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american bull dog


Good Dog
Wow! no such thing as a judgement free zone in here! Not for us bleeding heart lovey dovey air heads. lol..............I smell breeders

There are actually very few breeders in this forum, relative to the number of rescue people. However, both breeders and rescuers will agree on one important thing: the safety of people always comes first.

A dog that would attack a family member is unsound, and a liability. Its also situations like that which cause bully breeds to get banned. The headline "bulldog attacks child" isn't too far fetched, and puts one more nail in the coffin for all bully breeds in general.

Personally, id never risk my familys safety by owning a dog that attacks family members.


I am both...a breeder and a shelter volunteer (a heartbreaking combination at times). I believe there is a home for almost every dog, from almost every background. I will not however, place an unstable dog (of my own or another) in a home other than my own. I have fostered dogs who were to be put down for an unstable temperament and I've had to make the decision that a dog should not be adopted. Some have stayed with me, other's were returned to the shelter. It's difficult and it's heartbreaking, but it's necessary.

I have an adoptee right now that I don't doubt that if he were to get loose that there is the possibility that he would bite someone (which as a rottie mix could be dangerous). I don't however think for a minute that he would bite or attack someone that I invite into my home. That is not something that would be tolerated, but not a risk I am willing to take either. I made the decision that he adds enough joy to my life to make the extra precautions worth it, but there can be no mistakes with him. He may be loose when friends visit, but when my grandchildren visit, he is kenneled and a lock is put on the kennel so that the little ones can't let him out. He is restricted to my home and my yard and the front door is not opened (or even unlocked) unless he is secure in his kennel. Beau is one of the most loving dogs that I have and is wonderful with my puppies and other dogs, but of my nine dogs (8 of which are American Bulldogs) he is the only one I have to use caution with.

My concern with this sitiuation is that American Bulldogs are VERY family oriented to ALL family members. It is very unusual to hear of aggression toward the family which concerns me. What no one has addressed is "how does your daughter feel?" No matter how much you love the dog, your child and her safety should always come first. If your daughter does not feel safe in her home and the situation cannot be quickly rectified, the dog should be removed. I would recommend finding a rescue that specializes in placing difficult adoptions or at the very least is qualified to evaluate the dog.


Good Dog
I can't even fathom why anybody would not just put this dog to sleep. Forget about the dog. What message does this send to the daughter who has a mother who would go to such lengths keep a dog that wants to kill her daughter. We love our dog but I would not hesitate to put a bullet in it's head if it just once tried to attack any human without provocation, if that person was a family member, two bullets for good measure.


Just in case the OP comes back or someone else comes here to read this I am going to post my American Bulldog adoption tragedy.

2 years ago in October I adopted an American Bulldog from a man who got divorced and was unable to keep him in his new home as the ex wife got the house and kids and he had to move to a place that wouldnt take a large dog. The dog was named Sam.

I went to meet him with my children and he seemed wonderful. we took him home and he had some behavioral issues we were working on such as chewing, humping my daughter and some general stubbornness. We took him for walks twice a day and he was very friendly and social with everyone he met. I thought he would be a great dog once fully trained. Looking back, some of his behavior was a red flag but I didn't see it until HE ATTACKED A NEIGHBORHOOD KID who was visiting my daughter. She had four puncture wounds on her arm from his canine teeth that were about the size of pencil erasers. She was taken to the ER by her parents and the Dr decided to do surgery to check for muscle damage.

Sam was euthanized at my request, I got sued for $28,900 for the medical bills, my husband and I had nightmares and were brokenhearted because Sam was so wonderful with us.

we eventually decided to get another American Bulldog pup from a good breeder. he is named Ike, in my avatar pic and he is one of the loves of my life with a wonderful temperament.

The dog in the OP's post is DANGEROUS and should be put down before a tragedy occurs. Period. Human aggression should not be tolerated in any dog of any breed.