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Anyone in England with a Pitbull type Dog

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by 2die4uk, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. 2die4uk

    2die4uk Puppy

    If their is how do you get the dog to the vets etc as the pup i have has been vaccinated when you coundnt tell what type of dog he is.

    But now as he looks more like a pitbull how do i take him to the vets he dosnt need a vet but just in case in the future as i want to get him neutered when he is around 8 months what breed could i get away with saying that he is

    im thinking boarboel staff mix or something
  2. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    Boxer mix, staffy mix, lab mix. And if they ask questions just say that at the dogs home where you got it that that is what you were told.
  3. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    keep it simple and just say the dog is a staff/whippet cross.......this cross is the most likely to create a dog with apbt looks ;)

    apart from that dont get too deep into conversation on breeding you dont know you was given the dog as a pup for free......most vets will be more interested in the animals health and unless theres reason they will rarely start asking questions.

    depending what part of the country your in they are far more relaxed on the laws than they used to be.....after all,how many pit bull type dogs do you see walking the streets of every major city in britain !
  4. 2die4uk

    2die4uk Puppy

    thanks for that info staff/whippet a whippet is like a smaller grey hound right im in west london and your right i have seen loads of them even saw one in my local pets at home

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