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Borax solution for mange

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My 8 month old dog got mange when I first received it a month ago ( the owner didn't want him cuz of the mange and because he barks all the time) , It wasn't so bad, bald spot from its eyes to the ear on the left side, side of both the thighs and bald spot on his back and chest. Skin was red and flaky. Anyway, I researched and looked around, cuz I hate vets, they all seem to just want your money (dip it in this and that, change the food to the stuff we sell....bring it in everyweek for regular checks, give him meds we recommend, the list goes on....).
So I thought I'll try the safest least toxic way and see if that works, I put him on a lamb and rice only diet cuz that's the least allergic to dogs (also human I heard), added fish oil to the diet too, and the main ingredient was borax and some hydrogen peroxide(lol don't worry, I didn't feed the dog borax)
So every 4 days I wash the dog with some medicated flea and tick shampoo, and then just soak it in borax and H202, I also sprayed all the carpet and the dogs bedding with the solution and dettol. In like 3 days all the redness was gone, but he still had dry flaky skin, so I rubbed the sore spot with some unmedicated baby oil, tastes bitter so the dog doesn't lick on it. Been a month now, and the patches are gone, hair has grown back. He has healthy skin and fur, good as new!!:D
I know that people here have prolly tried it or know about it. But just wanted to write my success story, cuz maybe was lucky, but the mange is gone, and atleast borax isn't as toxic to the dog like some stuff the vets use. I'm completely happy with it and it cost me like 3 bucks for the borax solution and another couple of bucks for the oil and stuff. Might or might not work for you, but I'm just sharing my story:sonn_u11:


Banned Back Yard Breeder
Genius! I love when someone can find a home remedy/natural way to cure something without a vets help! A lot of vets will rob u blind I used to to work for them for 2 years! Congrats on the sweet find!


Good Dog
Um, doesn't hydrogen peroxide BLEACH hair? That may work on a white dog, but what ungodly horror might happen to SOAKING a beautiful red dog, for example, in that?!
And, I use Borax to kill fleas on carpets...


Good Dog
How did you know it was mange? And what type Demodex, or Sarcoptic? Was there a skin scrape done to confirm it was actaully mange.

I am sorry just because the hair has grown back means nothing.

Not toxic. LMAO ok

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]However, while boric acid has become one of the chemicals of choice for many urban pest control programs, it can be toxic. EPA considers boric acid as a moderately acutely toxic due to acute effects including oral and dermal toxicity, and eye and skin irritation. EPA’s reregistration document states that a subchronic borax feeding study using dogs resulted in blood and metabolism disorders as well as effects to the testes, endocrine system, brain weight, and size ratios among various organs and glands. In chronic oncogenicity studies using mice, rats and beagle dogs, boric acid and borax were found not to be carcinogenic; however, testicular effects and decreases in body weight resulted at high dose levels. EPA has classified boric acid as a “Group E†carcinogen, indicating that it shows “evidence of noncarcinogenicity†for humans. In reproductive and developmental toxicity studies using rats, mice and rabbits, maternal liver and kidney effects and decreased weight gain as well as decreased fetal body weights were observed. In two studies, at the highest dose levels, no litters were produced. Prenatal mortality occurred at the highest dose levels in the rabbit study. Boric acid does not cause mutagenicity (U.S. EPA 1993). [/FONT]

Do what you want with your pet if you kill it then that is on you. But do not tell others it is ok. Next try burnt motor oil. I heard that kills it too. LMAO
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Banned Back Yard Breeder
The mitabin dips we used at the vet were pretty narly stuff too. Had to completely suit up before doing a dip because they were sooo worried for it to get on your skin..,.


Little Dog
Sometimes with working my dogs out in the countryside.They pic up fox mange so.I use stronghold drops...shave around the infected area and cover with suda crem nice and thick 3 times a day....one-two weeks later its gone.


Good Dog
The mitabin dips we used at the vet were pretty narly stuff too. Had to completely suit up before doing a dip because they were sooo worried for it to get on your skin..,.

Mitaban is only 1 treatment option. There are a few.

Still putting Boric acid on a dog with a local lesion. Really? Goodwinol or Nu Stock could have been used.

See The I hate Vets rant. Or is it I am to cheap to properly care for my animals. I am jaded yes I am. I have had to fix to many owner fuck ups.

