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Apbt, Amstaffs, And Bully's The Same Dog?

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by CINCINNATIBULLIES, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. How are they apbt's and bully's the same if the bullys have had cane corso and italian mastiff as well as neaopolitan mastiff mixed off into them
  2. herr schmeling

    herr schmeling Little Dog

    thats a misconception. maybe some fools chose to mix other dogs in for size. but a true ambully should be amstaff / pit , selectively bred for size shape and color.obviously not for gameness. all others have strayed away. my ambulls have apbt papers, but upon ananlysis of the pedigree, amstaff was used for size and color. but mastiff and cane corso, not in my bully yard..............and lets not forget that amstaffs were apbts submitted by breeders for conformation into the akc. they evolved into show dogs, losing the gameness and assuming more of the qualities that make amstaffs today.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2009
  3. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Just don't close a blind eye to the fact that paper hanging has always existed and still exists today. Just because someone said such-and-such dog was out of such-and-such parents and was registered that way, doesn't mean it's so. Sadly, it's not hard to breed a female APBT or AST to another breed and just use another male APBT's or AST's name and registration number just for registration purposes. Plus, many people think they are pulling a fast one and are amazed at the "respect" going there way for producing such a litter of ginormous sized dogs out of two not-so ginormous sized dogs.

    And breeding the largest to the largest selectively, would've taken a whole lot longer time to produce the size of dogs we have today than it has taken. As a general whole, the AmBully scene exploded in the course of about 3-4 years with dogs produced being 2-3 times larger than said parent dogs. And in some cases, in just a miraculous few months to a year these dogs were produced. You don't have to be a genetics genious to know you cannot consistently get 90 lb dogs from 40 lbs parent dogs in 3 breedings.
  4. herr schmeling

    herr schmeling Little Dog

    maybe you should look further into the FACT that amstaffs have surpassed the 100lb mark for over 25years. we had a litter of ukc amstaffs in 1984 and some of our males grew up to 105lbs. in 25 years of line breeding and selection, with 100+ lb dogs , it's more then possable to breed monsters without these other breeds involved. i am not denying there are some who will do some awful things for a quick outcome, but dont fool yourself thinking everyone does it either. all papers should be questioned for validity. thats just doing your homework. there are plenty of ''pitbull'' owners with papers as fake as the one's you speek of. usually derived from the fact that not all dogs used in their breedings were registered, even if they were full blood pits. what can you do??????
  5. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    YES! THis guy does it right.
  6. *F*T*W*

    *F*T*W* Puppy

    don't you mean staffie?
  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I believe the dog that originated in England was the Bull and Terrier.
    Maybe someone can confirm or deny that with some facts.
  8. *F*T*W*

    *F*T*W* Puppy

    false. know your shit man.

    from the akc website;
    Until the early 19th century, the Bulldog used for bullbaiting in England was more active and longer-legged than the breed as we know it today. It is thought that the cross of this older Bulldog and a game terrier breed created the Staffordshire Terrier. Originally called the Bull-and-Terrier Dog, Half and Half or Pit Dog, it became known as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in England. When accepted for AKC registration in 1936, the name changed to American Staffordshire Terrier to reflect the heavier American type and to distinguish them as separate breeds.

    akc makes no ref to a the apbt, they do make a ref to staffy bulls. or rather a larger american size of them. in my mind, however accurate that may be, based on the research I've done the american staffordshire terrier, is just the akc putting a proper name to the apbt (based on it's history) and setting some proper breed standards. which is what they do.

    the akc goes on to say under thier registration section that;
    Breeders breeding show stock are trying to produce animals that closely resemble the description of perfection described in the breed standard. Many people breed their dogs with no concern for the qualitative demands of the breed standard. When this occurs repeatedly over several generations, the animals, while still purebred, can be of extremely low quality.
  9. *F*T*W*

    *F*T*W* Puppy

    Apbt, Amstaffs, And Bully's The Same Dog?

    I guess the answer would be no. Regardless of what school of thought you hold. The UKCs guidelines are very different and much less strict than the AKCs. I refuse to believe that they are refering to different dogs. Just my opinion. I'm not bashing when I say that I'm not sure if ambullies meet the requirements of the akc to be recognized as a breed. I think they're cute (at least the pictures are, never seen one myself). Personally a dog is a dog. except chihuahas or however you spell it. hate those things. every kennel club has a set of standards, different as they may be. strict or loose, I see pics of ambullies that definately do not look like the same breed of dog. if the ambully community is serious about being recognized they need to get thier shit together and try to agree on the breed they are trying to create and strive for a breed standard. Now wouldn't that be some in your face shit?
  10. Dare2bme71

    Dare2bme71 Puppy

    I am now fully confused. My Female is registered with UKC as an APBT, her pedgree/bloodline is Razor's Edge, Gotti, and Gaff. But from what I read Razor's Edge are Bullies and not APBT. Her papers are ABPT so why is she not what her papers say, she is not a mutt as one person says, she is registered and has great lines etc. She is from a good breader. So what the heck is she, if not what her papers say?
  11. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Gotti was an Ambully. RE is one of those lines that some tend to be Amstaffs or APBTs, and some tend to be Ambullies, it really depends on whom you get the dog from. Gaff is an Amstaff bloodline (at least I believe so, I might be wrong on that one), but again, is anther line that has been taken over by some Ambully breeders.

    The reason why you can have papers that say all these "great" lines is, because people can hang the papers, which means the Sire might not be the actually sire, but the person lied and put that dog down as the Sire.
  12. Dare2bme71

    Dare2bme71 Puppy

    I don't feel this person (the breeder) did this, paper hanging thing. She's trustworthy and I research her for over a year before getting Gypsy, I know I think my dog is wonderful and has a wonderful temperment which is what I wanted more than looks a sound temperment. All the bloodlines and stuff wasn't what I looked for when selecting my dog, I wanted a sound dog that would be true to the real pitbull temperment and safe with my kids, like a pitbull is supose to be. Not some aggressive monster from a backyard breeder, which there are plenty of around me. I am very happy with her temperment, she is the sweetest girl.
  13. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    The person you get the dog from isn't always the one that did the paper hanging. In this case, it would most likely be the person who breed Gotti.

    There are plenty of Ambullies with good temperaments.
  14. Ghostofwamps

    Ghostofwamps Puppy

    Ok I have seen apbt and I seen American bullies thier not the same dog and to say they don't have bulldog in them is just being naive. Personally I love American bullies thier lovable and fun loving dogs but sorry pitbulls and bullies are not the same but hey just because thier different doesn't make then bad just not the same.

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