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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by copasetic1011, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    this says it best!

    if you don't know what the bloodline is, how are you better/preserving the breed? Do you want to risk making a HA dog? Another headline in the papers?

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    How in the world does that outweigh all others?

    Overpopulation is a HUGE issue and frankly, I dont want Brodie's kids kids kids kids kids being a contributing factor to that. What is so special about Brodie that makes him different from every other pit bull sitting homeless in a shelter waiting to die?
  3. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    well, in all fairness, if you were a "respectable" breeder, you'd have his papers, know where he came from (bloodlines) and would ONLY want to breed him because he was(is) SO spectacular, that adding some more of his offspring into this world would only make it a better place. without any paper work, and you breeding him, to "the right one" only, (honestly) adds your name to the already REALLY l-o-n-g list of back yard breeders...
    seriously, that's all it does...
    you love this breed? then PLEASE don't add any more "questionable" ones to it....cripes our shelters are beyond overfilled as it is, and inserting that needle, lemme tell you sucks BIG time....:(
    be responsible and PLEASE do the "right" thing.... don't EVER breed ANY dog without its papers, and even then, i will probably still question the motives... BREED TO BETTER. NOTHING LESS....
  4. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy Banned

    Im sure if you want to keep your dogs "Bloodlines " going ,there are allready a million other mutts for you to choose from without having to create more.
  5. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    Ok I am going to chime in. Scrappy my red/brindle male. Is of Carver/Redboy bloodline. Very true to the breed. Well I did not get his paperwork due to the fact of a friend went back on a deal. Well guess what he was neutered. If you dont use them they do not need them. Wihout papers I can not show. And If I wanted to breed I do not have the papers to show his lines. Yes I got it from a breeder who is responsible with his dogs that I have known him for years but due to the situation it did not work out. So he was neutered.

    Now Mike is also purple ribbon bred on top and game bred on bottom. But purple ribbon doesn't mean anything either. Just a fancy way to say that his past generations were registered. But again that doesn't mean shit. The ONLY reason he is intact is because I show him. He will not be bred. Even though I can Champion him out in show. There is still no need to breed him IMO.

    When getting a dog it is only as good as the breeder. Papers are so easy to fake.
  6. Ok it seems to me that almost everyone who has posted has totally gotten off track from the subject, including myself, so if you dont understand my reasoning then ok its whatever, just dont try to talk smack about my "mutt" or anything else derogatorry, unless you are prepared to hear me talking s@@# back to you, cause most of the people here are cool, but all the self righteous know it alls really piss me off! And if YOU want to kick me off the forum then more power to ya, but in the world I live in its freedom of speech, so trip if you want to, but I NEVER called anyone anything until I got called first!
  7. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

    no one was nasty to you first. to want to breed just to have a pup off your dog that has no papers and then to TRY to find responsible homes for the rest of the pups is just not a good idea.. there is no need for you to post that tone in your post..
  8. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    To answer your OP certain bloodlines throw certain traits. But without the papers and a respectable breeder there really is no way of telling. Papers are just that papers. And they are only as good as the breeder you get them from. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.
  9. JasonsGurl66

    JasonsGurl66 Puppy

    You really have to have their pedigree if you want to know what bloodline they are. I had a Colby bloodline male and the only reason i knew was because the breeder gave me a copy of his pedigree. But there r so many different bloodlines there really is no way to tell what bloodline your dog is visually.
  10. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    Did someone say rare Massachusetts Red Nose :p

  11. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

    anyone can fake papers on any dog... just because you have papers that doesnt really mean much ... genetics for temperment is the MOST important for the bottom line, and if the papers are fake you wont know what you have..

    for instance, i have AKC papers on my gsd.. thats good right? WRONG.. her genetic background is so messed up its pathetic... from temperment issues to health issues...

    the only way to get a dog from a true bloodline and know it is to do your research over and over again an then some.... and only deal with reputable breeders who are in it to preserve the breed true..
  12. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    I think this is the key.
  13. panda

    panda Little Dog

    Who just happens to have an outfit for each day of the week.............:woohoo1:
  14. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    I'm in no way trying to be rude. But your very 1st sentence leads me to believe you aren't near as sure about these dogs as you think you are. Why? Because there is no such breed as a "pit" (unless you mean a hole in the ground) or even a "pit bull" (which is 5 main breeds, 20 other breeds, and countless mixed breeds).

    As for looking at a dog and knowing it's a "pit bull", there is not a single person out there who can verify 100% that the dog is an APBT, AST, or even an AB or some other look-a-like breed or a mixed breed dog. So if no expert can do it, how can you?

    And often times even pedigrees lie as many are hung, made-up, etc.

