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Bowzer's pedigree!

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier History' started by daniellelv, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    I went totally insane and started looking up everything i could about Bowzer's lineage. I tried to find some photos, but it was hard, but i did find some. Here is what I did find! He has a LOT of champions in his past family members.

    his moms side

    (you can see more or less too)


    father's side


    some pictures,

    if any one can find more picture please let me know.

    aricon one and only


    boco be good of aricon


    chan-dee's black stone benny


    van don's silver chancelor


    thats all the pictures i could find of his heritage!

    it was really interesting to see his past, some dogs on both of the pedigree's, line breeding, and some dogs from some amazing kennels!
  2. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    dray c'mon!

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    I know nothing of those lines, but the first dog is stunning!
  4. Ajax

    Ajax Puppy

    How did you find all of that i would like to look up Ajax's pedigree
  5. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Go Bowzer!! woo-hoo he's got some good looking linage there!
  6. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    ajax...go to the site, put in the dogs name, it will show you,. maybe not yours, cause it doesn't show bowzer's since he has never sired pups before and is young. look up the parent's names. you can go deeper into it too.

    mollie, thank you!
  7. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator


    Sorry Danielle did you want me:sonn_u11:

    Dray x
  8. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    yes what do you think of his ped?
  9. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator


    Hi Danielle,
    Do you want my honest opinion:)

    Dray x
  10. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    No, she wants you to tell her that Bowser and all of his issues are still worthy of being bred.

    IMO, that's the whole point to all of these posts she makes, it's all a lead up to her eventually letting everyone know that she has/is breeding him, even though she's been pointed numerous times to detail that shows he is not breedworthy.

    Just my .02 cents.
  11. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator


    Hi Danielle,
    Below you can view the pedigree's of the Sire and Dam which we bred to start Draydur Bull Terriers. We bought Taz, Mountain Lord of Draydur for his pedigree and his temperament as we knew what to look for because we researched the breed and at a dog show we met our mentor's. They owned CH Kilacabar Rolling Thunder, Baldrick who was a true ambassador of the breed for his generation and a name that can be found on most of todays top Bull Terriers:sonn_u11:
    Later our mentor's were generous enough to give us our first breeding bitch Maplark Miss Thunder of Draydur. Bramble not only had a top notch pedigree she was also a very rich Red Brindle and had a temperament as wonderful as Taz's.
    There pedigree's were a perfect match and the pairing had great suitability with both dogs complementing one another where needed:sonn_u11:
    See what you think of their pedigree's;)
    Mountain Lord of Draydur (White carrying Brindle) TAZx

    I'm sorry Brambles link doesn't work but i will keep trying, in the meantime you could visit our web site http://www.bullterriersinstaffordshire.co.uk and click on the dog/bitch's section and click on the bitch's and scroll over pedigree for Bramble!

    Dray x
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2009
  12. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    big ant that was uncalled for. I already stated I wasn't going to breed him, and even if i was going to that would be my own business and not yours to criticize, thanks anyways! but the question was what people thought of his ped. not for rude comments that my dog 'isn't breeding worthy' since i didn't ask if he was or not.

    dray yea i want your honest opinion, since im not too good at reading the peds, all i can really tell is that some of them are champions, but not very many are really recent.
  13. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    dray i cant find the ped.
  14. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    Brambles Pedigree:sonn_u11:[​IMG]

    Taz's Pedigree:sonn_u11:
    Sorry it is so large, if you save it to uour documents you should be able to view both clearer.

    Dray x
  15. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    the first one is very nice. Lots of champions.

    a couple questions...
    why is the second one hand written?
    and the second one says 'english bull terrier' i thought you didn't like them called that.
  16. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator


    HIS BREEDER who like so many people was uneducated as to what breed of dog she was breeding;) As I've said we went for his pedigree not who bred him:sonn_u11: I actally hate the use of the words English, Bull and Terrier when used in the same sentence to describe the wonderful Bull Terrier but when i first went looking for knowledge of the breed, very many people with vast experience were very quick to point out the correct naming of their precious breed that they had studied and admired for many, many years. They were correct in what they told me and i was even quicker to respect their knowledge and i am now higly honoured to call them our breed.

    Sorry Danielle are you asking these questions because you are trying to gain valuable knowledge or are you just trying to be clever???

    You have owned a Bull Terrier for what? Would i be right in saying about 8 months? We on the other hand have now been a part of the breed for sixteen years. You don't want to listen to advise unless you ask for it and you don't seem to respect many people who are clearly trying to help, if they are like myself, they are genuine people who don't want to see people ruin their dogs or their breed by people who have the attitude of "Bin there, done that and bought the tee-shirt" when it is clear to me that you haven't even started to crawl yet:)

    I know you will be offended as you always are and you will get very defensive but try opening up a little and listening to the majority not the minority as the way you are going poor Bowzer will be out of control by the time he is 2 years old and he was such a quiet sweet natured boy until you decided that was not the path for you as you think a Bull Terrier should be some what more:( Yes i may be wrong but that is my opinion and i say it as i see it:sonn_u11:

    Dray x
  17. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    wow okay sorry that you didn't get the huge response you wanted for your dogs hand written pedigree. SORRY! sorry i didn't say 'oh my god its so beautiful.'

    what makes you think my bull terrier is going to be out of control by the time he is 2? what on earth makes you think that?

    why would you say im going to mess up the breed? you all insist on something you all know nothing about? I said I am not going to breed him, yet you, and big ant seem to think i am going to open up my own back yard breeding kennel for bull terriers its ridiculous.

