to continent. Especially since we have cultural differences on what is acceptable to the public (many of us fight the endless fight against BSL), differences in what health testing is affordable, accessable, or neccessary (many imported dogs from a particular region are known to pass OCD/spinning/SOA/poor temperament) etc.

    How many have extensively experienced various breeders and breeding stock from across the globe?"

    ---------- Post added at 10:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:29 AM ----------

    I waited to late to edit my comment. The thread didn't address health/fitness, the conversation following did. =)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2010
  11. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    amber i have seen the bull terrier breeds in many parts of the world from england/ireland to holland......to south africa....to australia and various parts of south america......all over a 30 year period.....
    im talking about apbt,stafford and english bull terriers.....

    i disagree on the variation across the world i believe its more of a time span thing......

    as regards the breed we are talking i feel the best ones ive seen were back in the 80,s in england/ireland.....these were dogs bred for work and they were in the main happy healthy vigorous dogs......i was led to believe around this same time frame that similar type dogs were kept and bred in other parts of the world......

    since this time however i have yet to see anything near the quality of dog i saw back then either at home here in the uk or the other places ive mentioned......i believe the reason is because in the main people will follow popularity......and a healthy fit bull terrier is just not popular in recent years.......the only ones ive seen recently that have any spark of life and decent shape to them are those being specifically bred as " old time " and NOT the run of the mill average dog of the breed.....

    of course in places like pakistan and india a different type of bull terrier exists which looks a little like what we know to be a bull terrier but i have strong doubts as to the pureness of these breeds as they are simply not bred to type.......

    my experience of the bull terrier breeds in general has led me to believe " the dog show " has been the ruination of the breeds and dog show people must take a lot of responsibility for this.
  12. AmberABCg

    AmberABCg Puppy


    Excellent response, unfortunately I'm on my way out to run dogs so no time to respond. From this, we can have excellent discussion with merit!
  13. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    Hucklebutt said-
    just the words i chose to use.

    Well Danielle after speaking to a few people it would appear that the words you choose have caused you to be banned from multiple forums and you have made more than a few enemies.
    In order to have a proper debate you must have a modicum of respect and honesty. I have asked multiple times if Hucklebutt had a kennel name and she has consistently stated she does not while at the same time she was posting the following, which will show that she has not been an honest person:

    Zerlett Bull Terrier Ke…[​IMG]Danielle Charlet Dec 23, 2009 10:30 PM

    she looks big! how much does she weigh? yea sea kelp fixes pigmintation problems. just a little bitty secret someone told me lol. my name is hucklebutt on PBC (pit bull chat).

    I have also asked about her advertising her dog as a proven stud. The following are just a few of her ads found on the internet.

    "Features & Description
    AKC and UKC with champion blood lines. Dedicated, experianced, proven stud. Stud fee negotiable. Contact me for more info. Tri colored male will produce colors and whites."

    Another ad stated the following:

    "I also have a male tri black brindle male for STUD only!! I live in Tucson please email me Hucklebutt@live.com for pictures and price!
    These are PURE bull terriers, they are NOT pit bulls. They are like the target dog, Chico or spuds dogs."

    This ad has been viewed 60 times.

    Then in a post dated Dec 18 2008 Danielle Charlet of Zerlett Kennels posted the following exchange that truly showed poor judgement and shows her lack of respect for other forums and their members:

    "haha your moms in the hospital!!!

    my bull terrier is AKC certified, not a mutt. so get that strait.

    you say im immature and your talking about f#*cking (edited) my dog with a dildo.
    looks like your just as immature genius.

    im acting immature cause its fun to f#*k (edited) with you morons. while you guys get all upset i find this shit hilarious.

    besides this is shit talking online, doesn’t bother me one bit. you can say whatever you like, you are just dump people on the internet that i find fun to talk shit to. LOL!

    i hope your mom dies."

    here is the link: http://forum.myspace.com/index.cfm?...n=5F7D3641-E02A-4821-8091E26770C46A4221646001

    Now this was not the limit of her poor judgement, the video of her smoking her hookah posted two years ago and Elias eating smoke bubbles was not a wise thing to do. You never know when an employer might check your internet MySpace page which might have an effect on your employment status.
    You sure have plenty of time to come up with derogatory comments about many different folk's dogs, and not just the bullies. I guess since you got your unemployment extension Nov 18th, you'll have plenty enough more time to annoy many others. Good thing you got that extension with Scarlett tearing her ACL. Best wishes for her quick and full recovery. By the way how did such a fit, well muscled and excercised dog tear her ACL.

    In closing Danielle, I hope in the future the debates can be just a bit more educated and respectful of all parties and their dogs.
    Feel free to contact me for the links where you shared all this information.

    ---------- Post added at 08:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:23 PM ----------

    clueless said - ."so you " highlighted " all those points to agree with me did you....sometimes its best just to admit to a mistake as you dont fool anyone !"

    No, I never said that did I. I highlighted one (1) point, "stress", and it was for Hucklebutt's attention. Then in a reply to your post I said that it would probably be the only time I ever would agree with you. You have a wonderful ability to twist things and try to put words in others mouths.

    "........you put a picture of a dog up to get praise/critism,and got it......when i do the same then praise/critisize as much as you like.until then dont just presume what you dont know to be fact !"

