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Been a while since I made a thread here.


Scratch Kingz
Staff member
I keep in pretty close contact with most everyone who has a dog from me. Many times it ends up turning into a friendship of sorts outside of the dogs. Standing behind my dogs means I want to know how anything I allow to leave here stacks up to ones expectations. The good and the bad. They usually surpass. I don't let a whole lot out from my circle but the ones I do usually end up staying in contact with me, at least for the life of the dog. Most are so pleased they want to tell me so I get pictures and texts pretty often. I'm always left with a good feeling when something I made ends up being the pride and joy of another.

I do not tolerate man biters. Don't it twisted, you walk up in here looking for trouble and ol Charlie boy will dish it out plenty as will most any dog here but there's a big difference between man biters and dogs being dogs. I do not produce dogs that want to engage people in that manner naturally and have zero tolerance for it myself. My dogs have always spent a lot of time around my very own children. My daughter is a huge part of my kennels. Huge. Has been for years. I would never so much as tolerate one even looking sideways at her. It's an undesirable trait IMO in this breed of dog and a sign of mental weakness.

Capt. Roxy

Good Dog
Premium Member
If I could triple like that post I would!

Charlie is living life like a king these days too being promoted and all. Lol. He’s a good looking one too.
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