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Breed Specific Legislation Websites

So nice to know that Texas still has legislature stopping counties and towns from having bsl. Wonder how long that will last? I know in Wichita Falls, where I am living, it seems like everywhere you turn you see a bully breed. Unfortunately a lot of them are not being kept properly and cause problems around the neighborhoods, or are being emotionally neglected.



While it's not specifically about BSL, the National Canine Research Council has a lot of great data to show that dogs of any breed are simply not a danger. Particularly in the "Are dogs a danger in your state" section.

Also see the Janis Bradley paper under "other resources". It's an excellent tool that gives lawmakers a balanced look at "dangerous dog" laws.
How accurate and up to date are these websites? Because one of them says La Junta, CO is legal and the other says they're illegal. I don't live in La Junta, but I do live in Englewood.
I just wonder if we will ever win. I can't even find a place to live and I have two kids, and they don't care the media and all the bad stories and no good has scared people so bad that they won't even give us a chance. I don't want to give up but at some point I will have to put my kids first, its a terrible situation they have put us in. They think we can just throw them on the street or put them down MJ is like a 3rd kid and I would hate to have to give up on her because of other people and there ignorance, kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

I need your help PLEASE. I had found a site that had some personal accounts of dogs being taken away from their owners in Denver. One of the stories was of a couple who are truck drivers from Texas whose dogs were taken when they had to spend the night in Denver due to a blizzard. I need to find that story and any others that I can use and get citation information for my paper.
I have tried the browser history and relooking through over 60 or more sites but can't seem to find it.
My professor was absolutely shocked by the situation in Denver and wants me to use those stories in my paper. HELP !!!
Thank you, it is good information. It is not the story I am looking for but I can still use the info for my research paper. I am writing a persuasive essay for my college composition class. If I do well enough I hope to also use it to send to city council people in cities where they are considering breed bans.


Where can I find all the States and citys where the BSL has been Passed? if you can help thanks because I don't want to give my baby up.


A brand spanking new BSL forum. with consolidated BSL laws and local listing are being populated now. K9BSL.COM Feel free to register and help add new and updated content. Theirs also a home page with lots of great articles.