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Are You A Backyard Breeder?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Vicki, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Are you a Backyard Breeder?

    Originally written by: Sunny Arruda (South Bay Purebred Rescue)
    Personalized by: C. Guss (Bastian's Place - Feline & Canine Rescue)

    Over 10 million homeless animals are euthanised every year in the United States. The death could easily be stopped by spaying and neutering your pets.

    Euthanasia is the single largest cause of death for dogs in the Untied States. Each year 27 million dogs are born. Five to ten million are classified as 'Surplus' and destroyed (killed). That's about one million a
    month. These animals are those who 'must' be killed simply because they are unwanted. These numbers do not include the millions of dead dogs scraped off the streets, or the hundreds of thousands of abandoned,
    severely neglected or abused dogs who never make it to a shelter to be counted and killed.

    Most of these animals are young and healthy; in fact, it is estimated that around 80% are less than one year of age. The problem is simple: we have too many dogs with too few homes available. The solution we have opted for is to kill the 'extras'. This solution has been considered acceptable by default, as though there were no other way to control the crisis and we spend over $1 billion every year destroying 'Man's Best Friend'.

    Why is this happening in the United States today? The largest ontributors to this problem are Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills.

    The name 'Backyard Breeder' has become very unpopular. Nobody wants to admit they are a backyard breeder. Many people don't even know they are part of the problem. The only way to stop the needless killing
    of dogs is to stop the needless breeding of them.

    Every breed of dog recognized by the AKC, UKC or CKC has a written standard, a blueprint of what the dog should look and act like. These standards were written so that all would know what a quality example of
    the breed is and strive to produce dogs that meet or exceed the standard in health, temperament and appearance. To be sure that you are breeding dogs that meet these standards, your dogs must be judged by people who have a lifetime of experience among the breed. Do you know the standard of your purebred dog?

    Does your dog meet this standard according to an AKC judge? If not, your dog is pet quality. Your dog is to be loved, cherished, trained, cared for, spoiled and bragged about but it is NEVER to be bred. No matter how
    cute or sweet the dog may be, if it is not up to the standard, you have no business breeding it.

    If you have a purebred dog, this does not give you the right to breed it. Most purebred dogs are not breeding quality. If you breed your pet quality dog, you are a backyard breeder. Whether you breed the dog in your backyard, garage, living room or an expensive hotel room, the term is still backyard breeder. If your pet quality dog has papers (AKC, UKC, CKC), that's nice but it doesn't change anything. You still don't have the
    right to breed it.

    If your pet quality dog cost you $500 be glad you had the money to afford it. You still don't have the right to breed it.

    Do you think that you can make your $500 back if you breed your pet quality dog or if your pet is a color or a size that isn't the breed standard but you just know everyone will want to buy a pup if you breed her? Shame on you! Now you are a backyard breeder with the purpose of peddling pups for bucks.

    If the price for a tail dock or an ear crop may seem high to you, what are you going to do when your beloved pet needs an emergency C section? Will you even be there to know if she is in trouble? Would you even be able to recognize the signs before it was too late?

    And if you still want to breed your pet quality dog but need to ask who is supposed to cut off the tails and ears, ask yourself "What in the hell am I thinking?"

    Do you think genetic testing is something they used in the OJ trial but has nothing to do with your breeding career? You are a backyard breeder.

    Backyard breeders sell pup's that aren't up to the standard of the breed. They do this for many reasons. None are good enough reasons to contribute to the killing of the dogs. Period.

    Backyard breeders will swear all of their pups went to good homes. They believe this but it's not true. Some may have been luck enough to go to a good home but more than half will end up dead, in a shelter, alone on a cold table with a needle sticking out of their leg. Some of those good homes will get tired of the dog and will just give it away to the first person willing to take it. Some of your beloved dog's children will end
    up living alone in a backyard, barking all night, cold and neglected until the owner gets complaints and then the pup will be dead. Some will be starved and beaten. Some will be bred until they die from it.

    Some will end up in a rescue and I will have to find space for them. I will have to teach them that not all humans are bad. I will remove their fleas and get rid of their worms. I will have them vaccinated for the first time in their lives because the previous owners neglected to remember. I will spay or neuter the animal to ensure it is not snatched up by someone looking to make a quick buck. I will do all of these things that the previous owner should have done because they didn't want to.

    Backyard breeders are not responsible pet owners. They think they love the dogs but that isn't really true because they don't want to bother with all that it takes to breed ethically. They love feeling important when they
    say "I breed purebred dogs." but breeding pet quality dogs is not something to be proud of. It is a shame on our society. It is the reason for the death that occurs in shelters. Why do you want to be part of that?

