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Discussion in 'Obedience & Sports' started by Team Peanut, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member

    That's true, I didn't think of that. I'm actually doing my first rail pull ever tomorrow, I'm used to carpet only. I could see where side to side would be very detrimental in a rail pull.
  2. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    Thank you for the videos I really have been focused on how people and their dogs start. This is the part I am so nervous about because we will be going out having never been on a track. Hey that's how we do things even dock jumping. He does put his head down. I am really liking the WP community everyone is really helpful. I am looking forward to getting started.

    Way to go Scheme! That is great improvement. Work on those pops they will really help once we learned to work pops we improved together to an average of 20 feet 7 inches. Oh that ball it really has been the best dock jumping ball he loves it it's a mighty gripz by go cuckoo. It's the only thing he will jump for it's torn up if he's not getting it before it gets in the water for a few seconds he has to dive for it because it drowns fast. He has a green and a blue one as well but he's not as into them. The problem is the dang company went out of business! Kong recently started making some that are similar I have seen them in petsmart but haven't bought them yet because he's so picky!
  3. MoPulldogs

    MoPulldogs Puppy

    Which APA pull are you thinking of going to? We will be at the Missouri pull this weekend ;-)

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