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Bsl Passed

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by chinasmom, May 23, 2007.

  1. chinasmom

    chinasmom Little Dog


    Before relenting and voting for the ban, Sansing had two concerns. The first was for military people who transferred to Little Rock Air Force Base. “Do they have to get base housing or lose their pets?â€

    “Yes,†Mayor Tommy Swaim said. “Once the ordinance takes effect no pit bulls will be allowed to move into the city.â€

    Sansing also felt the ordinance discriminated against the responsible owners. “We are asking them to micro-chip their dog and have the pet spayed or neutered. It’s not fair that they should have those out-of-pocket expenses,†he said.

    Alderman Gary Fletcher asked the council to table the ordinance until the next meeting.

    “It’s clear that a lot of people want to speak and we should give them time to call and talk to us,†he said.
    He made a motion to delay the vote, but no one seconded the motion, so his request failed.

    Fletcher suggested the delay even though he said he was “turned off by the rudeness displayed by many people in the audience. As an alderman I have taken an oath to look after the safety, health and welfare of the people of Jacksonville,†he said.

    On the final vote, all aldermen voted for the ban.
  2. bryand

    bryand Puppy

    This makes it easy to know how to vote in the next election. Every single alderman should be defeated and every dog owner in the city should work to see that happens.
  3. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    This is what I wonder, it says being turned off by rudeness and well guys and gals, some dog owners when it comes to this can be I saw a lot of it when I was on myspace.

    Now I dont trust any councilman or woman who thinks banning a dog like this is key its not and sometime I wonder HOW MANY people were rude as people who hate pit bulls can be bad sobs.

    If the dog owners who attended were rude perhaps if they would of come up with a better, attitude and presentation would this help MORE and give more of a chance?

    I met people on line who attended council meetings and saw first hand rude dog owners cause problems too.

    One thing for sure is this, we have to be better than the opposition, we have to come off mature, intelligent yet stern, angry yet confident and professional and give solutions.

    That statement really bothered me not saying that is a better excuse to ban any dog but being rude doesnt help either..

    None the less the whole thing sucks.
  4. bryand

    bryand Puppy

    What amazes me is the disconnect between the sentiment of most of the people attending the council meeting and the vote taken by the alderman. If there was an overflow crowd filled with people opposed to the pit bull ban, wouldn't you think that responsible politicians would hear them out and consider their views before voting? Don't numbers count for anything in a democracy?

    I see this as a real opportunity to teach these politicians a lesson. It sounds like they have gone against the wishes of a lot of voters with this one.
  5. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    Oh totally Bryand.

    We live in some really double standard screwed up times and as pit bull owners we really do have to step up and be better though.

    Now Elgin Illinois pulled this crap they just passed a ban with no meeting.

    Un constitutional.

    We have to be better though and polite and show them we are not the scum they think we are at the same time. I agree with your statement 100 percent but again acting rude or aggressive at this things wont help us at all.

    It sucks..

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