    I honestly thought you were better then that Dray, but you showed me who you really are. Ya i wanted to learn more about the pedigrees, but instead of teaching, you went strait to bashing. Good job!

    I take great care of my dogs, I teach them, work with them, exercise them mentally and physically. They get the best medical care and I only have 3 dogs, so I get to give them all a great amount of time per dog alone. I feed them great food, and I make damn sure I always have control over my dogs. So why would you insist that my bull terrier is going to be out of control by 2 years old?

    I am a stubborn person, and if I dont feel like something is right, I 'll say it, and I don't care about what other people think. Like I've stated before, this is the internet, and whether some one likes me or not, means nothing to me. I come here to enjoy pictures, and other NICE people on the group, but just because someone else thinks I should do something different, does not mean I have to listen to them and run my life to the way other dog owners think I should. Yup I have only owned a bull terrier for 7 months now? And learning every day. I did a lot of research on the breed before I decided to get one.

    I asked you a few questions, not even trying to be rude. But instead of 'teaching' me anything, you went right to bashing. Seems like you had some pent up anger over me and just let it all out, do you feel better now?:no2:
  18. ejslks

    ejslks Little Dog

    The pedigrees Dray posted are what a good ped should look like. From the look of the peds you posted, it looks like a good dog was brought to the states from the UK. One or several of the pups ended up in the wrong hands and was bred willy-nilly to any bull terrier available.

    BTW if Bowzer is that young, why do you have him pulling a tire and wheel around? You can seriously damage his joints at such a young age.
  19. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    Bowzers Pedigree

    Hi Danielle,
    That went better than i thought and at least you finally said what you thought rather than skimming the surface:)
    Why did you post Bowzer's pedigree?
    What do you think of his pedigree?
    You say you researched the breed first, if so where did you do your research as your pedigree clearly shows a long line of pet breeding or are the Sire's and Dam's early in Bowzer's pedigree pulling dogs or trial dogs?
    Forgive me for not always agreeing with you but you say you teach your dogs but some of your posts suggest otherwise especially where the rope toys are involved and you clearly say that this lack of discipline does not concern you as you prefer him to be (sorry can't remember the word used)
    You have little or no experience with the Bull Terrier breed and with the training activities you pursuit, except for maybe the internet:confused:
    The you tube you posted showing the tug o war video was in my opinion asking for trouble and again only in my opinion but as i watched it i was looking at Bowzer's body language and his eyes, this along with his constant growling worried me but what worried me more was your reaction on the tape.
    I do not understand the pulling thing but even i have learned that you should not start a dog of until he is around 12 months of age and again in my opinion this is not an activity for Bull Terriers as there bodies aren't made for it and as Bowzer is still growing and his bones are still maturing you could be doing him great long term damage. I know you won't listen to this advice as you did not ask for it but yes you are right about one thing i have been meaning to tell you for a while but you are not very approachable.
    I also did not want you to tell me how great my dogs pedigree's are because i know what i have got and what i need to do to carry on breeding to better the breed as we know it and the only reason i did not post in the first place was because i did not want you to think i was against you because that is not my style. I don't think Bowzer's pedigree is worth the parer it is PRINTED on (I can show you a printed version of Taz's pedigree if you prefer). That does not make him a bad dog as i think he is quite a nice dog and he is growing up to be a nice lad.
    I would like to quote you now if i may;
    I make damn sure I always have control over my dogs. You have said many times that you can't get Bowzer to do certain things i.e. sit still in the car or you are to stubborn to use a crate which is safer for all road users. You also are unable to prise Bowzer away from his spring pole when you tell him to leave it, what does Bowzer do again, please would you remind me of what you said and i think it was something like, i don't care if he doesn't listen to you when he goes in to the zone or whatever you said.
    I have copy and pasted one of your earlier threads and it does not read very well with me and in my opinion you are not addressing these issues you are masking them with making him obsessed with toys???