    Fact is that I did not start the topic or put the picture up that you first commented upon. Purple posted it on 10-31 and I did not join the forum until 12-20 when I was informed about the topic.
    You choose not to share photos of your dogs, if you even have any, as this would prevent anyone from critiquing them whether positive or negative. So in my eyes you talk the talk but can not walk the walk.
    Being a supporting member I am sure your word is golden and you can continue to impress the likes of Danielle.
  14. Kingy

    Kingy Puppy

    As human beings you really wouldn't believe we could breed such a temprement change in our human "breed" standard.......evoloution eh ;) Lmao

    Good post Bullful....... Honesty is the best policy :lol:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2010
  15. Leslie H

    Leslie H Good Dog

    Bullful, while Hucklebutt's words may understandably not carry much weight with you, I think she has made some valid points, which I hope will not be lost among the drama.
  16. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    i find it interesting Bullful you have to make childish jabes at me because you are obviously very upset about this whole conversation, you take it beyond the actual topic into a personal arguement that proves nothing accept you went WAY out of your way to try to find dirt on me. That to me is simply sad and pathetic you feel you need to add personal attacks to this. Yes I have unemployment, because I got myself fired for being unrully at my job working at a vet field where the vet was all about money and not about saving lives, and I took it very hard and went into a deep depression at my job. I know lazy dogs cant get injuries, besides the fact that obese dogs, its hard on there organs and there joints, which is why AI comes in such handy since they would not be able to breed normally, any ways. You should be ashamed of yourself, you took a normal debate and turned it into personal attacks, which I would have thought you were better than. But you must think your very clever, but I guess clueless is right, you just cant deal with the subject at hand. :no2:
    Exercising dogs are prone to injurt, however, I never worked or overly exercised Scarlett because shes a puppy, she got that injury probably by simply playing out side because I dont keep my dogs on the couch all day. She has also healed 100% from it, just so you know, so its probably not a torn acl that we originally thought it may be. But it was definitly not from exercising, but from just being a puppy. A torn acl, just in case you dont know, can happen as easly as a turn on a slippier floor, not harsh exercise. :rolleyes: So sorry, but your personal attacks and uneducated posts have failed, please try again. :D You have only succeed at showing who you really are, and what your mental state is. The angry post from me was from a very long time ago, and people change the way they are, but you just wrote this post today, so it shows me who you are RIGHT NOW.
  17. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    Leslie said:

    "Bullful, while Hucklebutt's words may understandably not carry much weight with you, I think she has made some valid points, which I hope will not be lost among the drama."

    I absolutely loved your use of the word weight.

    Valid points in whose eyes? Comments made by someone in bullies for less than two years...dogs pulling weight wagons at less than a year of age, torn ACL's , misrepresenting a dog offered for stud, "champion AKC UKC lines" with only one or two champions in a five generation pedigree that she is unable to decipher. She'll repeat anything you say if it will give her some validity. Just someone that wants to jump on anothers bandwagon be accepted, and then beat her drum.

    Is this one of the valid points?
    the only way you can tell if a dog is game is in the pit. if they can handle breaking legs, ripped to pieces for 2 hours of non stop fighting, and than pulled apart, and see if they will still try to meet to continue fighting is the only way to know if a dog is game. I dont know if my dog is game, i some what think he is/could be, I've seen him black out and not care, but hes never been able to take it to a game testing limit. He will take any pain to get at what he wants, runs into polls head first, runs strait into cactus, falls, gets hurt, and just keeps on going.

    or is it:


    The only problem is, you only add to the though that all bull terriers should look like Rufus, not mentally, but physically. And single handedly can destroy a breed.

    How does one look mentally?
    My dogs may have the head of a hound, but they have a million times more function than rufus and any show dog out there, and they will probably live longer, too. And if I wanted to spend them time making them therapy dogs, im sure I could accomplish that as well. Would I win any dog shows? Probably not, but I could do 15 more things with my dogs, besides a dog show, that dog show dogs, can not do.


    "yup-and they think there doing the best thing for the breed. :(

    dang i just got banned from there again...gotta download that software that hides my ip address. lol "

    or this:
    "But he makes everyone believe all bull terriers should be over weight and bulky. By doing this you make people think its the only way the breed should be. Therefor pushing aside the athletic smaller boned dogs, they will be extinct. And the over weight ones will be all that there is left. And by breeding dogs with the same characteristics will creat a breed that will no longer be able to be called 'gladiator.' "

    All anybody looking for a BT need do is read and become familiar with the Standard. Then an educated shopper can begin their quest to obtain a puppy, hopefully from one of the many recommended, reputable breeders involved with the breed clubs in their country.

    And I believe they have removed Gladiator from the standard due to the negative connotation it gives to the breed in these days of PC-ness and BSL.

    or perhaps some of your points:

    "My personal frustration is not with you or Rufus as individuals. It saddens me to see dog's structure so distorted that the dog cannot move or function in a relatively effortless fashion."

    Who are you talking about? Whose structure is distorted? Rufus covers ground effortlessly and is one of the best moving BT's ever, proven in many venues. Don't know where you got POGOing.

    "Spelling doesn't correlate with much, either education or intelligence."

    Not anymore it doesn't.. we have ebonics and texting now, no need for a dictionary anymore especially with "no child left behind."

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

  18. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    Thread Closed!!!!!!

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