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Bmc's Moya

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by solid1kennels, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    GR CH MOYA was a slow starter. I placed him at my friend A3 and although he started he didn't looked very promising in his first roll. He did show very good mouth so we decided to wait a bit longer. A3 rolled him again when he was 16 months old and he killed a dog off Nasty Boys' CH SPOOKY in just 8 minutes by grabbing him on the bottom part of his ribs and cracking it. GR CH MOYA had an awesome mouth but still looked very young and not really into it.

    First time he was matched into Junkyard's REDJE, who was a littermate to Junkyard's CH BANDITO. All the odds were on REDJE because he was an awesome stifle eater but GR CH MOYA won that show with ease. GR CH MOYA punctured REDJE's lungs which would become his trademark. It lasted 26 minutes and REDJE was the only dog who has met GR CH MOYA in the box and survived. I put him on the backburner to mature a bit more after that and I showed him next time when he was 2,5 years old.

    His opponent's name was MIKE, a two time winner from the French Connection. It was an outrageous battle with both showing good mouth and we won in 30 minutes. By this time people started to look up for a dog who could beat 2x winner MOYA. They came up with a nose dog who was SUMO/LITTLE GATOR cross. MOYA got trough that dog's defense in the first 5 minutes and actually the show was over in 10 minutes. They than hoped that MOYA wouldn't scratch into a dead dog, which he did, in 19 minutes. The next two shows were quite the same, he won with ease and in both outings he was ahead from 10 minutes on. He won those two in the same fashion as his previous by getting deep in the chest and puncturing the lungs. MOYA won his fourth against B.B.C. Kennels who was showing a Boyles breed dog. It lasted 40 minutes and it was MOYA's longest show. It lasted that long only because my opponent wouldn't pick up his dog although it was obvious that MOYA was the winner from 10 minutes on. In his last outing MOYA was showed into a dog from Spain, it lasted 14 minutes and MOYA's opponent was history.



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