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Bad Owner !

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by Hellaquik, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Hellaquik

    Hellaquik Puppy

    So i think i might be a bad owner .... i have 2 pitbulls 1 is 1year old and the other is about 8 months . i have a big back yard fenced in and have always just let them go out back to go potty and run and play i recently wanted to start trying to take them on walks to parks but all they do is go HAM ! idk wtf to do is it to late to try and train them to walk properly ??

    Also my female who is 8 months is now starting to growl and nip at my older male when it comes to attention and toys ? shes never acted like that ? and right after they act like theyre in love any advise ?

    Also lol my girl is starting climb over my fence so i can no longer leave her outside to play with my male any advice ?
  2. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    I think you might get more advice if you post on the general forum. This is the bull terrier section.

    It's never too late to train a dog to walk without pulling. Because it seems like you have extreme pullers, try to walk them on the "No-pull harness"

    Amazon.com: Premier ECO Easy Walk Dog Harness, Medium/Large, Deep Sea Blue: Pet Supplies

    The leash attaches in the front instead of the back and prevents the dog from pulling. Make sure to buy it at a pet store so that you can ask someone to help you put it on and fit it correctly for your dog.

    If you have tried this and you still cannot walk them, then try the "gentle leader" or "halti"

    Amazon.com: Gentle Leader Quick Release Head Collar, Medium, Royal Blue: Pet Supplies

    Make sure you get help at a pet store or a veterinarian with putting it on properly and training your dog to accept it properly. If you don't put it on right, your dog will be in pain and it will be useless.

    Walk the dogs one at a time in the beginning.

    I think your dogs are maturing and not all dogs like other dogs, especially pit bulls. You will have to supervise them ALL the time now. If you leave them alone and go away for just a minute, you might come back to a dead dog.

    Good luck!
  3. Hellaquik

    Hellaquik Puppy

    OK ILL MOVE MY THREAD , thanks for all the advice ill be looking into all of them !
  4. kamikaze

    kamikaze Good Dog

    THEYVE NEVER ACTED LIKE THAT? lol.. they are still pups..1yr and 8mths.. they arent even matured into who they are gna be yet. Find it funnie when ppl are shocked when their dog changes from when it was a lil puppy.

    Anyways.. HAve you thought about gettting your female spayed? Maybe you can make a little chain spot for your dogs. Do youhave any pictures of your back yard?

    You shoulod have BEEN giving them daily walks.. backyard playin just isnt enough imo. What type of collar do you use when walking them? PICTURES will help when posting a new thread. :)
  5. Hellaquik

    Hellaquik Puppy

    well it maybe funny to you but .... the fact they would eat out of each others bowl and so on then for them act all aggressive over attention is just weird to me considering i was always make shrr i separated them while they ate not while we played ??? but owell thanks for the opinion

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