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Baby Mice

Discussion in 'Exotic Mammals' started by whit8908, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. whit8908

    whit8908 Little Dog

    there is one of those temp gages in there, its on the opposite side of the tank as the heating thing n the light.... we have that wood shaving stuff in there and he borrows in hides in it (i dunno if thats the aspen stuff u were refering to), there is a thing of water in there n its deep enough he can get all the way in it.... id say the temps you said are what the temp stays on the side that doesnt have the warming stuff... ( jus went n checkd the temp n his cage n at midnight here its at 72 degrees, is that ok?) i really do wanna take the best care i can of him, i really didnt kno there was another section in her i could ask about this stuff!!! n to the baby mice, ive named them bianca n bernard>i dnt remember the old cartoon, but those were the 2 mice characters... n they are doin good, im kinda worried about bernard bc he isnt as big as bianca, but they are both eatin and drinkin water ( i gave them a peice of bread and they went to town eatn it!) andys not big on havin rodents in the house, but hasnt kickd them out yet :)
  2. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    The Rescuers. :) That's the cartoon you're thinking of.

    Try to get a reading of the warm side, and the cool side during the day after the light has been on for a couple hours.

    72 on the cool side at night is fine, but that doesn't tell us if his basking zone is warm enough during the day, or if his cool side is overheating when the light is on.

    There needs to be a gradient in temperature. One side needs to be warm, the other side cool, so that he can choose what temperature he wants to be.

    Lots of good resources (care sheets, forums, etc) on www.kingsnake.com

    That's the central hub for all reptile enthusiasts, hobbyists, and pet owners. There's breeder and supplier listings which are handy if you want to speak to real pros, or are looking to buy but wish to avoid the unknowns of pet store animals.
  3. whit8908

    whit8908 Little Dog

    sadly, the mouse named bernard died last/this mornin :( it was sad, bianca wouldnt leave his side :( so now im scared shell die too..... snake is doin fine tho :

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