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Apology to Breed Ban Enthusiasts

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by maryellen, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    ... and your ludicrous statement that American involvement in the European theater during WWII had nothing to do with the ending of the war, merits no comment. It is simply a reflection of your tone and inflection toward Americans that you have already shamefully established and an insult to us all.
  2. Ares01

    Ares01 Puppy

    I'm crying... :(

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  3. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    That is very true, I was curious as to how many breeds were listed under BSL or bans. Ok ready? 75!!! At this rate, it will only get worse, unless we do exactly Fieldmarshal said. You either love dogs or you don't. If we don't stand as a united front against it, your dog could be next.
  4. Snoitseuq314

    Snoitseuq314 Puppy

    I just want to share a quick story about a boy and his father. I was walking my dogs down the street, one of whom is an APBT, when I over hear a man at the bus stop talking to his kid, this is what I heard, 'that dog is a pitbull, and they are banned because it could kill you, its different from other dogs because its jaw will lock, and even if I started kicking it, it would never let go of you!' So the kid looked shocked, and then scared as I approached, he is only 5-6 yrs old, and he lives in the same townhouse complex as me. I decided I would stop with my dogs, and talk to the kid and his father about some truth, first I explained my dogs were really good with kids, and all people for that matter, warned them of my APBTS aptitude for licking faces, and explained the truth that their jaws don't lock, they were bread specifically to be handled safely by ppl no matter what, and that the number of dog bites reflects both the overwhelming number of APBT owners that shouldn't be allowed to have a dog of any kind, as well as a willingness to call any similar breed of dog an APBT out of lack of understanding what this breed actually is. Since this day, the kid always runs up to me asking to pet them, and I always say yes, as well since then I have managed to introduce my dogs to most of the children in my complex, as well as their parents, it has given me the opportunity to change their minds. (Which were made up for them by the smear campaign against APBTs). And show them how loving and gentle a real APBT with proper care can be. Everyone who has met my dogs so far as gained a new understanding for what an APBT can be, and I am happy to say he is doing a great job changing people hearts and minds about this breed... At least in my area.
  5. Layla Mendez

    Layla Mendez Puppy

    I'm sorry maryellen for certainly agreeing and adoring your post here, because I just certainly feel every bit of words that stated there regarding discrimination of others to Pitbulls. And hopefully many will be enlighten by reading this post then change their ways towards this type of breed.
  6. TWadeJ

    TWadeJ Big Dog

    I am wholly against breed specific legislation.

    In the two dog bite cases I have litigated (I represented the dog owner, the defendant, both times), I learned a significant amount about the "data" which the breed specific legislation proponents rely upon. Put simply, the data is faulty and cannot be relied upon. A dog cannot be labeled as an American Pit Bull Terrier (or a rat terrier for that matter) unless the dog is a pure bred with papers (even then it can be questioned due to ridiculous breed organizations who don't enforce the rules). Only now is DNA testing of dogs using large enough indicators to be accurate. When a human dog bite occurs, and the dog is labeled as a "pitbull", it is generally based upon visual identification alone and that simply must be stopped because it is often not accurate. If the various Countries, States, Cities, etc. which attempt to maintain statistics on dog bites and the types of dogs involved in the incident, they have a responsibility to PROPERLY identify the dog. This simply rarely happens.

    All that said, I am also in favor of full and fair public information about dog agression, accurate identification, responsible ownership and liability for damages caused by negligence. American Pit Bull Terriers are not human aggressive. More often than not they become dog aggressive (obviously on a scale). People and organizations who promote APBTs as vicious man biters are just plain ignorant and wrong. People and organizations who state that APBTs are not genetically predisposed to have dog aggression are just plain ignorant and wrong.

    People need accurate facts to make informed decisions.

    People who chose to own APBTs, specifically "game bred" APBTs, need to be diligent in their efforts to protect other animals from theirs. That means proper containment at home (fences, etc.). Not taking their dogs to open dog parks. Etc. With my first APBT (fortunately he was NOT dog aggressive at all) I was negligent and he escaped my back yard on several occasions. That was when I was ignorant about this breed, largely from receiving wholly incorrect information from a local "pitbull" rescue group. I have since taken all necessary precautions to make sure my bully breeds cannot escape my property under any circumstances. They are no longer allowed in the back yard unattended even though I have taken steps to fortify my fence.