Mitaban is generally used for demodex not sarcoptic. There are 2 very differnt treatment protocols. Since they are 2 different mites. But since the OP did not go to the Vet they really do not know what exactly it was. It could have been something else.

Sometimes with working my dogs out in the countryside.They pic up fox mange so.I use stronghold drops...shave around the infected area and cover with suda crem nice and thick 3 times a day....one-two weeks later its gone.

Fox mange? Sorry never heard of it. If they "pick it up" then it probably is not demodex. Sarcoptic (Scabies) is contagious.

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
I will never recommend home remedies for mange.. and I've never worked for a vet. My dogs have costs me a few $$, but when it comes to medical treatment, I will stick to my vet, and let them treat my dog, if I ever have another with Demodex. Mollie has Demodex, but you'd never know it by looking at her. She was treated by the vet at 6 months, and hasn't had an outbreak since. Stick with your vet recommendations... it's safer for your dog, even if it does cost you a little extra. It's worth the peace of mind. ;)


Just to clear some of the misunderstanding here, I stated borax, not boric acid (which is highly toxic btw), I don't know why people always confuse that for boric acid, its not the same compound. Borax is a cleaning solution that you can find at walmart. Its mildly toxic IF taken in large amounts. But if it isnt toxic at all, then how are you gonna kill of the mites that cause the mange? Borax is also used in small amount in some food products for human consumption.

Besides being cheap, there is really nothin to lose for trying and it is environment safe,Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) is almost the same compound as Sodium Chloride (normal table salt) and is slightly more toxic in high dosages. It can be used to reppel insects and fleas and have been used as a detergent and cleaning agent for centuries.It's sold in walmart as " 20 mule team" natural detergent booster.

As for the Hydogen peroxide, the amount used is 1% of the whole solution. The usual stuff you can find in stores is 3% so it will have to be diluted. And no, it doesnt bleach the fur, my dog is brindle, the color hasnt changed and I used quite abit more than 1%.

And yes the vet did test my dog,it was demodex, and from what i read this solution works for both demodex and sarcoptic. I'm just sharing my experiance cuz I know how stressful it is to see your dog in that condition. Just a record of what I did, may be helpful to some. Cuz its better to try that and see if it works rather than to try the extreme measures first.

Borax with Hydrogen Peroxide for Mange

I was quite hesitant to use this treatment for my dog, it just appeared to be some quack’s idea of treating mange without spending any $$$. How wrong could I have been, this mixture appears to do the most damage to colonies of mites trying to replicate.
The Borax I Used

I turned to this natural remedy when Ivermectin, Advantage Mutli/Advocate, Nustock & the PetsBestRx products failed to work. I never had trusted natural remedies before due to my experience with them being less effective for many ailments in my past.
Apparently this remedy works by mixing the two products the peroxide 1% solution is used as a vehicle to penetrate the skin (The Hydrogen Peroxide usually sold in stores is 3% so it should be diluted with 2 equal parts water.) The borax is used as the mite killer traveling to the areas in the epidermis where these mites harbor themselves. The mixture is a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide with enough borax in it so that it is fully saturated (no longer absorbs the borax usually ( 1 cup borax 48 oz 1% hydrogen peroxide mixed for 10 min). You are instructed to wash your dog as regular and then while the dog is wet and clean, the solution you put into a bucket is lathered all over the body (mange doesnt always show where it is living.) The dog is then allowed to air dry with the solution never rinsed or toweled off the body. This results in a chalky like feel to the coat with some temporary discoloration. After I applied this solution for the first time it appeared to really disturb the mange, Baron had bumps with soft scabs all over his body. The solution appeared to do more work than anything else I had applied. I recommend to do this 2-4 times to see results. Make sure you have some type of soothing lotion to put on the skin due to the extreme drying nature of this remedy. The Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide didnt cure my dog yet he has improved on this treatment much more than any synthetic or expensive treatments. I almost forgot: This is a great remedy to try due to how cheap it is to try. About $2.00 to try it!

Since I explained how to use this remedy quite poorly I have enclosed a link to a site that specifically explains how to make and use this treatment as well as providing variations on the remedy and other natural treatments for Sarcoptic and Demodex Mange as well.

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Boric acid is not recommended for use as it is much more toxic than borax. Borax's toxicity is about 3000 mg/kg, which is the equivalent toxicity to about that of salt. (wikipedia).

Proper explaination and slight variation of the cure can be found here...

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