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Hello, I’ve been looking everywhere as to where I can possibly ask for advice and/or opinions about my 9-week old apbt puppy.

Last week, I brought my pup to the vet for his 3rd vaccine shot and found out he weighs 8.8lbs (he was 8 wks back then). He was eating well, gets his daily vitamins, drinks plenty of water. No complaints about food in general but when I did some research (cuz i forgot to ask my vet) I found out dogs at this age should be around 18-20 lbs??? Is this accurate? Would that mean he’s underweight? If so, what can I possibly do to keep up with the standard weight for apbt?

PS: I’m a fur parent of 3 shih tzu mixed puppies and just got an apbt so I’m a newbie to handling large breeds of dogs.

*Attached some of his recent photos for your reference. 5618D0BE-0447-46D3-A868-9179D07A65BB.jpeg731BC29B-CB44-4DDB-B3FD-B1DE01F9483D.jpeg


Chi Super Dog
He looks fine. If this is your first pit bull, please do some research on the genetics of this breed. They can be dog aggressive. It's a normal genetic trait. You can manage it, but you cannot train it out of the dog.


Little Dog
Pup looks fine to me, similar weight to what my pups were at that age. As long as he has a good appetite, is active and happy then all’s good. The apbt is not a large breed 40-45lbs is probably the average weight when mature, all mine are smaller. I’ve seen a bully pup weigh 20lb, but never yet a purebred 8 week old apbt that big.

Trim the tips of his nails, do it regularly whilst still a pup and when he’s mature he shouldn’t be a pain to do.

Ideally you’ll get him crate trained and used to being alone in it while a pup. As Michelle said the apbt when mature is not known as being as social as other breeds, so best to never leave him alone and unsupervised with your other dogs.