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Are your dogs your kids?


Little Dog
It's funny to see someone else say that for a change. Kids? Not a friggen chance.

It takes a while for people to clue in, but fortunately I've gotten past the point of being asked those nagging questions about "when will you settle down and have kids?".

By your photo I see that you are a guy, lol. Try being a female!! It's like people have personal investment in me having kids, I swear! A neighbor? A night cleaner at work? A coworker? Ironically they all have awful kids and complain about them, so I think they want me to suffer as well, LOL I'm 35 this year, and still get "you'll change your mind." I'm pretty sure I'll hear that on my deathbed.


Scratch Kingz
Staff member
I consider my dogs just what they are, dogs. While I love them dearly and take phenomenal care of them if one looked at one of my kids wrong it'd get popped. I don't confuse the 2. Dogs are dogs and children are children. I myself do not humanize animals. Any animals. I don't see anything wrong with people who treat their dogs like their children if that's what floats your boat. I just dont.


Little Dog
Once you humanize animals, that is when the behavioral problems begin.

I don't consider my dog my kid, I train him, I know he is a dog, and I don't let bad behavior slide. I do however say "come to mama" and such, lol. I do think there is a line somewhere. I don't have kids and don't want to be anyone's mother, but it does come out just cause we raise him and take care of him.


Old post but still interesting. Me and my bf don't have kids yet and I hate it when our family & friends say our dog is a baby. they must think we want to "fill the emptiness of not having a baby yet" and it couldn't be more wrong.

But in secret and in confidence, he totally is my baby, we call him "kid" sometimes and everyday we tell him with this childish voice how much we love him and how we want to protect, care, kiss, hug, and make him happy! Thats what you do with kids, right? He is a very important member of our small family, he is our property as much as we are part of his herd, and we are just perfect this way :)
Dogs are NOT your kids they are your PETS and this is a factual statement........Those that put there pets before there own children have a mental illness. LOL
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