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American Bully dog aggression

Discussion in 'Bully Breeder Discussion' started by Tangledupinblue, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. I've read lots of posts the past couple weeks about dog aggression [Mainly from APBT owners I think ] . I've read that even though they are raised with other dogs there will probably be a time when dog aggression will be a problem . I've read about crate & rotate and that you should NEVER trust the 2 dogs , male or female or opposite sex , unsupervised . Does this hold true with American Bullys ? Cause I've read other places that the DA has mostly been bred out of them . The breeder I got my pup from said his dogs had zero dog aggression . I guess my question is , on scale of 1 to 10 , how would you rate your dogs DA . Do they allow strange dogs in their yard , house ? Do they just pin a dog to show dominance like my boxer and German Shepard did , or is a fight to the death ? I really appreciate any info . thanks , keith .
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  2. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I don't have a Bully. But think about it this way.. Is the chance that your dog has zero DA (even though its still a terrier and prone to animal aggression) worth the risk of you leaving him unsupervised with other dogs? Is the risk worth it to you if it means that your dog may make headline news and/or be confiscated/euthanized because it attacked and possibly maimed/killed another dog?
  3. I wouldn't leave him unsupervised outside of my house or with any other dog besides my dog Lucy , whose doing a GREAT job of being his nanny . I'm mainly concerned about how he will be when I'm on my boat dock and people stop by that have dogs with them . Just last weekend , I'd say he met about 30 new people and I counted 7 new dogs that he met . He will be SUPER socialized . It would be nice to hear from some American Bully owners .
  4. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Not leaving him alone unsupervised with other dogs includes your other dog. AmBullies are part of the bull breed group of breeds. Like it or not, dog aggression, dog selectiveness, and dog reactivity come with the territory. If you want to set your dog up for success (and why would you not?), then you'll heed the warnings given to you regarding the possibilities of animal-related issues. You'll stop leaving him alone with your other dog. You'll read up on canine behavior so that if he meets another dog that he gives off aggressive signals or fearful signals to, you know when to pull him away.

    I come across other dogs all the time. That doesn't mean they're allowed to cross your direct path. Make people listen and heed YOUR warnings and they will. Ask them to stay back and be flimsy about it and you'll get walked right over.
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  5. Any American Bully owners want to chime in ?
  6. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    While AmBullies are known to be much more low-key, I would not ignore their roots and terrier and bulldogs. It seems the AmBullies are being bred away from that sort of drive, but I dont not think it will be eradicated. Even Labs and Beagles can be DA.
  7. DELIA<3

    DELIA<3 Puppy

    My AmBully is dog aggressive with Dogs he does not know. He's friendly with our neighbors dog because he grew up with her. But strangers are a no go and I won't let him near them. I can't walk him because of fear of other people with off leash dogs and he's a big boy. I do leave him and my other dog (possible APBT mix) alone during the day every day from 7-4 and they're are just fine. But, my other dog is very submissive also and he backs down quickly is Soldier shows any signs of aggression. I'd say keep them seperate when you're gone until you've established their behavior. Our boy is 3 now and we've been doing our routine for some time. He used to get locked up because the two of them out together became a mischevious bunch! But they're good boys now. One more thing, I probably didn't socialize him as well as I should have during his first 3months. I took him to puppy training when he was 12 weeks though and he already had his dog aggression with him. So I'm trying not to blame myself 100%. But those 3 months I think are very important.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    do yourself a favor and ignore the previous post :no2:
  9. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Lee, your post means nothing because You don't have an AmBully.
  10. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    years back we had a UKC pit-or-staff....does that count? LOL

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  11. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I have a mutt of unknown origin. I can't post anywhere. :(
  12. Thank you for your input . It is people like you that actually own Am Bullies that I was hoping to discuss with .
  13. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    well why not join a Bully specific board? just a little fyi, "non bully owners" might know a little bit about these dogs as well. afterall, some of us were around when this whole bully fad got started.
  14. I'm sorry , I thought I posted this on the American Bully board . I don't mean to offend anyone but I realized the "in theory" info about bulls and terriers , I've owned both ,and quite frankly I haven't experienced any of that .I also have lots of friends , some with bulls , some with terriers , and some with bull&terriers .Their dogs are fine together . Right now I have a 4 year old Olde Boston Bulldogge . She is very much a bull&terrier . I would trust her alone with a pet rabbit . I was looking for specific experiences from American Bully owners . That's what I posted on the Am Bully board instead of general dog discussion .
  15. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Never trust dogs in general to not act like animals. Dogs of any breed really shouldn't be left free together unsupervised, it's simply not worth that risk. Even if it's a 1% chance your dogs will start a fight that escalates while you aren't home, is the life of your dog worth chancing it, rather than just separating them? Nope, so it's an easy decision for me.

    As for the other questions.. Well, IME with AmBullies:
    I guess my question is , on scale of 1 to 10 , how would you rate your dogs DA . It's hard to go on a 1-10 scale with DA unless it is selective or outright.
    Do they allow strange dogs in their yard , house ? With a proper introduction and integration most dogs do accept a new pack member, but a strange dog just busting into their house? A lot of dogs wouldn't. None of the Bullies I've handled and known would have liked it and would have probably started a fight.

