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Are we chasing away new members?

Capt. Roxy

Good Dog
Premium Member
Sorry to get off topic! But is this an issue for anyone else? It happens to me when I first bought my house with Blue. I would take him everywhere so people knew I had a "Blue Nose Pitbull" as they all call it. For a week straight at night when I would let Blue out in the yard this car would just come up the street same car every time. With just the parking lights on all slow. And he would park until I let Blue in. sometimes get out of the car and try to look over my fence. I started hiding in the yard when I saw him. He came up to the fence calling Blue one time saying he was gonna take him. I ran up to the fence (wood fence) and shoulder blocked it caught the guy right in the head. He was stunned and bleeding. I put Blue in the house and went to confront the guy. He tried to get in his car I stabbed his tire with my knife and called the cops. We both got charged with a misdemeanor. Know I'm known as the crazy whiteboy with all the tattoos on the corner. Lol. This was all before my wife moved in. I stayed in the house with Blue fixing it and painting it. (Sorry for the rant I just get so aggravated that ppl would actually try and steal a dog) how low can u be
LOL!!!! I'm sorry I'm LOLing- that is terrible what happened but "now I'm known as the crazy whiteboy with all the tattoos on the corner..." Man, I woulda kicked that guy in the junk or cut his balls off if he tried to steal my dogs. I am not confrontational what so ever but if you mess with my family including my dogs you're dead. Luckily the kind of neighborhood I live in most people are terrified of her... I'd rather them be afraid for no reason and their own misconceptions than have someone try to steal her for other purposes.
I happen to live on a street where my close direct neighbors are all cops.... Lol


I think people would learn more and become better informed if they feel welcomed right away and are encouraged at whatever level of dog owner that they are. If they are not aware of BYBs, which I would guess many are not, they will learn like many of us have with unhealthy dogs, etc. It does not seem very beneficial right after the person has obtained a new dog unless they have an unhealthy dog that can be returned to the breeder. The best time to talk about all the bad breeders is when people come on and ask for advice in looking for a puppy or adult dog. There has been some really informative advice on here for many people.
I am a very new user. Ive only had my boys for a total of 5 years . I jave been a dog owner my whole life, but i know this breed was mislabled often, and around here no one understand the temperment of these dogs. I came here to hear from people who have gone through what i went through. The first few reaponses were curt. But i did get a response that was direct but postive. I would have to make changes but i could do this. Then positivity flowed after that and truly helped me. There is so much to learn i havent been able to classify my boys yet. But i am confident now that any questions i have i can find answers and help. That why ill stay. Bc people truly wanted help me. I have yet to join a debate. But for a first time user i found the answers i needed through a simple forum.


I spend more time on Facebook groups now.

I think part of the reason new people get an attitude from older members is if they spent the time to read some of the forum before typing up a thread, they'd know how their post was going to be taken and would have avoided writing what they did. It's not rocket science. If you come here spewing ignorant crap that gets (or used to at one time anyway) addressed on a weekly basis, people are going to cut right to the chase. I agree it's running people off but you can only have so much patience having to repeat yourself over and over.

Im new i tried to read some threads to get more information see if some one went through what i went through if there was really only a couple of options. I dont feel anyone was rude but im sure it had been addressed before. But talk about information over load. I needed a more direct answer and i got it. Im sure repeating yourself is annoying. I can tell you that if someone directed me to a thread that could have helped i wouldnt have taken offense. There is a lot to navigate. I appriciate the patience the ones who did answer showed me. But like in any advise teaching situation patience is key. This forum can be overwhelming. The misinformation out there can overwhelming. I was brought to this forum from googling about bully behavior i read 6 articles before i read the 10 threads here before becoming a member and posting a question i felt i couldnt find direct response to. I guess i did exactly what you suggested but i can understand the exhuastion of reading and reading and just wanting someone to directly say....blah blah blah... hope that helps.


MS Bites, My Dog Didn't
Staff member
Thanks for your feedback! From my own experience, I have found that bully breed forum members tend to communicate more - shall we say - direct and to the point? I am glad that you took the time to read and to listen ... I am sure that it will make a big difference for you and the dogs.
I believe one must approach new members who are new and inexperienced with much more patience and tolerance to make them feel more welcomed and at home.
My alter ego Saiy would surely disagree with this approach but that is his opinion and not mine. LMAO


I believe one must approach new members who are new and inexperienced with much more patience and tolerance to make them feel more welcomed and at home.
My alter ego Saiy would surely disagree with this approach but that is his opinion and not mine. LMAO
I reading these posts by Nigayias, (didn't get to your intro yet) and I'm thinking that they read an awful lot like Saiy's posts....lmao!


Well I'm not exactly new but I haven't participated much and was away for a long time, but I'm amazed at how few new posts there are. I got my pitbull from a shelter 11 months ago (she's now 7 years old) after my last companion (in my avatar) passed on last summer after 15 awesome years I had with her.


Little Dog
I wasn't going to chime in on this but I feel lg
ike I should. Let me start by saying this forum has been very very helpful to me because I wanted to learn about my breed. At the same point both of my mutts are probably from BYB because there both adopted. Well my blue not officially because I got him in a gas station after the original owner was beating the crap out of him. He asked me if I wanted the dog and I said yes. I agree with the whole BYB but if someone can give that pup a better home not knowing about a BYB. Let them do it if they want to come to the forum to learn give them a chance. Maybe they don't kno about BYB's and jus thought they were getting a good deal on a "pitbull". That's not there fault they didn't know any better. Shit I didn't. But let them come and here and learn before everyone jumps down there throat about a BYB. Give them a chance before you critize maybe they want to do the right thing but isnt sure what that is yet. This is just my opinion. Take it or leave it for what it is. Just give people a chance. They might know any better
You are so right! I am a new member and didn't know what BYB WAS!!?? I thought all pit bulls were?! Sorry....
just welcome us first please before criticizing our dogs please. Thanks so much !