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Breeding questions


Little Dog
I am in the process of researching the next pup I will buy I have a few questions about breeding. If you buy a pup from a stud and dam that are both correct, what are the chances the pup will develop faults? is there a way to be 100% sure that the pup will turn out like the parents? If a sire is easty westy but the dam is not, is it possible for the pup to not have that trait? If both parents are easty westy, is it possible for the pup not to be? Lastly, if both parents are not easty wesy, can the pup turn out to be? I am asking this because I am alsolooking at gotty dogs and you see a lot of easty westy in gottyline.


American Bully Moderator
Most of the time I'd say look further down the line. Look at the parents parents, and furthermore. Yes a dog with easty westy feet can produce pup without it. Not likely but possible. If you have straight feet then more than likely the pups will come out with striaght feet. You will be able to tell by the time you buy the pup whether or not the pup will have any faults. You just know what to look for.