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American Bulldog Pictures


Good Dog
You asked for it... :lol:






Sophie (post-CCL rupture and repair, Bilateral Hip Dysplasia)

Sophie's post-op lounge area

Full Recovery. :)

pre-CCL rupture





Sophie, circa 2yrs old

Bulldog lapdogs

Ricky, Hurricane Katrina foster, now placed with my Uncle & living the life. :)

Duke & Nike, RIP

Sophie & Ricky, Christmas carolers

Sophie & Duke, beggars



Pics of our American Bulldog

Okay, here are some of Fate . . . both alone and with our other pooches.


Fate and Queenie trying out for the UFC . . . in my lap, no less


Fate Alone


Fate and my son in the pool together


All my rotten bullies playing out by the pool. Shortly after this, one of our 4 month old kittens mugged the entire lot.


Good Dog
awww Pam ya know I love these guys... Kai is so very strikin with her brindle pattern I have always told you that and Pedro, how can you resist that face, Diesel is just HANDSOME period and Darla, she's a nut. :D

great pics everyone


Rescue Moderator
Premium Member
Here's Bodacious and Dixie again in the dog's bedroom although I moved the location of the crate bed to the other wall. Bodacious is on top.



Here they are waiting for dinner or lunch...or something...them bastards...


Here they are in the old style bedroom until Dixie got hungry... that *****



Aww thanks apbtmom76, they are a bunch of monkeys.

That picture of them on the table is cute pitbullhappenings I am glad that I am not the only one that has a dog room too, what is funny is that our dog room is also blue


Rescue Moderator
Premium Member
That picture of them on the table is cute pitbullhappenings I am glad that I am not the only one that has a dog room too, what is funny is that our dog room is also blue

Yeah Blue's my favorite color so the dog's didn't get a choice in it. I bought the Paint from Ace and it's was especially made for kids and easy to clean up the stains or markings that get on the wall.

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omg pitbullhappenings, your dogs on the table outside is freakin hysterical :D

Yeah I was in the kitchen cleaning up some when I noticed them so I ran and grabbed my camera and went to the dog's room to take the pic :lol:

Needless to say I don't have the table top anymore. For some reason, they just like to be ontop of stuff like that and that's what gave me the idea for the crate bed in the dogs room.


Rescue Moderator
Premium Member
oh...just for the record...They would NEVER dream of getting on top of the dining room table...They know I own the house and everything in it but I think they think I gave them the back yard which I think I kind of did...if that makes any sense... :lol: However, they know my Voice Rules!