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Breeding question / debate

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by HighVoltageAPBT, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Thought this would be interesting. I am not interested in hearing if this is right or wrong. We all know obviouskly it IS wrong but:

    Do you think BSL actually FUELS more dogs being bred rather than "curbing" certain breeds?

    Here is why I ask. I work in a petstore and I always have to go talk to people who come in with pit bulls. Also I call the ads in the papers regularly and ask questions just to see what they say. ANYWAYS more than once I have heard from the person that they HAD to breed a litter in order to be able to pay the insurance to keep thier dog. I live in Ohio you know the law is retarded here. SO do you think that part of the breeding epidemic is because people want to keep thier dog and its the only way they can afford the insurance? There are two places that will issue it and you have to pay 1 full year upfront non refundable and whole premium must be paid they dont do monthly like a car insurance. Also since they are the only two places you can imagine the price. They rape people with the price and unless you make good money you cant afford it. So basically if you make minimum wage kiss your dog goodbye because you wont be able to afford the insurance. The only way I can afford it is because I have extra money taken out of my check each week. So that check I get at the end of the year plus my income tax goes to renew every year. Its rediculous how much it is.
  2. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    I have heard from the person that they HAD to breed a litter in order to be able to pay the insurance to keep thier dog.

    Hi, I was wondering if you could explain that a little more sorry if Im slow on this I dont understand.

    I mean if you pay insurance dont they tack that on to your house payment, you know an extra what ever the fee is a month on your house payment?

    Unless its different in that area. We are with Allstate we switched over from... I cant remember their name but nation wide they dont cover certain dogs but they didnt change that with us as we have had our dogs for a long time and since they never had a complaint they kept our policy.

    That was nice but... well, we didnt want to support them if they were for BSL and Allstate to us has better rates.

    Anyway, if you dont mind, could you explain that more?

    Im having a hard time understanding how breeding and having litters helps them pay for a monthly fee.

    Let me tell ya tho' when we called Allstate to switch and asked about dogs and told them what kind of dogs we have, they laughed and said..

    " That is not an issue..."
  3. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    I don't know how bad it is in Ohio? They not only makee you insure for having pit bull but make you buy it from one of two companies? Then I bet someone is also getting kickbacks from those companies.

    State Farm has a policy against discriminating by dog breed as well.

    I think whoever said they had to breed a litter to make money to pay for extra insurance is making up a dumb excuse ... they just wanted to BYB. People make all kinds of excuses for it, and that is one of the lamest I've ever heard.

    That being said I do think BSL creates more trouble for the breed including more piss poor breedings, because people who don't care about the law anyway will keep breeding, etc. riding the so-called "cool" factor of having a dog people perceive as "vicious" :rolleyes:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 25, 2007
  4. The liability insurance is state law here, and your home owners does NOT cover it. You have to pay the liability insurance the full year premium up frony. They do NOT accept monthly payments. Every year when I renew mine, I have to shell out $2500 ( all that and the deductible is also $2500, rediculous BS). It sux cause I could use my tax money for important things like stuff that needs done in my house and yard. State law requires that you have $100,000 liability insurance per dog. Most people cannot afford it, but also dont want to get rid of thier dog. The only 2 insurance companies that issue it are raping people here on the price because they know they HAVE to have it or thier dog gets put to sleep and they go to jail. I have had several people at work or on the phone say they didn't want to breed thier dog but had to so they could sell the pups to afford the insurance because they did not want to lose thier dog. SO it goes back to my question does BSL fuel more unwanted ill bred dogs?
  5. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Yes I think so. Not sure about whether it usually happens to pay for insurance ... but yes I'm sure BSL fuels more unwanted litters in many different ways.
  6. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

    That blows big time.

    Damn what bullshit!!!

    Well, sigh, I guess it does encourage more breeding but then thats more dogs to ban isnt it?

    I still have a hard time with that theory..

    I would move but that is easy for me to say .. I mean there is not ONE insurance company in Ohio that does not do this?

    Or wait, I think when BSL hits then insurance companies HAVE to do things like this by law correct me if Im wrong anyone.

    What bullshit though that is insane!!

    Damn this infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

  8. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    I understand that this really sucks and is causing people to lose their dogs, but their has to be other options besides breeding to pay fpr the inmnsurance. Making more dogs to pay for the ones you have IMO is irresponsible. I really do feel for the poeple who live in these areas and understand the point made, but.....

    Responsible breeders spend quite a bit to breed and raise a healthy litter and often just break even or even end up in the whole. So if people are making a ton of cash off the litter they aren't doing it for the dogs IMO

    So If this is really happeneing them the shelters are going to end up with more and more BYB dogs and sadlly the problems for our breed will be made far worse
  9. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    yeah Patch thats what I was thinking, I mean if one doesnt care about the dogs sure they are going to breed that litter to pay for the one dog they have but again, I have a hard time with it.

    It doesnt make sense at all and I mean again more dogs to ban, how in the hell are they going to sell them on line, out of state?

    And how long do they plan on breeding? You know?

    Personally, I dont think anyone should breed anything right now and some may not agree with me but just how I feel with the issue with this breed.

    I hope Mary Ellens links were able to help you High and perhaps others who think they have to breed to keep their dogs.

    And I mean you do have to invest money in breedings dont you unless one really doesnt care.

    What I mean is, if you invest money in your breedings then that is more money to be spent unless your charging HIGH prices.

    And again with my pov on that issue, there are good dogs at the shelters that are top quality dogs...

    Sad sad sad state of affairs this whole thing is....

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