    Do you want to be respected? Spay or neuter your pet dog. There is really no other way. The kinds of homes that you want for your pets puppies do not want to purchase a pup from you. They are looking for
    responsible, respected breeders who are doing something for the breed as a whole. Most of those who will come running to buy one of your pups are the kind of people I wouldn't give a nasty, aggressive dog to. They
    are people who will turn your sweet little puppy into a shelter once the novelty wears off. That is a fact.

    Spay or neuter your pets now and tell everyone you know to do the same. Leave breeding to people who are doing something to better the breed. These people breed for quality, not quantity.

    Want to be a respected breeder? Do your research and find an individual who is an educated and respected member of the dog breeding world. Ask this person to be your mentor. You need to know what you are doing before you are even ready to begin.
    Have a savings account ready for any and all problems that you will encounter. Purchase only top quality bred dogs and plan on showing them. Do everything that your mentor tells you, he/she has the experience and is not just trying to push you around. Be sure that everything you do
    as a breeder meets the standards which have been set for responsible breeders.

    Or, Don't Breed!
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  2. foreverme25

    foreverme25 Puppy

    Yes I am guilty of this. I really didn't want to breed Sadey but my boyfriend at the time really wanted to. So it happened. I hate to say this because I did get Grace out of the whole deal, but I wish I hadn't done this, it's a big mistake.

    So many things could have went wrong with Sadey. If anything would have happened to her I would never have been able to forgive myself. There was no complications for her, she was amazing. It was a hudge bonding moment between me and her. I never left her side and she wouldn't let anyone else in the room but me.

    She ended up having 6 puppies, 3 girls 3 boys, all very very healthy. Trying to find "good" homes for all of them was very difficult. I was so worried about who was taking them. I'm pretty sure that one of them isn't being taken care of as good as he should, this breaks my heart. It was just very hard for me emotionally.

    I would never ever do this again. All the females have been fixed. I was very adament about that. Even paid to get them done. All I can really say is that I am sorry for what happened. Backyard breeding is wrong. Alot of these animals end up at the pound. It's truly sad.

    If you want a puppy there are so many that need to be adopted out there. The next dog I get will be a rescue.
  3. kris2642

    kris2642 Good Dog

    Thank you so much for writing this, I'm showing it to my boyfriend as soon as he gets home. He wants to breed our dog and I am adamantly against it. My biggest fear is one you highlighted, that you can't guarantee your dogs will go to good homes. I'm afraid people would buy our dogs and use them for fighting or other dangerous purposes. Your article will hopefully go a long way in convincing him to change his mind.
  4. arcstriker

    arcstriker Little Dog

    I got my dog from a backyard breeder :no2:, I know better .....now, thanks to this forum. I've had several strangers just come up and ask if I was going to breed her (while were out walking) sometimes with their dog or somebody they know that has a pit bull :(. I always say "no, I'm not a breeder"
    Love this article, wish every dog owner would read it.
  5. Thor's momma

    Thor's momma Puppy

    I too am going to give this thread to my husband. I love my babies but I do not believe that just anyone should be breeding their dogs. I was just over and read the "Comet" thread. That gorgeous pup is going without a home! Until all babies can have good homes it just isn't right that there isn't a law preventing "backyard" breeding.
  6. dr gonzo

    dr gonzo Puppy

    what if your looking to keep lets say a few pups outa the litter so that you still have your pets memory live on in the kids

    i do not breed and all my pets are neutered just wondering why its bad to have a litter if its for a good reason
  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I did breed my dogs, because my boyfriend wanted some pups off of Notch. I don't believe it was a good enough reason, and I consider the breeding I did to be a "backyard breeding".
  8. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    If you are not preserving/bettering the breed, you should not be breeding. Keeping the pet's "memory" alive is no reason to breed. Take vidoes and pictures of your pets and give them to your kids to watch when the pet passes on. That's a memory, one that will be cherished.
  9. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Excellent post... and great advice Michele! Mollie is the result of a BYB, and I wouldn't take a million dollars for her, ever! But, I will not support back yard breeders anymore for the rest of my life. From now on, I will get a rescue, or a good pup, if I can afford it. Chances are, I will just rescue/adopt from now on.

