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Are Amstaff Gamey Like APBT's

Discussion in 'American Staffordshire Terrier' started by jenniferstelter, May 22, 2009.

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  1. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    Because I might start looking into getting an Amstaff this time I am wondering how close their personalities are.Can you generally tell a difference? Can they still be gamey at all? Protective, loving etc? Also are males and females much different?
  2. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    what does gamey mean? It might be easier to give good advice if you were more specific with the qualities that you are looking for/would fit your lifestyle. As for protection I wouldn't recommend either breed (if a dog at all). The good protection dogs are not for all owners. Something like a Fila, or an Anatolian Shepherd dog would be great for protection, but are in no means for the average/feint off heart owners. Amstaffs can be very loving in general as will an APBT, SBT, Bull Terrier, and many of other breeds.

    I'm just not sure what gamey means. That term is usually used to describe the taste of wild poultry from the context that I've heard it in...
  3. milew66623

    milew66623 Big Dog

    My undies get gamey sometimes on a hot day:eek:. To get a Game(gamey) dog it would have to have been tested(matched) which is illegal. Amstaffs are bred more for conformation, and are generally show dogs. I have not hear of anyone breeding game Amstaffs, or gamebred amstaffs for that matter. From what I have seen they do not have half of the dog aggression APBT does. Not to say they won't have dog agression issues, but they are not bred for that. Thats why they are a different breed as a APBT, though they were once the same breed. Once you breed out traits common to a breed, it becomes a different breed even if at some point in the past they were the same.
  4. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    Gamey meaning drive for the most part. Hanging from ropes and that type of thing. I have had and fostered 8 pits/pitmixes and some would play and hang for hours will others had not much game and had no interest in those kinds of things.
  5. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    Dog aggression is a real possibility in both breeds. If you're looking for a dog that will be protective of you, you're looking at the wrong breeds entirely. Neither are guardian breeds. Any type of human aggression, except in extreme situations, is generally frowned upon.
  6. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    Also all the females I have had have been very protective! Sweet but protective.
  7. showdawgs

    showdawgs Little Dog

    Well I guess it all depends on the lines, as my other half likes to say one has a V6 and the other a V8. But I guess for the most part I have the execeptions. Mine like to do alot of things, hang from the rope, wp, dock diving, etc... I also have one that does the PP as well, and has more drive than most of our pits. But it also has to do with how you raise and train them. I also have one that is more dog aggressive than most, so all in all it all depends, same as with the APBT. I still prefer the Amstaff and enjoy competing with them more.
  8. milew66623

    milew66623 Big Dog

    Game/gambred means that they are game tested, or they are bred from game lines. Game means they have been tested(fought) Springpole, weighpull, all of that is athletic ability not gameness. Someone is bound to tell you that. A lot of people are are under the impression that game means athleticism, when that's part of it, but if you have a game dog you have a dog that has been matched. If you have a game bred dog you have a dog that comes from game bred lines but has not been tested.

    I think said that right
  9. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    well see the ppl that I have spoken to did use that term so I thought Game was a trait that is stronger in some pits then in others. Like how some pits will hold on a rope longer then others, they would have more game then pit that didnt. Because they have more game they maybe better "fighters" as well but I dont believe in that, I just like the dogs that have a little more drive I guess you could say.
  10. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

    If you search the word Game here, there are TONS of threads to help explain it. :)
  11. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Honestly, better to just drop the words Game and Gamesess...since it can only be proven in the US in an illegal sport. You are more likely looking for an athletic...high prey drive...enjoys pleasing the owner...type dog. From there you have to know that each dog is an individual and will have different degrees of all these traits. As for thier potential as a trained protection dog they are not bred for that trait. Really, with one of these dogs it is YOUR JOB TO PROTECT THEM. You need to keep them secure and out of trouble. These breeds are a target of the Media and others.

    They are definitely not the breed for everyone. There are most likely more uneducated (about the breed) and just plain bad owners than there are knowledgeable and good. I am glad you came here for some information and I hope you stick around and read/learn more...you just might become one of the "Good Ones"!
  12. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    well like I said I have a lot of experience with pits and pit mixes. I have a 22 month old daughter and they were very protective of her and of me. Not so much my fiance though. I guess I thought of gameness another way because in mo way would I ever consider something like that. My fathers pit is a female and she is super sweet with everyone but if some one even raises there voice in the room with him she will walk right in between them and watch the other person like a hawk. No growling or being mean but she nicely lets them know that I am watching you.
    here is Hemi and Sasha with my girl, the white (sasha) was the most aggressive dog I had out of all of them but she was like that from a baby. My faince found her and brought her home and even from 8 weeks she was aggressive. We tried everything from Dog Whisperers to meds but nothing helped. I had some people tell me she acted like she was inbred but who knows.

    here is hemi sasha and my fathers pit ( stoney ) having a 3 way :)
  13. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Yep, DD is right. Saying game/gameness can lead to some problems if you claim your dog has it.
  14. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    btw sasha was never agressive with us just strangers and other dogs, I would never have let her around my daughter if she was.
  15. jenniferstelter

    jenniferstelter Little Dog

    I will watch what I say then, I took it as something a little different I guees.
  16. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    There's a fellow out in Texas, "Tejas Pits" who runs an older amstaff line that is known to have ability in the [].
    Also Olde Tyme Tacoma dogs could proabably rumble as good as any but you might have to cull a few litters before you got there.
  17. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    jenniferstelter~ from what I've heard from you. Trust me you dont want a game/gamey/hi prey drive/driven dog
  18. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    i was thinking the same thing...

    you might need to find some people who have true game bred dogs and hang close with them for awhile and get to know how they act

    (All law enforcement who might read this post please know that i use the term "game bred dogs" to refer to dogs who are bred for competition and prey drive and in no way am referring to any illegal activities)

    ^ to cover my ass :D
  19. caspar

    caspar Puppy

    Ive seen some very gamey amstaffs indeed, working amstaffs not bred for show thes dogs would rumble with game apbt any day of the week,just the gameness has been watered down in the amstaff doesnt mean tht u never get it..........
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