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An ad on Craiglist

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by foxman, May 14, 2013.

  1. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    Sunday afternoon a friend called me and ask if I was looking for cats. I told him know. He said there was an ad with my picture and name wanting cats to train my pitbulls to fight. I said yeah right. He said I'm not kidding. I went to Craglist and their it was. There were 4 people working trying to flag and delete it. It would leave and come right back. Sometime Saturday night it was deleted. I talked it over with several dog friends trying to do damage control. We finally called the country Sheriff department and a young deputy came out. I filled out a complaint. I told him A man and I on pedigree's online had been having a disagreement and I suspicion-ed him but I had to idea for sure who did it. I told him he is the only man I have had a fuss with. I ask him to inspect my dogs and my home for dog fighting items. I told this on pedigree;s online and they called me a lier so I posted it. Then one Man said I posted it myself to get sympathy. What an idiot. Anyway now I am a snitch and a rat for calling the Sheriff department. I want someone in authority to know my dogs were OK and that dogfighting stuff was here. Was I wrong in doing what I did. Who knows. Time will tell. I can truly say I am innocent. Randy Fox
  2. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Screw cyberbully and his jackwad crew
  3. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    Shouldn't the IP address for the ad clear everything up?
  4. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Seems to me after all the bullshit on fedsonline you'd be smart enough to just stay out of the shit hole. No sympathy for people who can't stay out of their own way. Get a clue Randy and be done with that turdville place.
  5. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    Your right I have Learned my lesson. My wife got me to on that one. I had to list my email and phone number when I ran an ad. Then they called me. It was so weird we could not flag it. Some real smart pc people gave up on flagging. The only way I could cover my trail is ask the sheriff to check it out for me. Randy
  6. Pitifull

    Pitifull Big Dog

    quit going onto that peds online, screw those people. you are not a snitch and have nothing to worry about. you have told your story and im sure the only people that think you are a snitch are young thugs who are doing illegal things they ought not to be doing.

    I think you did the right thing by calling the sheriffs to cover your ass!!! this way, it is documented that you filed a complaint and that someone inspected your property.
  7. mykrophone

    mykrophone Little Dog

    You did the right thing. I don't know anything about that site but it sounds like a bunch of dick heads.

    Sent from my SPH-L900
  8. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    I do not know how to post the AD OR I would post it for you guys. I can email it to someone if they want to post it or see it. Who ever did this deed. Put two Randy Fox's phone numbers on the ad. He has no pitbulls. I called the other Randy Fox today and he is mad at who ever did it and has contacted a Lawyer to sue whoever did it. I apologized to him because I was who they were after. He isn't mad at me ,Thankfully. Randy
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2013
  9. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Sooo.. The police can track CL ads. What did they do? Obviously, they cleared you of any wrongdoing... But did they have the ads forcefully and permanently removed?
  10. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    I called the Detective with the Sheriff department today to find out more. He hasn't returned my call. So who knows it may not be important enough to him to rush. He had his wife with him yesterday evening they were here to take my statement and when we were all done with everything he left with her to go eat. So I guess they are busy if you take your wife with you to work so you can take her to eat.
  11. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I don't know how things are down there but up here, you have to stay on top of them. They may not see it as a priority but you do so you need to force them to see it as a priority and treat it as such. If you want any information as to whom is harassing you, you'll need to step it up a notch and really get into them to get some answers.
  12. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    The ad is posted here that someone put on Craiglist

    http://rayfox6.tripod.com/id81.html I have changed my mind on who I think it was. It was according to the other Randy Fox posted in this ad. He thinks it is a cat woman. She thinks I have put her cats in Jeopardy. She has no idea I do nothing with cats for pitbulls. I don't really like cats and do not want any here. Randy F
  13. Do some people really have nothing better to do with their lives then trying to ruin someone elses? Damn people get a life.

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