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Just thought I'd share a shot of my big boy here. He's 2. He's NKC registered, standard. I love how athletic he is built for his size, and I also like the fact that he has muzzle to him. He's very drivey. Hates hogs with a passion too :) Here's my boy "Beef."



Good Dog
Staff member
I love a good AB. I'd really like to have one on the smaller side of breed standard. I like their laid back attitudes and drive and how willing a lot of them are to work.
Thanks guys. He's around 80lbs I believe.

Yeah I was a little apprehensive getting a large breed, because I had the issue of endurance in mind, but I keep ol' boy lean and muscular and he's suprisingly proven to be pretty long winded. He's also got a longer muzzle, so he breathes well, even while in hold. He hates hogs with a passion, but that wasn't the main reason I got him (got other bulldogs for that). He's the yard guard and he does that job VERY well. We happened to be dragging a hog carcass past his spot one day and he went bat shit crazy, so I decided to put him on a hog. He's got drive for days. I'd like to breed him one day if I ever find a female AB that hunts....

catchrcall....are you a member of the East Texas Hog Dog forum by chance?