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BT's never used for blood sports?

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier History' started by aprotopo, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    I found this link just now and I'm slightly confused:
    Masterminds :: James Hinks and the Bull Terrier by Rita Horter

    As I understand, it says that Hinks never fought his dogs and that he bred the dogs for the sole purpose of being in the show ring. He wanted to bring the dogs out of the pit and into the show. So, as the dogs became known as "bull terriers", they have never "officially" been used for any blood sports?

    I always hear that people did use them for that purpose and then realized that they were very bad at it and so abandoned the idea. Which account is correct?

  2. mottatron

    mottatron Little Dog

    Hmmmm....I doubt anyone knows the real 100 per cent true answer to this now and I expect there was also some sort fo cross over point.
    From all the stuff I've read, the most likely scenario seems to be this:
    Hinks developed his own line of BTs from the dogs fighting in the pit at the time.
    As more time was spent concentrating on looks, so the dogs were used less and less in the pits.
    Were they ever completely missing from blood sports? No, I doubt it. To this day people are using them in small amounts around the world.
    The Russian I see in my park loves Brando and says "those dogs are used for fighting in my country," along with Pits and Staffies.
    I know they were used in Ireland quite a lot too for fighting as well as on badgers.
    But in general, no. These dogs were quickly moved out of combat when people started showing them.
    But all this is just my opinion.
    Love to hear what other people think.
  3. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    Absolutely there were and have been bull terriers used in many blood sports, ratting, bull baiting and dog fighting being just a few, im sure, there are, and still are to this day. To assume bull terriers were never used in blood sport ever is absurd, they were created for it. Small shrunken eyes to make them safer in a fight, naturally erect ears so they didnt need to be cropped, tight skin the body making it harder for the opponent to grab in the fighting rink. However, I heard through many sources that they did poorly in the ring, and when the fighting was outlawed no one really bothered with the bull terrier too much. Bull terriers are like retards with an anger problem, they get so pissed and black out when engaged in a fight but the skill is just not there, maybe to another bull terrier they will indeed do damage, but to a dog whose ancestors had more skill, such as the american pit bull terrier, in a lot of cases the bull terrier wont stay on his feet. I've seen the proof at hand, against bigger dogs or dogs whose ancestors have closer fighting history the bull terrier doesn't stand much of a chance. I also do truly think they do not have MUCH of a fighting history though. I think they were better at other things like killing vermin and baiting bulls but I don't think they have too much history being in the pit. There is a video somewhere on this forum showing some blood sport dogs back in the day I think one was called red dublin? Or something close to that can someone please remind me? It was a bull terrier that was in a blood sport I do believe and some of the BEST champion fighting pit bulls back in the day were believed to be bulll terrier crosses and they often will resemble a mix. Thats my input anyways anyone have any other info?
  4. Kevin Kane's books "Pity Me! The Origin and Developement of the Bull Terrier" and "James Hinks - Master Craftsman" might shed some light on this subject
  5. Noxa88

    Noxa88 Puppy

    I always hear this, and it clearly isn't true. Some of the best fighting dogs in ireland were bull terriers like the red hand of ulster (mostly a badger dog but a successful fighter aswell) as well as crosses such as stormer and psycho. My friend in Mallorca says bull terriers are still one of the best fighting dogs they have their and regularly beat presa canario, ca de bou and pit bulls. Same goes for Argentina they are pretty expensive there but are highly regarded there. As someone said they use them in Russia and prefer them to Caucasian ovtcharka etc. Because they never let up and produce far more entertaining fights. These dogs are far from the BT's we know but they certainly don't sound like unsuccessful fighters to me.
  6. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    From what I was able to view I have not seen many successful bull terriers in the pit, noxa can you PM me some of this info?
  7. mottatron

    mottatron Little Dog

    My girlfriend has also just reminded me that her father's friend used to fight his white BT in the early 90s up in Liverpool. Her dad recalls the man sewing him up on a table in the back room of the pub after his fights.
    Apparently the dog lived at home with a cat who was his best friend for year - until one day the bloke returned home to find a bloody mess and no more cat.
    Not a very nice story, but confirms that not long ago in the UK at least one person was using their EBT in this way.
    Different people see things differently I suppose, but I cant imagine putting a dog I love (or any dog) into that sort of situation.
  8. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    There is a book on hinks that goes in depth about his life and the breeding of his dogs ,cant remember the name of it but the book goes on to tell the story of Hinks BT bitch called Puss that when challenged hinks would fight at many dog shows and apparently she never lost .
    To be honest i dint bother reading the original link on the first post on the thread as it obviously misinformed ,Over the years bull terriers have been using in lots of different blood sports from dog fighting to ratting to badger baiting to hog hunting the list goes on and on .
    Heres a video of some game bull terriers past ¬
    And another video of one being used to hunt hogs in the USA ¬
  9. back2basics

    back2basics Puppy

    It seems like common knowledge that EBTs along with the other bull and terriers have a shared ancestry in the pit. Whether or not they can be competitive in the %s of other dogs is the reason why they are not still prevelant in said arenas. Not to say they didn't have great success in the rat pit.
  10. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    I like these videos

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