    I agree, every person that has a male or female that they are considering breeding, should read this.
  10. deathpriest

    deathpriest Little Dog

    I got Dooley from a BYB, do not regret it. I did not pay for him but, I know others did. I had been approached 4 times with inquires on when and if I am breeding him. All get the same answer, he is neutered, even when he is not, yet. Amazing how people are out there for a quick buck and do not think on their companions.
  11. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Because none of those puppies are going to be like the dog who's memory you are trying to preserve. When you have puppies, you end up with a whole batch of "new" dogs with completely different and distinct personalities.
  12. brittany

    brittany Puppy

    So now i get it. But mine has the right measurements like how tall and long.she slopes where she should and everything but i still dont know about her head.who could i get to look at her to know 4 sure?
  13. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    It's not just about looking right. An APBT is more about function than looks.
  14. blowhead1980

    blowhead1980 Banned

    i personally hate the term "back yard breeder" ha ha, ok, so, are we supposed to take them to the hotel? maybe even bring them in the house and put them in OUR bed?! ok, i know the term is used for un educated random people who just breed for the hell of it, i get, but i think u guys need 2 come up with a new term, how bout.....IDIOTS?sounds good 2 me,ok, my dogs are bred in my back yard(GASP!!!) but am i a "BYB", NO!, i do not breed to make money, nor do i sell my dogs 2 anyone who i think is not responsibe enuff 2 own these dogs, i breed to continue my blood line for my own personal use and enjoyment
  15. SadMushroom

    SadMushroom Banned

    see,,now I am going to disagree,,
    I have our girl and she is soo lovely,,,we do not rush out to breed for money,,,,cause she is 5 1/2yo and not had pups yet,,,,

    BUT IF we find a male that is along her lines and temp we will breed with her.
    She is NOT noted by all the lines that you can all list,,,,but we have her DNA taken by court after her family issues...(we know where she comes from but too old to be reg with USA laws)
    She is registered in Australia as a pit and her lines are registered,,,,her dads was clearly her mums was,,,but seperate,,,,her mum has staffy in her background but APBT said it didn't matter....

    IF I find a SOUND male to cross her with I will,,,,I know that doesn't go with all your rules and stuff,,,BUT hey,,,,she is my dog,,,,and I have her legally,,,,as soon as the restrictions lift,,,,or if I move her to no restriction areas,,,,

    I know you want to keep the breed pure,,,,,but how did yas get a pit in the first place?? The pit breed is made up from alot of the best fighting breeds....The pit was NOT an original breed,,,,,it was a human made breed from many breeds...

    You cannot stop BYB or anything else,,,,you cannot even expect people to stop,,,all you can do is ask them to do it responsibley..

  16. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Kellie, we might not ever be able to stop bybs. But don't think for a single minute that people like myself will make your life any easier for it. I will continue fighting against bybs who are destroying the breed all for the sake of "pretty", "nice' and of course, the almight dollar. And if that means I have to fight against you in order to keep my dogs away from the media's slaughter, then I damn well will. And I never quit.


    PS - & I have no idea how you can claim to love something so much yet be so willing to ruin it and abuse it all for the sake of your own selfishness, greed, & ego. That's not love.
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  17. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    So you don't really have her legally now. Seems like you snub your nose at anybody that doesn't agree with your baseless decisions.
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  18. goldenboy

    goldenboy Puppy

    hello everyone, I am new here. Anyways I worked at petland who always stated they get the highest quality of dogs from the best breeders. crock of crap that is. I saw some of the people they dealt with and they were not a professional breeder
  19. Lala's Song

    Lala's Song Puppy

    The past two days, I've called two people who have listings on Cragislist. Asking them about their ABPT or AM Staff litters. The young man with the APBTs couldn't give me a good reason as to why he bred his dogs, and wasn't even a member of the NAPBTA. The dogs were registered with some bogus BYB group (APRI, ect.)

    I called a Yellow Lab listing that day as well. I asked if the parents had had OFA tests. The woman said, "I don't know. I'm just so new at this! My husband would know. The puppies are AKC!". I asked if they were members of ANY Lab parent club. She told me that she'd have her husband call me. He never called. It's been three days.
  20. leharris

    leharris Big Dog

    I woulden get a pup from any of those to? I dont like back yard breeder thats my op (sorry not all are bad) i would go what you are doing check them out most just wanna mok a buck. see if they have health cert. I know people who breed dogs with the mange that is genatic they sell them for 300-400 buks. and people buy them just because they are papered. make sure the breeder knows his dogs the bloodlines stuuff like that most good breeders have pics of other pups anf family meambers. i cant stand the ones who throw ant to dogs to gother and charge a couple of bucks IMO this helps with overpopulation. I would rather go rescue a pit and not give them the money. there are some good dogs with good bloodlines in rescue groups that at one time someone may have paid alot of money for. I may be dead wrong but thats how I think.
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