    Do they just pin a dog to show dominance like my boxer and German Shepard did , or is a fight to the death ? This is purely based on individual dogs. Most Bull/Terrier dogs do tend to get serious faster when it comes to fighting. Dog behavior as far as dominating is pretty much the same for every breed.. There is a big difference between dominating and looking for a fight. Yes, a dog trying to mount and push another around to be an ass and bully it can start a fight, if that dog being bullied fights back it would likely escalate pretty fast. But in the end it depends on the individual dog.

    As a breed as a WHOLE, not on an individual basis, the American Bully is more prone to DA and serious fights than, say, the Labrador or Shih-Tzu. They are comprised of fighting breeds for the most part, as well as mastiff/guardian breeds, and other Bulldog breeds.

    If it's something you couldn't deal with, a single dog might be a good idea. I learned my lesson a good while ago and have never left my dogs of any breed together alone since. It is not worth it to me to risk my animals' live in the vent they act like animals just to save me a few minutes of crating and separating when I leave.

    Message Kamdon and Pink (on here) and ask them to chime in here if you will only listen to owners of registered American Bullies.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 9, 2013
  16. Thanks a bunch . I've never considered leaving my 2 dogs alone in the house uncrated , for various reasons . I appreciate you answering my questions . I will do what I have to do for the healthy and safety of my dogs and my friends and neighbors dogs . I'm just trying to gage what's coming . I've read ALOT of info about American Bullies and lot of it if contradictory . That's why
    I wanted to talk to actual Am Bully owners . I am going to an Am Bully show on 9/15 , I'll know a lot more after that . Honestly , if I had found and read this site earlier , I probably would have gone with a different bully breed . This site sure paints a different picture of them than other stuff I've read . It is what it is and TBone is going to have the best home and life he possibly could have dreamed of .thanks again , Keith .
  17. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    I've heard from Ambully breeders that while most ARE trying to breed away from da, a lot of bullies still are da and some lines are more prone to da than others
  18. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    You're missing the point. ALL bull breeds (APBT to AmBully to SBT) have a tendency to being dog aggressive to some extent. If its not something you wanted, maybe a retriever would be better suited for your needs.
  19. Lovesalldogs2013

    Lovesalldogs2013 Little Dog

    My experience with the bully breed is limited. That being said I have had experiences. What I am about to talk about, occurred before finding this site. I will openly admit I was a bull breed moron! The kind of moron that infuriates experienced owner's.

    Henry was an amazing Ambully, kind, gentle easy going. He was left alone with all three of my dog's all the time, meaning we didn't crate and rotate. I had never heard of that before finding this site. Henry never ever ever showed DA/HA. Henry and my Husky x got along famously, they even spooned on the floor together. I never had a fear or concern with Henry. Now in hindsight after finding this forum, we probably didn't handle Henry and my dog's properly, but Henry never gave us a reason to think any different. My dog's have never given me a reason to think anything different. Does that mean we handled the situation correctly? HELL NO!

    Hurley was a Double XL AmBully. Hurley was the complete opposite of Henry. Hurley was high high high energy. Hurley was a massive animal. *from my experiences of not having a dog that large* Sometimes Hurley was *normal* with my other dog's, but most of the time he was a BULLY. He would lunge, pounce at all of my dog's *not the retriever so much, I don't know why* bite, growl etc etc. It was intense. Now my submissive Husky would just cower and piss herself, seemingly making the situation less volatile. My sheppard on the other hand was basically like "You wanna rumble, let's do it". There fore making the situation much much more intense then with the Husky. Hurley made me uncomfortable enough *thank god* that I never ever ever ever left him alone with my dog's EVER! When I brought Hurley upstairs *every occasion, no exceptions period end period.* He always had a Haltee on, *yes I know, I have had this conversation already* and on a leash that was tied around my waist. He had about 2.5-3ft of slack.

    Hurley was very unpredictable with other dog's. We got Hurley when he was 5 weeks old *yes I know I have read about this* he grew up with my dog's. Doesn't mean squat. His DA came out and most of the time it came out with a vengeance. We didn't know how to manage this behavior, first of all because none of us had ever experienced DA before. Also because we were the typically morons that got a breed we knew nothing about. *actually they were both my brother's dogs, but he moved in us. Making them our dog's and everybody's responsibility* Hurley was humanely euthanized at 7 months old for biting me. I learned from this site, that it was probably and excite bite. Previous to Hurley I had never been bitten before.

    I came to this site with the typical sob story. Only to be informed of all the frigging mistakes we made with that animal.

    I share this story with you because in those short paragraphs, the experienced people on this site can tell you many mistakes that were made.
    Please understand that most of the people on here have made and learned from their mistakes with the Terrier/Bullbreed. They are just trying to keep you from making the same ones.
  20. Yeah , I've owned ,raised , bred , and shown BullBreeds & Bull&terrier breeds . As well as GermanShepard's . Not exactly a retriever kind of guy . I have had DA dogs and I've handled them . Just because I ask a question about people's specific dogs doesn't mean I know nothing .
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