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Barking and Nipping/Biting Help!

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by Brandon Tiedt, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys Im needing a little help/advise. My EBT Strell is 1yr old. I have had her about a month now and she is getting bad about nipping at you when she is trying to play. She will nip at your face sometimes if you are close to her. If you stand up she will nip at your pants/leg or feet. She isnt being mean , just trying to play but none the less its a habit I do not like. Also if you try and ignore her or are doing something important and cannot play she will bark at you and will not stop. Its gotten so bad that to get her to stop I have to crate her. I dont want her crate to be a place of punishment but I know my neighbors can hear it and she just will not stop. Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Any advise would be great. Thanks guys
  2. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    Sonya has had both of these problems! Maybe it's a rescued bull terrier thing, lol! This is what we did to solve it for us:

    Nipping when playing- at the first instance of a hard nip, we said, "careful". If she stopped and did not do it for 10 seconds, then we said "good girl". If she nipped again during those 10 seconds, then we said, "time out" and led her to the bathroom and kept her there with the door shut for 30 seconds. Then repeated at every instance of a nip. (By the way, I'm specific about what we said because I believe that it's important to have a warning cue, a release cue, and a time-out cue)

    Barking for food/ attention- I tried to just ignore, but she would escalate into ripping my pants, so we did the following: Increase our interaction with her when she is being quiet next to us. We provide attention when she was not asking for it. By doing this, we did two things- decreased her overall need for attention (decreased the establishing operation for the behavior), and also provided reinforcement for being quiet next to us (reinforced an alternative behavior). When the barking happened, we did the same time-out sequence but without the warning cue. So at every instance (EVERY instance) we said "time out" and led her to the bathroom for 30 sec.

    Now, she does not bark for attention and she is much better at the nipping while playing. I have relaxed quite a bit with this, because I now see it as her crazy personality, which I now like, lol!

    Hope this helps! Keep us updated!
  3. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog

    Great positive reinforcement procedures. For those that don't have quite as much time we give a little spritz of water with the squirt bottle when barking gets carried away. If they get to rambunctious and do not quickly settle down they will get a time out in the crate where they can watch the well behaved dogs get all the attention.
    As for nipping, I'll give them a quick chock under the chin with a loud "no bite" then when they give kisses I love them to death, squeezes, hugs, kisses and happy talk. A coffee can with lid and a few pennies in it, quickly shaken will immediately refocus their attention.
  4. Thanks guys I will try and implement all of them

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