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Broken tail

I got my dog from a BYB (I know bad choice). Shady deal, long story short she was probably only 4-5 weeks old-too soon to be away from the mom. Anyway, a week or so later I noticed a kink towards the end of her tail. I don't know if she came that way or if it happened rough housing with my cocker spaniel. The vet said she broke it some how but shouldn't be a problem or cause her pain. Is this true? Is there any way to correct it? Should I have it docked at the break or leave it? Shes 7 months now and an awesome dog. I don't want her in any unnecessary pain but it looks a little silly.

You can see it in this pic a little bit but that is from a month or two ago. Now its a 90* angle. Any advice?


Good Dog
Premium Member
It's not gonna cause the dog pain and there is no fixing it. Leave it as it is do not dock it.


Good Dog
Staff member
I have a dog that had a tail like that. In most instances it would probably have been fine but for all we do it just didn't work out. He'd get happy tail in two places when it happened. One on the end and another at the kink. It got to where it was sore all the time from banging that knot on things. Even if he just bumped his tail against your pant leg you could see it was hurting him. I finally conceded that it had to go, and I've never had a reason to regret it. From looking at him he doesn't either, and watching him work you'd never know it was gone.

My reccommendation- if it's giving the dog trouble and hurting all the time then get rid of it. If not, then leave it be. It's just a character mark. Chicks dig scars.


Good Dog
Cute dog.
Like catchrcall says leave it unless it's a real big painful problem.

Hey Catchrcall. When you had your dogs tail docked did you have it done real short like a dobie or rottie? I know of a few happy tail dogs that had to have their tails docked. The vet did half off first. Which still had problems. All the dogs had to have second dockings down to nubs. So now I tell all happy tail owners to just go real nubbie the first time.


Good Dog
Staff member
I would guess about the same length as a Doberman. Maybe an inch or two longer but not much. Been a while since I was close to a Doberman.