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Animal Planet's PIT BULLS & PAROLEES Season Finale Breaks Records

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Vicki, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Animal Planet's PIT BULLS & PAROLEES Season Finale Breaks Records in Key Demos

    The season seven finale of ANIMAL Planet's PIT BULLS & PAROLEES on Saturday, February 27 at 10 PM (ET/PT) achieved season highs in all key demos in L+3 including Persons P2+, Persons 25-54/18-49, Men 25-54, and Women 25-54/18-49. Additionally, the episode ranked as the #1 original cable program in its timeslot among Persons 25-54 and Women 25-54, pushed the network to its most watched Saturday night since 4Q14 among Persons 25-54 and Women 25-54, and had its largest audience since 2014 in Total Viewers P2+, Persons 25-54 and Persons 18-49. ANIMAL Planet also broke into the Top Five (#5) among ad-supported cable networks of the night among Women 25-54.

    "Never Meant Harm" delivered season highs in Persons 25-54 (674,000), Men 25-54 (241,000), Women 25-54 (433,000), Persons 18-49 (581,000), Women 18-49 (368,000) and Total Viewers P2+ (1.5M).

    For more than 20 years, Tia Torres has dedicated her life to Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull rescue center in the U.S. Tia has offered a fresh start to more than 50 parolees and a new lease on life to dogs that were discarded, demonized and abused, often due solely to the reputation of their breed. In ANIMAL Planet's PIT BULLS & PAROLEES, Tia and her family bond together to fight the never-ending battle and emotional rollercoaster of running the nation's largest pit bull sanctuary. For Tia, each NEW DAY brings happiness or heartbreak - and sometimes, both.

    PIT BULLS & PAROLEES is produced for ANIMAL Planet by 44 Blue Productions and Rive Gauche Television. Rasha Drachkovitch, Billy Cooper and Dave Luce are the executive producers for 44 Blue Productions. For ANIMAL Planet, Lisa Lucas is the executive producer, and Patrick Keegan is the producer.

    ANIMAL Planet, a multi-media business unit of Discovery Communications, is the world's only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the ANIMAL kingdom with rich, deep content via multiple platforms and offers ANIMAL lovers and pet owners access to a centralized online, television and mobile community for immersive, engaging, high-quality entertainment, information and enrichment. ANIMAL Planet consists of the ANIMAL Planet television network, available in more than 94 million homes in the US; online assetswww.animalplanet.com, the ultimate online destination for all things animal; ANIMAL Planet L!VE, the go-to digital destination for round-the-clock, unfiltered access to the ANIMAL kingdom; and other media platforms including a robust Video-on-Demand (VOD) service, and merchandising extensions.

    Animal Planet's PIT BULLS & PAROLEES Season Finale Breaks Records in Key Demos
  2. KobeCurry

    KobeCurry Puppy

    That's great! I love that show. It's good publicity for the Bully breeds.

    Can't wait until next season!
  3. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Too bad it wasn't the series finale. The entire Torres crew and the show do horrible things for this breed.
  4. cagethedogman

    cagethedogman Little Dog

    But she's got a show on TV, she couldn't possibly be doing anything to destroy the image of these dogs..sarcasm
  5. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel. :lolbangtable:
  6. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Oh.. Come now.. We've talked about this. More than once.
  7. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    Maybe once or twice. I just couldn't help myself. Such an opportunity doesn't come up all that often, so naturally I had to jump on it!
  8. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member

    She's a self centered bitch.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    Mislabelling any mutt as a Pit Bull.
  10. cagethedogman

    cagethedogman Little Dog

    Not to mention that a few episodes actually showed the stealing people's dogs...
  11. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    I'm with you!!
  12. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Speaking of crappy breed representation, is Cesar still on?
  13. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    YES! Gag! This morning I saw a sign saying he was coming here for a lecture. I laughed to myself and said sarcastically," Oh Boy! Let me rush out and get tickets!" LMAO.......NOT.
  14. bamachica

    bamachica Puppy

    I think Tia's heart is in the right place. She seems to truly care about animals, period. No doubt the Animal Planet production company forces and suggests story lines
    and events. But by and far this lady started this on her own, without fanfare, to help dogs. I think she has a special place in heaven, as well as everybody that selflessly gives to those without a voice like animals. I admire what she and her family have accomplished.

    We rescue hounds and can only do 1 at a time due to my health, space and other limitations. I wish I could do more, but even one dog at a time we (my family) saved and re-homed over a dozen hounds last year. One was in a local shelter for a year (a repeat offender!) that no one wanted. He was 3 days from being euthanized right after Christmas 2015. A year later he is happy, healthy and has gained from 25 lbs to 60 lbs (he had stopped eating due to depression). Loves his home, family and his "doggy family". There are more hounds in shelters than any other breed combined (yes I am including hound mix too!). Mainly I think because people see them as loud, annoying, and difficult to train. They are actually loving, sweet, great family dogs that are easily trained because they will do ANYTHING for a biscuit lol! People ask if we "hunt" our dogs----no----my dogs "hunt" biscuits in my kitchen and we hide treats in easter eggs outside to fine tune their natural "search and rescue" instincts. It literally takes < 5 minutes to "train" them to do so.

    After I was diagnosed I was so depressed, I had worked so hard and accomplished so much (not just income but I published---wrote part of a medical textbook---was a top sales rep as well as a speaker and authority on several critical care topics). It was difficult to walk away but I had no choice.

    Not wanting to use this as therapy lol.....but there is a sense of genuine giving when you help animals. I applaud Tia and her efforts. If we all rescued 1 or 2 dogs there would be no need for any shelters or rescue organizations. What an accomplishment THAT would be, right?

    Thanks for reading, no doubt all of you love dogs the way I do!
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  15. NobodyHere

    NobodyHere Guest

    Not really. Tia is a nutter who warehouses dogs and provides them with very little in the way of appropriate exercise and mental stimulation, many that would have been euthanized by anyone with ethics due to temperament and other issues, in makeshift cages far too small for a bulldog to live humanely, often multiple dogs per cage...which is a blatantly stupid thing to do with APBTs and other bull breeds/mixes. And she has always craved fanfare.
    Michele and bamaman like this.
  16. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I agree with you. If you see several episodes where they work tirelessly to catch an injured or sick dog and rush it to the Vet, it warms your heart. She fires the parolees who do not truly love her dogs. She also takes in all sorts of breeds. She reaches out to help other rescues in need. Her love for the dogs and how she taught her kids to love them is really inspirational.

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