    Sugar was adopted from the "pitbull" rescue group referred to above. They went through the whole process, home check, vet reference, etc. They also stated that Sugar would be "great" with my 3 other dogs which included my alpha female Jasmine. It wasn't until Sugar attacked Jasmine that I pulled my head out of my ass and started to learn about the APBT breed. The learning continues to this day and my viewpoints continue to evolve. Sugar is NEVER allowed in the same room as Jasmine. She is NEVER allowed with my two males unless I am their and PAYING FULL attention. When I walk her, it is on a short leather solid lead and she has a solid, properly fitted collar. When I walk her I maintain complete control of her and avoid places I know other dogs may be. Sugar will never go to a dog park. Sugar will never to to PetSmart. Sugar will simply not be taken to where other dogs are. It is just too risky with her. As her owner, I am responsible for those risks and if I fail, and damages occur, I must pay. If one of my bully breeds, or any of my dogs, harms anothers' animal or property, because of my negligence then I am responsible for all damages caused. Period. I am NOT opposed to reasonable requirements for dog ownership such as required liability insurance to provide for damages if such negligence occurs. I am aware of way too many instances in which a dog caused damage to another's property yet does not have adequate non-exempt resources to pay for the damages. To me, that is a reasonable "middle ground". That said, any such requirement proposed by a municipality should be for ALL dogs, not just certain dogs.

    I believe that it is reasonable for those who choose to breed game bred APBTs and those who choose to own them to be required to show a certain ability to pay damages if caused or to obtain insurance (again, the legislation must be breed neutral). I believe that owning a dog aggressive dog is a right and not a privilege and if such rights are not taken seriously or abused, then under those circumstances, the right can be limited or taken away. Again, not breed specific. I am sure many here will oppose this. We will agree to disagree.
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  7. Nataliya82

    Nataliya82 Little Dog

    I'm not gonna lie, I was one of these people- I didn't want the pups dead or anything like that, but I did consider the breed to be dangerous and wondered why the hell people would get them. Who do I blame for that? Thousands and millions of thugs in this country that has made a pitbull their mascot and that have used these dogs to compensate for their failed egos. When my bf brought home a puppy he found, I went "aww, omg" but then when he told me that he is a pitbull, I was terrified. I told him we can't keep him cause he will maul us in our sleep when he is older. I didn't read about the breed and I didn't really care, but we kept him because the first day he just laid next to me and cuddled under my arm like a little baby. I was totally sold...
    Since then I've read a ton about the breed, obviously, and its tragic that they get the double burden- a burden of the media showing their bias towards them and the burden of so many evil or irresponsible people breeding them in backyards left and right. I saw pictures of puppies that were tortured by sickos, and pitbulls that were confiscated from dog fighters emaciated and covered with horrible wounds, and felt ashamed that I never bothered to look on the other side of the issue.
    Nowadays when someone mentions the attacks and such, I remind them that there are MILLIONS of pitbulls in this country, and even a 100 attacks out of 6-7 million is nothing, and basically there are millions of pits that haven't attacked anyone. Also if you look up other breeds mauling humans, there are plenty of that as well, including a golden lab that mauled an infant. Who is at fault? Dumbfucks that left large dogs with infants alone! All the mauling stories have one thing in common- irresponsible horrid "owners". "Family pitbull mauls a baby?" Most likely an intact dog living with 3 more intact dogs in one space, having puppies somewhere in the backyard, and not being trained a day in their life. Much like my neighbors across. Just because you popped out some kids AND have dogs doesn't mean they are all of a sudden "family dogs". Also I met thousands of pitbull owners who have loving dogs with no problems. That was really an eye opener for me. When we adopted Loki, I told my SO that I wanted an affectionate dog that will cuddle but now we are not gonna get it. Ha! Loki is attached to us at the hip and pretty much cuddling next to me on the couch is one of his favorite pastimes. My other issue was "well, he is not a Lab or a Golden, so he is untrainable and we are gonna have a large wild dog on our hands". Nope, he is extremely intelligent, got potty trained in a week, crate trained in no time, I taught him to sit before pretty much everything (eating, going outside, playing, crossing the street), so now he does all that without even me telling him. I am amazed at how trainable and smart he is. I am the proof that people are not evil or hateful, they just see what they see and all I saw was horrible people having pitbulls (as if those dogs had a choice of owners...) and the media only showing the attacks when they were by pitbulls (sometimes they would also call mastiffs, cane corsos, and bulldogs pitbulls, I mean, cmon, not even the same breed...)

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