    [​IMG] 02-03-2009, 03:26 AM
    [​IMG]daniellelv [​IMG]
    Supporting Member

    Join Date: Jul 2008
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Posts: 568

    [​IMG] He Worries Me...
    my bull terrier, now almost 8 months old has gone up and done in his personality. at this point, i believe he has a very unstable temperament.
    He started going through an extreme shy faze where things he used to enjoy became a serious fear for him. i don't know how or why this started, i contacted a breeder i know and she told me its a shy faze and he should out grow it. however, despite what she told me, i began to work with him extensively to help him through the process.
    nothing happened to him to bring on this behavior so I'm not quite sure why he acts like this.

    walks, he used to love them, but he started to act jumpy, nervous and full of anxiety. his tail would always be tucked between his legs. now, since i started walking him a lot more, he is starting to improve and his tail in no longer tucked.

    i used to be able to take him to my job at the hospital every day, but new management wont let us anymore, and he went a few months without going. now, my boyfriend is a groomer and he takes him to work with him as often as possible, and lately we are now taking him every day he works to help him as much as possible. he began to fear pet smart, wont come out of the car, tail tucked, jumpy and wouldn't let a person touch him at all. (really scared of loud noises and esp. skateboarders.) he used to love it, and all the people that work there and who he knows he loves dearly. i began to treat train with him having strange people give him treats, he is now improving wonderfully, his tail isn't being as tucked and he is sniffing people as they walk by, going up to them, accepting treats from them and looking for affection. he really is doing better, yet still needs a lot of work.

    there is still a great stride left in his training. children. hes okay, until they run fast at him or by him, he barks, tail tucked, backs away, growls. at one situation a child ran right at him and he barked and growled, the mother grabbed her child and told her to stay away from him and not to run up to strange dogs. i really didn't know how to react, as i cant risk having children come up to pet him when he clearly doesn't look comfortable. he had another incident and i just don't know how to react other then pulling him away and telling him 'no bad dog.' calm children can approach him, i had to boys come up to him and pet him and they were very calm and slow with their actions, and he was fine. i really don't have children besides the one my mom babysits to have him interact with, no neighbor kids or anything. i also, do not have money for a trainer, i have to do it all myself. he seems to be really worried by large groups of people at pet smart, so, i place him in the middle of it, treat him, give him the 'watch me' command and keep him there to try to desensitize him. he really is petrified, he shakes in fear and does anything he can to try to escape. in the grooming salon,my hospital, home, car he is completely different dog. but I'm wondering if there is anything else i can do, and what can i do about the children problem. if he is not over this by 1 year old, i will have him neutered as a final attempt to control his unstable behavior. please don't tell me to have him PTS, because i will not do that, ever. his dad, the bull terrier does not have this problem, and i pretty sure he got this from his mother. any ideas?
    Thanks K9Love!

    If It's Not A Bull Terrier, It's Just A Dog!

    If you wish to discuss this or any other issues further then please feel free to ask me any questions you want to and i will endeavor to answer them with upper-most honesty:)
    You mention above that you would love to get a behaviorist but sadly can not afford, but you also say that they have the best food the best vet care, why not the small expense of a behaviorist:confused:
    I apologies if this does not make sense as it is now 1.49AM and i am rather tired, i hope we can discuss these issues as adults and we can both be honest with each other and hopefully reach a happy medium with mutual respect:)
    I will wait and see;)
    Good Night
    Dray x
  20. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    I will address your concerns. first i posted his pedigree because i love him and i am proud of his lineage. I have never owned a pure bred dog before and it is all a new experience for me. I posted his pedigree so that I could get some insight on it. I think his pedigree is nice, he doesn't have any recent champions, but some of his past family members I think are very nice looking. Once again, I never mentioned anything I was posting was referring to breeding. I did not research the people I bought my bull terrier from. Which is why some of his shyness towards people may have been genetic. But I have been working with him, and I also talk to a breeder about my issues all the time, she is a good friend of mine. I was told he was going through a 'shy faze' and he has been doing much better since I have been treat training with him to help him through it. Money was an issue to buy Bowzer, so getting Bowzer from the people I bought him from was my only hope, since I can not afford a $1,500 bull terrier. I researched the breed before I bought him, like personality, and health problems along with neurological problems they are prone too. I didn't just buy a breed of dog I knew nothing about, I was ignorant about his breeder, but that was a risk I was willing to take in order to a bull terrier I desperately wanted.

    As for the issue with the spring pole, I have been working with him to leave it and he has been listening very well, I can take video of all the work I have been doing with him if you don't believe me, I can show you. He knows sit and down, and I am now teaching him to leave it, crawl and high five. I know you don't like the spring pole and the weight training, but he loves it, and excels at it. I got the ok from my vet to begin training him this way as well. He is only allowed to exercise a few minutes a day a few times a week. I am not very approachable? Very true, I agree. Thats because several people on this forum tend to push their beliefs on other people here, as I get several people tell me they dont like the people on this group for those same reasons. Many 'know it alls' and hostile people. As for him not sitting in the car, he has his own car seatbelt now so we will not have this problem, as he is a terrier and loves to chase things that move fast. I get a discount on the food I feed, so it helps me out. But I am not rich, so no I can not afford a behaviorist, so I am working with his problems myself, and he is improving. I think you might want to consider bringing your ego down from the clouds because you come off rather arogant to me.


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