    Unless you obtain your dog from an honest, reputable, and knowledgable owner/breeder who keeps accurate pedigrees of all his/her dogs (& he/she herself only obtains his/her dogs from the same sort of people), then you have absolutely NO way of knowing what your dog truly is.

    I've got 2 mutts, that's right mutts, that look more like generic "pit bulls" than many people's registered dogs. But without me knowing, they are mutts.

    P.S. - The term "mutt" is NOT a derogatroy term nor should it be used as such.

    EDIT: I want to add that although some bloodlines throw certain traits, the truth is that those same traits are found in each and ever bloodline across the board. Since these dogs were bred orginally for function, everything else followed.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2007
  15. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    You are correct. And like I said in a previous post that unless you obtain your dog from a reputable breeder there is no way to tell.

    But yes certain lines can I am not talking the end all of traits or it has to be "_" line because of this physical trait. But there can be indicators. But like many have said there is really no way to tell. Just love your dog. And it should not matter.
  16. Alan

    Alan Banned

    At one time, someone with a good eye could take a stab at what bloodline your dog MAY be. There isnt a fool proof way without papers and sometimes even papers are falsified unfortunately. Now days the breed is so popular and over bred that even a red dog with a red nose doesnt necessarily mean it is a red nose bloodline.

    Things like that though were ways to make an eduacated guess. Colby dogs were known for being short and stocky for example. Most Carver dogs were small and wirey and black and white. There were always some exceptions to anything.

    I have a friend that we used to show dogs with papers and he could come real close to telling you what was in the papers before actualy looking at them. If you post a picture or send me one at pitbullcomputers@msn.com I can ask him to look; but the even if he makes a guess you will still never really know.

    Someone was telling me recently about some kind of DNA test but I hanvent ever heard anything ofically on that. I think they were clueless what they were talking about.
  17. Alan

    Alan Banned

    No ofence intended here but I want to comment on this. Everyone thinks there dog is the best and it sounds like you fall into that catagory. I commend you for that. That my friend is how it should be. If you dont value your dog, then you shouldnt have it to begin with.

    That being said, even though I think my dog is better than yours (AS IT SHOULD BE) there is no way I would ever breed him even if he wasnt already fixed. I found out with a few years of experience that the bloodline is only a small part of getting the dog you want. The biggest factor is YOU. YOU are what makes YOUR dog what YOU want it to be.

    Our breed is over bred. There are tons and tons and tons of great dogs being put to sleep every single day. Every dog someone creates takes a potential home from one of these dogs which are already here.

    I will grant you that just MAYBE your unpapered dog is the best dog that ever walked the face of the earth. However, without papers, without breeding experience (dont know if you have any or not) you are just takeing a shot in the dark. You are clueless how your dog is going to match up with the one you decide to breed with. Heck, it's a shot in the dark WITH PAPERS. Without, it just makes no sense. You have the potential to create dogs with health problems or worse yet, people biters.

    The way I see it, when it comes time for me to get another dog, I would just as soon obtain one from someone who has taken the time to be a professional in the field and then use my skill to customize their dog to fit my needs. It just makes more sense then adding to the overpopuation with questionable dogs.

    As I said, I dont mean to offend you. I'm just giving my opinion and you know what they say about opinions ;)
  18. fearlessknight

    fearlessknight Good Dog

    No I am sure they were not clueless....DNA is a real thing and becoming very popular...I am sure however they have a few kinks to work out of it..as with everything though..nothing is perfect.
    The only way you can have your DNA (tested) is for both parents to already be in the system....More and more breeders are taking this route, because of the paper hanging becoming more and more obvious and people are less trusted these days. DNA profiling is very real....ADBA does it too~
    I believe you can register your dogs for DNA profiling, but you have to do it through the vet or something...It is has to be documented...not sure exactly on the procedure, but it is in fact very real.

    To the OP....there is still no way of telling what you have, by breed or bloodline...and if you decide to breed this dog..you will be inly adding to the problem that is already overwhelming in many many shelters and in the media and headlines. If you care at all about the breed....you will not do it. You will have him neutured. I was not being a smartass, or whatever you called any of us, it was simply the truth. We are all here to learn and teach and if you are not willing to have an open mind and learn......well, for that I am sorry!
  19. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    I would say that a long time ago it may have been easier to "guess" what bloodline. But they way the APBT has been over bred in the last few decades. It is not as simple.

    Like I said just love your dog for what he is. A pet. And give him the best life you can. It does not matter what bloodline he is.
  20. Alan

    Alan Banned

    I gueses I should have explained what I meant better. They were telling me that with the DNA test you could get a mutt from the shelter and tell what percentage of each breed was used to create the dog. That's the part I think they were clueless about.

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