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Bolio vs Eli

Discussion in 'American Pit Bull Terrier History' started by Billy J, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Billy J

    Billy J Guest

    This is not anything about a match but rather an eye opening fact that the two dogs are very similar as to what dogs were bred to produce them. These two dogs are related and made a very large impact on the APBT up to now. I guess what the discussion portion of this thread is going to be is, How can someone say they like one line and dislike the other?

    Both lines have good conformation and when bred correct are some of the best dogs in the world to own. I like both lines because that's what made the Frisco line of dogs. There are very few pure lines if any left today but Bolio and Eli together are as one in the same just run back across each other so I believe Frisco is one of the few purest lines today.

    This is just my view and nothing more but an observation of what I believe without trying to force but state what I feel is to be some factual information given in the pedigree. Your dogs may not be of the two lines but evaluate your lines as you see them. This may take a few days to several weeks to make clear.
  2. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    To answer the question as posed for discussion I think that people can like one "line" and not the other on the basis of the myth that one line is capable of prodicing better dogs by virtue of simply being from that line. Now I do believe that historically speaking the best dogs have been a result of the Eli/Carver cross, but that is not to say that Pat Patrick hasn't produced great dogs (Buck, Bolio), or J. Crenshaw (for example Jeep, Charlie, Otis (eli/carver/loposay through honeybunch I might add) or Tom Garner (Chinaman (Eli/Carver I might add) and his son Frisco) or many others. We can not definitively say that one line is better than the other with any certainty because of individual preferences, etc. Also regional preferences play a role. There are guys in one part of the country that believe that Jeep was not that good a dog and that O. Steven's Homer (both game IMO) was the better dog. Ask a man that grew up with Boudreaux bred dogs in Louisiana what is best, and ask the guy from North Carolina the same question and you will get a different answer (Gambler, Fat Bill, Wild Side Kennels, Garner dogs , etc.) All of these variable allow for different preferences, but I don't belive that any one line is any better than another, and dogs should be evaluated as individuals. A good dog isn't a good dog because Eli Jr. is his 4th generation grand sire, but he is because he serves his purpose IMO.
  3. Billy J

    Billy J Guest

    We can not say one line is better than the other for sure because of the diversity and location of said dogs! We would have to lay a lot of the blame on the breeder of certain lines and give them credit for it's survival during his working and breeding career. The fact may be that many men used Carver's dogs to pick up the level of performance in their line of dogs during that time. I have also heard that of the many men that bred to Jeep was for the simple fact they were trying to capture the traits off his Dam Honey bunch more than wanting dogs like Jeep himself. This only leaves things for us to speculate on as to who and why they made certain breeding's. A man or woman should have never breed any dog based on it's paperwork but rather the facts in front of him or her. It would have been great to witness such history making but if we had been there it would have been just another dog being bred without knowing the impact it was going to make in the future.

  4. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    The debating over which lines are the best is one that has gone on for ages and will continue to as long as that line is still around. screamin' eagle that is about the best a person can explain it in my opinion. It is no different than preferring your mom's cooking over any other. It's all in what you grew up on! :p
  5. Billy J

    Billy J Guest

    This was not a debate of who was better but more about the relation between the two dogs coming down from Dibo and a few other dogs.

  6. Axiom

    Axiom Puppy

  7. alligator

    alligator Puppy

    both strains are great! when you can get a quality individual from either line.but i would go with the bolio stuff,as you are more likely to get an all-round dog,that would do well.the eli blood is well known for having a higher percentage of dogs that are not so well rounded,but if you do get that diamond in the rough from an eli dog,it will be the real deal! cross em over & see what you get,might be the ace we all want! :)

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