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IA: Bluffs City Council asked to Remove Pit Bull Ban


Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 12:00 am | Updated: 1:09 pm, Tue Sep 27, 2016.

By Tim Rohwer
A group of residents want Council Bluffs to lift its ban on pit bulls.

About 25 people attended Monday evening’s City Council meeting asking for the repeal, but with strict regulations.

The pit bull ban has been on the books since 2005 with the intent of reducing dog bites. That hasn’t happened, according to resident Shala Richardson, citing figures she requested from local officials.

“This ban is ineffective in reducing dog bites,” she told the council.

More and more states are lifting their own pit bull bans, Richardson said. She said Carter Lake has lifted its ban with certain restriction – plus, Omaha doesn’t have a ban.

“Times do change, as you know,” she said.

Patricia Fuller said she believes the issue is more about responsible ownership.

“Why demonize the dog when the owner is responsible for controlling it?” she asked.

Shannon Dunlap, who was instrumental in changing that law in Carter Lake, said a ban is not realistic.

“It makes people hide them in their home,” she said.

After the meeting, Richardson said the goal is to put the repeal request on the council agenda.

At least one council member is willing to look at the issue with an open mind.

“I’m open to the idea of changing it with restrictions,” said council member Melissa Head. “I would support putting it on the agenda.”

Support by at least three of the five council members would be needed to lift the ban.