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Anyone Have one of These ?


I don't have one of those, but I have some Huck balls and am going to order a couple Bumis and Hurleys next paycheck. LOVE the zogoflex material! I say go for it. :)


Big Dog
My puppy has this toy, but doesn't play with it much, I think because even for her the hole is hard to get to. I put peanut butter inside the empty space. My shepherd usually ends up cleaning it out for her. Only time will tell for me how durable it is, but for a heavy chewing APBT or a dog who loves to tear toys up I am almost certain this toy would be destroyed in minutes just due to the shape.


Little Dog
My dog destroyed one of that companies huck balls in a couple minutes which is made of the same zogoflex material as the tux. She also does the same to kongs.

The most indestructible toy I've found so far are the black goughnuts. I got my dog their black stick about 8 months ago and is just starting to show the slightest wear. It's nice and soft but it's the only thing my dog can't ruin. She's chewed through 3 nylabone galileos since shes had the black goughnut stick.

That goughnut is also her favorite toy by far so it gets the most abuse. It's soft enough to play a careful game of fetch in the house without breaking stuff and without being shredded. And it's strong enough for my dog to use it as a chew toy with nothing ripping off.

The only negative is it stunk like tires pretty badly for the first month or so. It's a little pricey too but it has a lifetime guarantee. So for like 5 bucks shipping you get a new one once your dog finally chews it up; if it even can. If I get another one I would get the round doughnut shaped ones because my dog chews on the ends of the stick which is showing the slightest bit of wear. If it was round she wouldn't be able to bite the ends and it would hold up even better. If you have a chewing beast that destroys everything they even have a maxx black version which is bigger and harder for the dog to get their mouth around and chew. But it's probably too big unless your dogs a chewing machine.
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Big Dog
Was it the black kong? They are supposedly indestructible. My dog is not a toy destroyer, so I can't be of further help...


Little Dog
I have yet find a indestructible toy. Queen has destroyed every toy I have bought for her.

Have you tried one of the Goughnuts black or maxx black? If not, I highly recommend you try the maxx black if your dog destroys everything it's ever put a tooth on. That black stick is the only thing my dog hasn't destroyed. My dog has it in her mouth half the time shes awake and it's still in one piece. I don't understand how something so soft can be so strong.

Man I need to become the spokesperson for these things.:lol:

I got mine from titan1 on this site. They have awesome customer service and also the best price I found on them. It's been a while since I got mine but I think titan1 was selling goughnuts cheaper than buying it directly from the manufacturer.