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Are these pit bulls worth the money?

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Little Dog
Yes. Some are worth it to me.....In my opinion though, you are not only buying a great dog but, you are also buying into a great organization. This is my personal testimony. I use to own 2 apbt when I was younger. I ended up separating them by giving them to two different family members because they would not play well together. Then one of them killed another dog later and was put under. IMO, this was the fault of the new owner. Anyway, with most American's lifestyle, the APBT is too much dog for us. Heck, I work so much that, I am dog tired usually until the weekends. The Ambully is the kinda dog that fits ME. Mine are as laid back as I am. When its time to play, they play hard. When its time to lay back, they enjoy tv and the couch as much as I do. The perfect dog for my lifestyle. As far as the organization for the AmBullies, its pretty cool too. When ABKC has a show near enough to drive, I pack up the pups and put them in a show or two. No planning, jeans on, just do it. Laid back. I enjoy meeting other bully lovers, seeing great dogs and MJ even won 2nd place in his class at one show. It may not mean much to you all but, he was pretty proud......Right now as I type this, the apbt rep has been so bad in the past that my towns city officials are trying to make us fix our breed, license our breed, coming up with new fines, etc. I realize that these actions are for the knuckleheads that should not own a dog, let along an apbt but, it affect me also. I can see myself having to stand in some line, somewhere because I don't want to fix my dog cause, they will be in shows. I will probably have to spend some money doing this too. I read today where an ABKC show was put on strickly to donate all the proceeds to the family of a guy that passed away. Let's be honest. No other breed or registant organitation has even been involved with the community like that. Say what you want but, great breed, great people, just GREAT....


American Bully Moderator
I agree, American Bullies are great. But with the BYB selling these mediocre pups for this much. They are NOT worth it. Which I am not a wealthy person, but as I have stated before. My Trinity that is in my Signature was posted for 1500, and I ended up giving 400 for her. Yes, from a BYB, but I saw her parents, did research before getting her, and am now showing her. She has a few small faults, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. Big couch potatoe, but she is also a bull in a china shop. Which is hilarious! I just think, before paying this much money to ANYONE, do research on the pups, to find out what you'll be getting before you put a deposit down, or paying for one.


I personally think those puppies are not worth anything near that price. They do not have the looks to be xxl bullies and the litter looks inconsistent. The pedigree's do not look that good either.
If u are looking for a bully u want a puppy looking like this l_e702fdcb5aeb4edd9c4a658444db0558.jpgl_200d5f7d17454a4e9a94415d99360ec2.jpg
peter at 6 weeks old. Pedigree is alot when choosing a bully but it is also taking a good look at the puppy, Bone structure, head shape and size. I didnt pay near that much for peter and he is solid.


Little Dog
I personally don't think I'd get a dog from a breeder because I try to adopt them from our humane society. But thats me.

I agree!! Rescue all the way! My Baylor is a "shelter baby" and up until this past weekend, I thought I had a Pit/Boxer mix living with me! I have only just found out he is an American Bully! (Who knew?!) I paid under $200 for him at the SPCA but he's priceless to me!
They are worth what people will pay i guess i know a guy bought a son of miklands kracker for 300.00 in five abkc shows he is now a "gr"ch " i have some for 700.00 that has a great pedigree behind them


I guess I'm the only dumb enough to say yes. I have no problem paying 2500 for a dog as long as its a high quality heathy pit with an incredible ped! Hell I pay more than that if I thought they were worth it. Call me a sucker or sell me a brige but I'm personally looking to start a small kennel and I'm looking for the best America bully I can affored! And that to me is the key. I can affored to pay that much so if that what it cost me to start my kennel with what I consider to be the best blood line then that's what I'll pay. This dose not mean that I will pay that much but I'm deffenetly willing to. I understand that a lot of people look down on this dogs because there to big or not true apbt or the they have Heath issues that all larger breeds have. But I believe that there some A.bullys that are heathy and look great. I've spent about a year researching this dog and come across some horrible mutations that I would euthanize my self but that not all of them. There some absolutely beautiful dogs out there that are heathy athletic and that is what I want to breed. Any way that's my long winded yes. Yes I would pay 2500 for a dog if I thought it was worth it. Oh ya that dog I have now is a German Shepard that my friend found when he was hiking. She was a puppy that needed a home and I could not be happier with here! She is a purebred Shepard but I got here fixed because I had no intentions of breeding her. Love her but now I'm looking for my pit:)


It's worth what it's worth to some people many
like who I've sold my puppy's to pay well over 1,000 dolalrs
for a ukc papered bully. I've seen many dogs over 1,000 dollars. People want what they want. I personally have only payed 1,000 for my stud only and have been offered triple that many times. And don't get me started on my rabbit/coon dogs lol a beagle that has a 1st place in a field trial is always atleast a 1,000 dogs get expensive


Good Dog
Super Moderator
This thread is years old. It's certainly not worth reviving it just to talk about how much you sell your dogs for. Closed.
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