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Anyone with an Am Bully that works their dogs?

Discussion in 'Obedience & Sports' started by ETRaven2, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Is there anyone active recently that has an Am Bully that participates in rally O and barn hunt? (or anything really, that's just my interests for my new girl)
    I don't know who owns what dogs, with the exception of a select few members, so that's why I am asking to the open public.
    I'd love to talk shop with you, if you're out there.
  2. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    I would probably check the dog out real good before any serious work begins, in terms of health and confirmation. Depending on the genetics at play it may not be ideal for certain work and sports but it very well could be as well. I know people that still breed functional bully's and compete with them but not many do, most wind up with bad health problems that will handicap the dog in terms of working or sports.
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  3. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    That was one of the things I wanted to pick other sporting Am Bully owners brains about. How to make sure the dog is sound enough to preform. What to look for.
    I know enough about structure to get me in trouble. I have a few friends that show AKC with other breeds, I would like them to eval Brooklyn. As far as what I can tell right now is her feet are a little splayed, pasterns, I am having a hard time eval'ing, backend looks good, top line is good and chest is a slight bit A-framed.
    Also, will have to get hips eval'd, I'm sure because it sounds like hip dysplasia is pretty rampant with Am Bullies.
    What about echo? Should I? Might as well, huh?
    I'm not going to mince words, my dog was not well bred. But, I'd love to sport with her. I wanted to with Ray, but the reactivity was just too bad. She wouldn't have enjoyed it and been on edge the whole time, so why put her through it, ya know?
    Right now we are working on graduating puppy class and we have signed up for Ob 1 to transition into the CGC, eventually I'd love to go Rally O. But again, big dreams for a baby, yet.
  4. Kit

    Kit Good Dog

    I compete in Rally, and pretty much any dog with semi decent conformation shouldn't have any trouble doing it.
    There are sits, downs, stands, and mostly walking with a tiny bit of running/fast walking. In the upper levels, there are 2 jumps, no higher than 16".
    I think the CGCs are super easy to get, almost too easy.
    Rosie (Pit Bull) competed in Rally and HATED it. She got her Novice title and we stopped, because she acted like I was killing her, making her do that stuff. She passed the CGC test 4 times, and also has her advanced CGC title. She MUCH preferred agility, although she is really enjoying being retired now.
    Frankie (Golden/Boxer/???) LOVES rally, she is 1 leg away from her RE title and 2 legs from her RAE title. But it's getting so expensive, once she gets those titles, we're done! She got her first RN leg at 7 months and her RN title at 11 months, with very limited showing. She also loves agility. She earned her first CGC at 5 months and again as an adult, then also has her advanced CGC.
    Rikki (Staffy/Rat/?????) CAN do rally, but the judges scare her, she's sticking with agility. She has attempted her CGC, and can do everything except the 3 minute separation. She can MAYBE do 2 minutes before having a meltdown. She does NOT do 'strangers'!
    Marshall (Pit/Boxer/???) has horrible knees and arthritis in his hips. We didn't adopt him until he was 8 years old, or I probably would have attempted Rally with him. Still deciding if we'll try for his CGC or now. He has trouble with sitting and doesn't have the best stay in the world, but we could squeak by and get it.
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  5. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Thanks Kit! One of my girls prior to my Raven (Jazz) got to her RA. Back then I remember CGC being, not tough, but not something every dog could pass...granted this was back in 2002, when Jazz got her CGC. I wonder if things changed or I was just really novice at the time. LOL
    Never tried agility, those ppl scare me! JK JK, but I don't think my girl now would fair well. She's not cut from agility dog cloth. My last girl would've been amazing at it, but again, it would've stressed her too badly. She was better in an environment she knew, she did not do well at all in new places.
    Would've loved to lure with Raven too, man that dog was faaaast..
    As for this one, I think Rally is a good place to start and we can branch from there.
    I assume your dogs are PAL registered?
  6. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    I would suggest looking for a facebook group for the breed, maybe 'Mentors for the American Bully Breed". There doesn't seem to be too many AmBully owners on here from what I have noticed.
    ETRaven2 likes this.
  7. Kit

    Kit Good Dog

    Nope, mine are registered with AKC as All American dogs. It's their version of a canine companion.

    Hey, some of those agility people scare me! LOL Some of the dogs too! Some Border Collies are INSANE!!!
    ETRaven2 likes this.
  8. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Don't laugh at me, but I don't have FB! LOL I know, I know I get crap for it all the time by people.
    I tried lurking some Am Bully forums and gawd. No.
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  9. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    My Raven was a BC cross and can I say neurotic!?!?!?! I loved her with all my heart but, damn.

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