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BSL in Quebec

Greg B

With all that has been going on over the summer in Quebec, one man has decided to hire a high profile lawyer, Julius Grey, for those who are from the area, to fight the pitbull ban just south of Montreal in a town bamed Boucherville. Winning this case would set the tone for other cities who want to enact bans like the one Montreal does.

The man spearheading this doesn't even have a dog himself but recognizes the discriminatory nature and unfairness of the law. He needs our help, both in exposure and in funds. I'm hoping what I'm asking for doesn't go against community rules but if anyone can support him either by sharing the webpage on social media or donating what they can, all doglovers would be in your debt.
Let us show the province and the rest of the world that discriminatory laws based on media sensationalism don't work.
Thank you in advance,