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Beware of Spiders


Little Dog
A few months ago my boy roscoe got bitten by a spider, which I believed to be a brown recluse. Just a warning during the summer and spring to spray down your yard to rid yourselves of these nasty little buggers:no2:.

in chronological order: (sorry a bit blurry they are cell phone pics)





Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Oh my poor boy! I know those things are nasty they will rot your skin right away. Has he gone in to see the vet? My uncle almost lost his leg from one! We do spray, but unfortunately we still get them.


Little Dog
it was a few months ago and it still has not healed completely, but yes he did see two different vets. I got different antibiotics and pain relief meds, which is the only thing you can do for them otherwise you have to wait out the damage done. I was so scared he would lose his leg!


Banned Back Yard Breeder
I remember you telling me what his temp was and us thinking what vet to go to and how he had green stuff coming out of all ends cause the body was trying to get rid of the infection and how he pisses at every stop lmao!!


Little Dog
Danielle he would piss at every stop even if we were running from hot scorching lava, even if a building was collapsing behind us, even if there was a huge tyrannosaurus rex was chasing us, guaranteed pee, on a tree :D