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Ambullies ?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Big2ue, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Big2ue

    Big2ue Puppy

    Do you all think that the ambully breed has gotten out of hand? You look at all the pics being posted and all you see is English bulldogs with cropped ears. But the kicker is they will lie and say these r 100% apbt. When bullies 1st hit the scene they were beautiful dogs they had good size and was still good work dogs. Now it's all about show they don't care about health issues or if the dog can even move. I had a guy from one of the bully sites tell me that these dogs are for show purposes and that's it. Smh!
  2. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    Bullies have been out of hand for a long time, but luckily there are still some good breeders who are stewarding the breed until such a time as some other breed is in the... "spotlight".
  3. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    I think so.

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  4. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    I think so too, there are still some people who do it right and breed healthy dogs, but the majority breed for the next "game changer" and nothing more and their dogs are lucky to live past 5 years :/
    Most of the Bully owners on here have very healthy well bred dogs, unlike all the other bully sites
  5. chibi17

    chibi17 Puppy

    I think the Am Bully situation is getting out of hand. These dogs are being bred and produced for profit and labeled as APBT to get the publics attention of owning a huge blue pit etc. Many of these dogs are put down or poorly bred and suffer from health issues or are given to any buyer and the animal is most likely fought or poorly socialized and attack giving the Am Bully and mainly the APBT a bad rep. Look at what happened to the Dalmatians when the Disney movie came out. Everyone wanted one and many of the dogs were just being bred and sold for profit. This continued for a few years until poor breeding started producing temperamental dogs and later had them labled a dangerous breed. The same goes for the GSD and Dobie. Thats why so many people are pushing for Breed Bans because the same thing happens with the APBt and bully breeds that look like pits. I like the original Am Bully in the early 90s when it WAS actually a cross between a APBT and Am Staff. When they tossed in the other bulldogs,mastiffs, and Mollosers it became something else. Either way I love both breeds but hate were its headed
  6. Prophecy

    Prophecy Good Dog

    I personally feel 'The Ambully situation' doesn't exsist.I feel ''The Bad Breeder Situation'' does however exsist.I feel no matter the BREED of dog,there are BAD breeders and GOOD reputable breeders.Sadly,the bad ones allways win by the majority in any breed of dog,AmBullies included. I feel it goes way beyond bullies,to encompass all dogs being bred for size,color,or the almighty dollar.The reason it has so much of an impact on the bully breeds is right now they are considered public enemy No1 due to bad breeding/breeders,bad owners,and media hype. There is good and bad in all things.......

  7. this ^^
  8. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    showing has ruined many breeds.
  9. kamikaze

    kamikaze Good Dog

    I wouldnt agree with the word MOST BULLY 'BREEDERS'.

    To top it off, A LOT of breeders are now doing ALL the health shots and sht themselves.

    You can have a breeder whom have 'good dogs' but ..they can still do some things the WRONG way.
  10. Shes Got Heart

    Shes Got Heart Little Dog

    A nice bully is the exception not the norm.

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