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Building a carpet mill and have questions.

The Diesel

Big Dog
Hell if I know. Ask the Colby's, they're accessible. Grand Carpet mills are like $150 - $300. The Colby's are the best IMO.
Damn thats cheap, i just have this thing where i like to build my own stuff lol. Ill probably break down and buy one.


Big Dog
I think they may sell plans too. Someone does. I worked construction, blue prints etc. My boss was way more experianced & thought he could build a better mill than Colby on his first try. Its trail & error in the beginning. Colby has already made the errors. Now the Grand mill is inexpensive, but I think the colby is much better. I had both, side by side, face to face.


I'm in starting to make a carpet mill myself I will be using quality conveyor rollers. This site has some different styles of conveyors that can be used as a spring board for designing your system. http://www.adeptconveyor.com.au/conveyor_systems/power_roller_conveyors.htm

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Also try searching for a used manual treadmill, I'm going to get a quality manual and replace the belt with a carpet belt and add some blinders. Hope this helps.


Big Dog
If I am not mistaken , rollers are used for a slat mill, ghraphite for a carpet mill.
Carpet for strength , slat for stamina.

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To build a carpet frame out of metal , is actually easier.
You will need a chop saw / Miter Box ) , with a metal cutting blade ( abrasive ) , metal framing vice grips ( 1-8 pr ....the more the merrier ) 1/4 inch self tapping pan head screws , screw gun / deck gun , speed square , ( magnetic ) level ( more sizes the better , torpedo , 1ft , 2/4 , 4ft . 6ft , & aluminum snips / hand grinder , & 18 gauge studs. ( 3 & 5/8 inch IMHO ) , but 1 inch & 5/8 may work.

Table saw for wood:
Metal doesn't have the sheer strength of wood, so measure insides of studs & cut wood rips to slide inside studs , then secure with 1inch & 5/8's self tapping screws instead or 1/4 inch self tapping pan heads.

If you want to buy a used Colby , or slat , let me know, you cover shipping & I'll give you a deal.
It is old & has say for years , not pretty , but works perfect.
Pieces of History!


Good Dog
personally i see absolutely no use whatsoever in a carpet mill.....if its strength you want then handwalking will suffice,if its stamina a slatmill will suffice.....if its everyday general exercise a slow electric mill......

each to their own but ive never liked carpet mills.


Good Dog
I concur in that there are better ways to odo resistive training that make the carpet mill obsolete. This of course assumes that we are conditioning the dog for overall athleticism.

personally i see absolutely no use whatsoever in a carpet mill.....if its strength you want then handwalking will suffice,if its stamina a slatmill will suffice.....if its everyday general exercise a slow electric mill......

each to their own but ive never liked carpet mills.

The Diesel

Big Dog
I still havent made one. I suck. I let him pull me on the bike for 5 miles really hard then let him trot at a good pace for another few miles depending on the humidity and how he is feeling, then we walk one last mile, sometimes two. It seems to be working pretty good.


Big Dog
Some say the walk , should be as long as the run.
IE: 45min on mill = 45min walking, although it may be double?
I built a carpet mill but I need advice, I think I might need heavier rollers?

I didn't use plans or anything just bought some wood and materials at a local hardware store

Mind posting a plan for that mill metaphysical?
You don't really need plans, I can tell you how I made mine but all you really need to do is look at it and then build it according to your dog size, I don't really think you should build it exactly how I made it because it doesn't (yet) work as nicely as others out there. The rollers need to be heavy in order to create more momentum.

Also I've just glued the carpet together but where I've glued I've used too much carpet so when it goes over the rollers she struggles a bit, I've fixed this though, now where it's glued is only about 2 inches instead of around 7 or 8 so it should go over the rollers easier.

It's also not finished, you can see the make-shift pole that I've used to attach a chain to the harness so it's work in progress at the moment.

What I do like about this design is that the legs are attached with 4 long bolts, this allows me to dismantle it fairly easily. This also allows me to adjust the angle of the base, all I'd have to do is drill holes higher on the 2 front legs and tighten the bolt but I'll try get it working smother before that.


Good Dog
you might want BIGGER rollers instead?? Looks super simple.. NEED ONE NEOW!!! How did you do the base?

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