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Avant and woods bloodlines

Does anyone know details about Avant and Woods bloodlines? I had bought a ambully from Singleton kennels in Oklahoma and I love their Ambullies looks. I just don't know a thing about their bloodlines though. Any know?


Little Dog
I have never heard of Avant lines. There are three "lines" of Wood's dogs. Kimsey Wood's who owned Snooty and bred some good gamedogs. Then there is marsha woods who bred OFRN dogs but is more well known for her line of Amstaffs. Then there is a backyard breeder of ambullies that popped up a year ago using woods as a kennel name, but they are probably aready out of business now.


Good Dog
Avant is in Dallas and I've seen him at the local Canine Commissary with one of his dwarf Pit Bulls (aka "bully"). He is very well known in that area...just your typical byb of whatever is popular....