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AM bulldog or Pit?

We got autumn when she was 8 weeks. I was told that she was from a pup back deal and he had the dad on site. She was advertised as an AM bulldog and the dad looked like an am but the more pictures I have looked at of both breeds the more confused I get. I honestly cannot tell the difference between the breeds. BTW I am a novice to these breeds. Everyone that has seen her thinks she is a pit at first. I am hoping you guys can clarify this for me. The picture with her "dad" and the the one of her in the car is at 8 weeks.The other two pictures are her at about 15 weeks.

Thank you in advance for your help.



What David said...but if we're taking guesses I'd say she is probably an American Bulldog. with pups it's harder to guess, but she has the stockier and bigger boned build my Am Bulldog had as a pup vs the smaller bone structure and more streamlined look of a Pit pup.

American Pit Bull Terrier's grow to be medium sized dogs and weigh around 30 lbs (small end) to 60 lbs (larger end) as adults. American Bulldogs grow to be large sized dogs, tend to have shorter or equal length muzzles (depending on type...Scott or Johnson) and weigh somewhere between 75 lbs and 120 lbs.

Scott (also called Performance) type Am Bulldogs look a lot like overgrown Pit Bulls. They are a bit leaner and have longer muzzles than the Johnson (also called Bully or Classic) type dogs that look like overgrown English Bulldogs. To further confuse things, there is also the Hybrid. Hybrids are bred from a Scott type and a Johnson type in hopes of pups that are both larger and more athletic.

The smooshy face white and brindle in the back of the dogs in my avatar is a Hybrid Am Bulldog. The smaller white and brindle directly in front of him is an American Pit Bull Terrier.


yours looks a little like my pit bull/Am bulldog mix :) I cant post a post a picture of him for some reason. it wont upload :( boooo. She is so stink'n cute, btw :inlove:
Like we always say, without a pedigree it's impossible to say, but if I had to make a guess, I'd say there's some Am Bull in there.


Good Dog
I'd be willing to bet there's Scott type Bulldog in there somewhere, dad really resembles one.

Since this thread's almost 4 months old, have any updated pictures? She's cute!