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TN: Another cop shoots Pitbull

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by APBTlover09, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    The case of a Kingsport police officer who fatally shot a fenced-in pit bull will be presented to a grand jury early next year.
    Last week, Sullivan County District Attorney Greeley Wells received a final report on the incident from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. He asked them to investigate the matter on June 22, the day after the shooting occurred.
    Wells and Barry Staubus, assistant district attorney, have since reviewed the TBI's report. Wells said they will present the case before a grand jury to determine if charges against the officer are merited.
    Officer Darrell Johnson shot the pit bull on Sunday, June 21, at about 7 p.m. According to Kingsport Police Deputy Chief David Quillin, officers were chasing two suspects in the area of Carrington Court.
    Quillin said Johnson stepped over a low wire fence on Derwood Court , and encountered, "three pit bull/bulldog-type dogs.â€

    “Those dogs charged at him in a very aggressive manner,†Quillin said.
    “(Johnson) tried to retreat, but he did not have that opportunity. They continued to charge at him in a very aggressive manner, and that’s when he was forced to fire. As a result, one of the pit bulls died.â€
    However, the dog's owner -- and at least two neighbor's who allegedly witnessed the events -- immediately and vehemently contradicted the KPD's version of what had occurred.
    Richie Hammonds, 1005 Derwood Court, No. 4, owned “Mace†for three years. Contrary to what police reported, he says there were not three dogs in his back yard when Officer Johnson stepped over his fence, but only Mace; his other two dogs remained on the back porch.
    And while Johnson’s report on the incident states he traveled about 20 feet into the fenced-in yard when he encountered the dogs, the alleged witnesses have told the Times-News that he only placed one foot over the fence.
    “He put his foot back outside the fence, pulled out his weapon and shot him,†said Jonathan Suit, Hammonds’ neighbor. “There wasn’t a noise made, the dog wasn’t running. It was just walking toward him.â€
    “The officer stepped over the fence,†said Amanda Bellamy, another of Hammonds’ neighbors. “Mace came out of his doghouse, was walking up to (Johnson) to smell him. The officer stepped back out of the fence, pulled his weapon and shot that dog. That dog would not have come out of that fence. It’s an electric fence. They’re scared to death of it. The dog walked up to him wagging his tail.â€
    Hammonds claims that after the shooting, Johnson said “I hate pit bulls.â€
    Bellamy and Suit told the Times-News that Johnson remarked he, “didn’t like those damn pit bulls anyway.â€
    Another point of contention for those living in the apartment complex is that police say they were chasing a suspect.
    Witnesses told the Times-News that responding officers warned children playing outside to get back; that they were looking for two suspicious black males.
    Following the shooting of the dog, Joe Shupe, 27, a white male that lived in one of the apartments, was arrested and charged with resisting and evading arrest.
    According to the incident report filed by Johnson, police were called to the area after a report of a suspicious person. While that person — or persons — was not apprehended, Shupe “looked in my direction then proceeded in a fast walk away from me,†according to Johnson’s report.
    Johnson says he broadcast a description of Shupe over his radio and was proceeding in the direction Shupe had gone when he stepped into Hammonds’ fenced-in yard.
    According to the police report, Shupe was detained by another officer at nearby Carrington Court when the officer “observed a male subject running down the hill towards him.â€
    Shupe, according to the report, claimed “he was running because he was trying to hide from officers and thought there was a warrant out for him.†He was arrested and charged with resisting and evading arrest.
    “They said they were chasing after two black guys,†Hammonds said. “They just arrested (Shupe) to make themselves look good.â€
    Bellamy says Shupe went up the hill behind his apartment where an officer then asked what he was doing.
    “I guess they decided they better take somebody to jail," Bellamy said. "They got him for resisting and evading arrest. He didn’t resist nothing. They didn’t chase him.â€
    “If he was in pursuit of somebody, and the dog was going to try and bite him, he should have shot the dog and went on after who he was going after instead of standing there,†Hammonds said. “He stood there and said ‘The reason I shot him was because I hate pit bulls.’ That was his exact words. It took everything I had not to hit that guy.â€
    Less than two months after the incident at Carrington Court, Officer Johnson fatally shot another pit bull.
    On Aug. 6, following a call of possible drug activity in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on West Stone Drive, police responded to 2425 Jennings Drive.
    According to KPD Sgt. David Moore, Johnson fired a single round at a pit bull that cornered him and two other officers on the carport of a home.
    Ultimately, no one at the residence was charged with any offense.

  2. tigerkat

    tigerkat Little Dog

    that just infuriates me!
    and to think this guy is an officer- supposedly one you can trust.

    sorry but i wouldnt want this guys help if it would save my life.
    furthermore i think he doesnt deserve his own, no matter how harsh it sounds
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 5, 2009
  3. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    man...I wish they would train officers to look at body language of dogs, it would save officers from getting bit by little fu fu dogs and save a lot of other dogs lives...
  4. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Really sad... everyone ends up "trigger happy" when they see an APBT. Sad. :no2:

    BILLBKLYN Good Dog

    You see, now in this case based on what people actually saw, I think the cop is wrong. And his statement is the coupe de grace. He sounds like a real dick.
  6. samuel64

    samuel64 Big Dog

    It seems to me the cop is saying he hates pitbulls and that's why he shot it. For his sake I hope he doesn't believe in karma because someone who hates cops might shoot him for the same reason. Stupid arsehole!
  7. Strakatz

    Strakatz Little Dog

    He should thank the good lord above that wasn't my dog. Either he or I would have something in common with my dog.
  8. Winter Fate

    Winter Fate Little Dog

    i agree. I'll protect my Deuce at any cost.
  9. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I hope he gets what he has coming. The sooner the better.
  10. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Good Dog

    give em the chair, FRIED BACON!!!!!!!
  11. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

  12. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    of all these stories we've read its about damn time one might actually have to pay the consequences
  13. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    Is this a new story? Seems like we allready had this story posted here awhile back.
  14. axion5150

    axion5150 Little Dog

    Statistics, ignorance, assumptions, misunderstanding, fear, breed education, unwillingness to think outside the box, unaware, and heartless. Our poor dogs. "boy did that pit bull look so mean that i had to draw my weapon and take it's life, cause pit bulls attack innocent people, and i, as a police officer sworn to protect and to serve focused all the american's tax dollars on taking the life of a dog that looked scary enough to murder".
    Makes a whole lot of sense?...
    Well buddy, you were in HIS yard, maybe you should have weighed your options eh?

    BILLBKLYN Good Dog

    This one will pay the consequences because this time the police officer was in the wrong.
  16. Jackson115

    Jackson115 Little Dog

    I don't think it's new, it's a follow up since it's now going to the grand jury. I hadn't read anything about him shooting another pit 2 months later. Glad to see things are catching up with this a$$hole!
  17. xosirisx

    xosirisx Big Dog

    I hope that's true but I'd be willing to bet he won't or he'll get a paid leave which is bs!

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