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American Bulldog Pictures

Thanks everybody!Having this guy around has been challenging but fun at the same time.We love his bully attitude MOST of the time!He's very submissive with me and the wife,but nothing scares him.Loud noises don't scare him at all.I fired up my Harley the other day with him about 10 feet away.He just looked at it like is that all ya' got?He's great with the neighborhood kids.Once I let him smell the kids,his tail is wagging like crazy and he just wants to be petted.Now I got the kids knocking on my door wanting to come in and play with him.It's the same thing when meeting strangers.He just wants to meet every person he sees when I take him on walks.I hope he stays this way with some consistent training and socialization!This forum has tons of good info that has helped us a bunch.

And I hope the other AB owners will post up some more pics of their dogs.I don't want to feel like I'm taking this thread over! Good day all!


Good Dog
He's a typical clownish bulldog with people he knows. If you aren't a family member, you're on the menu.
Here's a few of the latest pics of Dawkins!He's already 5 months old,and growing so fast it's unreal!Yes we spoil him rotten.






Good Dog
Mercedes is beyond adorable! :)

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Love the pic of Lucky with the hat on!


Little Dog

Love the pic of Lucky with the hat on!
Lol thank you. He's a goofball. I wish I had some better pictures of him. Lucky does the funniest things... When no one's around he'll get up on my parent's leather couch. When my dad comes in he'll yell at Lucky to get off and Lucky just looks at him like he can't hear my dad. My dad will then go get a wooden stirring spoon and say "Lucky! Go to your bed!" and then my dad will swat his own hand to make that noise... Lucky then jets off the couch and onto his little bed. As soon as we turn away, he gets back on the couch. They don't even care that he gets on the couch... They just think it's funny how Lucky thinks he's being sneaky.

I've also never seen a dog so motivated by food. Lucky will do ANYTHING for food! :lol:
Bubba and Lucy.

Bubba is the white Johnson-line AB (7 mo & 83 lbs. in this pic.). Lucy is the bulldog mix that we rescued (6 mo & 41 lbs. in this pic.). Couldn't ask for better dogs.


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It's been awhile since I posted some pics of Dawkins.Figured we'd drop in and say hi! He'll be 10 months this week and weighs about 80 lbs! He's just a happy and healthy dog!Man what a long hot summer we had.These AB's just don't take the heat too well.Now that Fall is here,we've been going on longer walks and playing in the backyard more.What a character we have on our hands!We love him to death!





Crashed on the couch after a long day!