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Arthritis Management in Younger Dogs


Curious as to if anyone else has a younger bully (or any dog in general) that has struggled with arthritis from a fairly young age. My boy is one year old and they believe that he has arthritis in an old injury from last year.

How has everyone else managed their arthritis and still lived a very active lifestyle? I plan on walking him every day and in the summer, taking him hiking and swimming. However, if this is going to hurt him or be uncomfortable I definitely don't want to do that! What food do you feed your dog/how active are they/do you feed them joint supplements or anti-inflammatory medication? How long after the switch did you start seeing improvements?

I'm still conversing with the vet on the best way to manage it with Kane, but I'd like to get some other options to maybe mention to her to see what she thinks!


Big Dog
Premium Member
I've only managed joint issues in older dogs, and the occasional temporary injury with my young boy. Besides the glucosamine and other joint supplements, turmeric is a really excellent anti-inflammatory for joints. Just get the powdered spice (make sure it's just turmeric, not curry powder or spice mix) and sprinkle 1/4 tsp or so on your boy's food. Most dogs like the taste, and it's amazing for inflammation and pain.

Also, if it's possible where you are, CBD oils and supplements are good anti-inflammatories, and work well combined with turmeric.

Good luck!


Little Dog
Raw connective tissue like turkey necks and chicken feet are also joint nutritious. Keeping the dog skinny should help too. Can't beat swimming for low impact exercise.


Good Dog
Super Moderator
I would strongly suggest Cartrophen. It’s similar to glucosamine, but slows the progression of arthritis. It’s an injectable, natural-based drug. If you’re comfortable giving SubQ injections your vet will usually dispense you the vial to give at home after the initial injections. It’s given weekly for 4 weeks to “load” it, then usually switches to monthly but can be less depending on results.

Working in vet clinics I have seen some truly amazing results. It’s inexpensive, has no negative side effects, so totally worth it IMO.