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American Bully- what breed is it???

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Lassic, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Pit Bulldog

    Pit Bulldog Little Dog

    From what I've seen, American Bullies are basically apbt's mixed either with mastiffs (neopolitan, cane corso, presa canario), american bulldogs, or english bulldogs. The initial mix is probably bred back into the apbt line. Probably show type apbt's or amstaffs are used.

    I recently went to a fun show. And, with the exception of my dog and another good ol' old time dog, the rest were american bullies, blues, amstaffs, staffies, american bulldogs and such. (It was way cool when folks either looked at my dog going eeeww what is this mutt or where asking me how many months my 2 year old dog was)

    Even though I really dont care much about american bullies all of the one's at the show appeared to be low drive dogs with good temperaments. They all were bred to some grotesque proportions, however. But I am pretty sure they could pull way more weight than my 38lb bitch (she should be about 35lbs but my wife would kill me then). Most also didnt appear to be all that DA.

    But I kept my mouth shut about the dogs at the show for most of the time, except on one occassion when one of the breeders who was peddling his dogs started talking how his 100lb whatchmacolit was an old family red nose dog because it was red with with a red nose. My little corvino/creed/hemphill cross looked up at me with her little amber eyes and I had no choice to step in and set the record straight. I did get one heck of a stink eye from the breeder though.
  2. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    American Bully is its own breed now. What breed they are off of? A mixed of an APBT and an Amstaff for sure. Looks like maybe some mastiff was added and English bulldog blood was thrown in the mix as well. The bloodlines that seem to show the most American Bully traits are Razor's Edge and Gotti and Gaff(though that was originally more of an Amstaff bloodline). Though, I have seen at least two great conformation RE, but the rest have been American Bullies.


    They come w/ many health issues - here we are again generalizing all Am bully breed. There are overdone Am bullies in which IMO where health problems are more common. However, CLEAN Am bullies are as healthy and as athletic as most of your APBTs.

    Teah, they aren't dog aggressive - most are not but just as in any other breeds, there are extremes.

    They don't have stamina - again, not all. It's like me saying all APBT are dog aggressive.


    I cannot agree more. Very civil way of making a point too....much respect to you.
  5. jamesklass

    jamesklass Puppy

    The original razor edge dogs were only crossed with am.staff.the new breeders crossed bulldog in them to get them shorter with no muzzle,also throwing the kinked tail that with tons of inbreeding....the xxxl bullies alot of them most i seen so far are crossed with neos,some of them still have the wrinkles on there legs and back.got to know your breeeder i got a 100% razors girl more of the old school stuff just as much shoulder,chest short,compact and correct she's actually more gamier.:)
  6. Those damn thugs again! Always messing things up. Just like those insurgents.:no2:
  7. Damn that Hip Hop! If only all pit bull owners listened to country music, we wouldn't be having al these problems with the breed.:no2:
  8. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    Alot of bullies do have gaff in them somewhere but most dogs bred from the gaff's bloodline are still american staffordshire terriers registered with the AKC. they still show their dogs in the AKC ring. they do have some more bully looking dogs but they do not look as atrocious as alot of the American Bullies. Hell, even Razors Edge used to produce good looking Am Staffs.

  9. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Sorry I don't really have a horse in this race, but that cracked me up!! :lol:
  10. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    heres my opinion...

    when razors edge first started they produced some good looking dogs but now 99 percent of the razors edge dogs look like shit but there are still a few breeders around here that breed true razors edge dogs and i might get one some day but i hate those razors edge dogs they are putting out now that have basset hound legs olde english bulldog bodies and mastiff heads they are just not good looking dogs in my opinion
  11. vdubbinya

    vdubbinya Little Dog

    like this one ?


  12. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    This looks like an American Staffordshire Terrier to me. Not a bully. some might disagree but I think its a pretty good looking am staff.

  13. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    What F breed?

    No breed at all just hype and made up names to cover lots of hanged papers.

    No other new breed in history has been made up by dogs that look a certain way. Most modern breeds are made by breeding two purebred dogs and working out a bloodline "new breed" for a certain look and trait. Usually taken years of hard work and finally bieng accepted 40-50 years after they had begun.

    These people should come out and tell us what they used , be truthfull and declare what registered american bulldog to what amstaff was used to create the look they were looking for.

    Honestly no two ambullies are created equal any fat short dog suffering from dwarfisim is considered an ambully this qualification is ludicrous. Or any over-weight 96' 25' head dog is considered an ambully. WTH?...lol

    The people behind this had little or no expierience showing, judging, breeding when they made these names up: ambully and the registry abkc to cover all their hanged papers.


    Hazard Joe~
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2009
  14. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    i dont really want to start shit but for the people who say that AmBullies were created solely from combining APBTs and AmStaffs have no idea what they are talking about



    Please explain this to me?
  15. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

  16. vdubbinya

    vdubbinya Little Dog

    point being....this will be debated until the end of time. The point u guys don't seem to see is the BYBers are responsible for the OVERDONE bullies. The thing i hate about forums/general public is you all (MOST) lump bullies into one big hump of fatness. that's not so. ORIGINAL r.e. dogs were gorgeous. BYBERS got their hands on these dogs that already had a bigger build....and mutted them out. That's not to say that EVERY AMBULLY is overdone. There ARE good examples of this breed....you just have to look for them just as you would have to look for your perfect apbt for YOU.
  17. jimmyjames

    jimmyjames Little Dog

    couldnt have said it better. thanks vdubb.
  18. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    Im going to disagree with you here. There are plenty of dogs that come straight from Razors Edge that I consider to be over done. There are also some dogs I wouldnt mind owning. I guess it comes down to what you consider "Overdone"

    Here are examples taken from their website.
    This isnt overdone? Please.

    Now here are original Razors Edge dogs that look great.

    Heres an example of one of their good looking Bullies IMO
  19. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    Your beating a dead horse dude..LOL

    Your right though bybers which is about 99% of people that "breed" bullies are responsible for the Overdone bullies the other 1% is responsible for breeding ampitts.

    OG r.e. whatever this means are extinct period.

    Good examples of what breed ? the ambully breed please ambullies not a breed just plain ole hyped up mutts Hey there's also good Nazi's but the IDEOLOGY IS INCORRECT.

  20. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    Bodega needs to hit up a bodega for a new eyeball that one she's got looks lazy...LOL

    Im just kidding~

    All four of those dogs $*** period.
    GR.CH. Knuckles ok another old "grand championed" ukc registered amstaff . big deal he's an AMSTAFF RUFFIAN LINES.

    btw ~ not bred by r.e.

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