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Always Expect a Bulldog To Fight

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by tat2stuff, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

  2. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    right lol. Either you got yourself a Dalmation or a pitbull mix that happens to have black spots on his white coat. Doesn't mean he's a certain type of anything, just his coat color/pattern.
  3. Pit lova

    Pit lova Puppy

    Looks like a Dalmation to me.

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  4. krokodil

    krokodil Puppy

    Here you have some tips and tricks related to breeding pit bulls and bulldogs!! ;) :SwinginStar::SwinginStar::SwinginStar: links: Tips for Bulldog Breeders
  5. Sasha&Kane

    Sasha&Kane Puppy

    Really great post!! I have Kane, who I rescued about a year and a half ago, and recently just took in another bully breed who showed up at my front door. I have never owned two at a single time, having them in a home together, so needless to say I am very cautious and closely monitor them while at home. When I leave I usually separate the two, putting them in different rooms til I make it home. Kane is really rather large, not sure of his true pedigree but but by the looks of him any and everyone knows his background. Sasha can't be older than 5 months, that may be stretching it. He keeps an even temper he is very well mannered with exceptions to jumping up and licking people when they arrive. Sasha is very territorial with her food toys etc, growling and air snapping when Kane approaches. Anyhow this is definitely one of the most helpful articles I have read. Thanks again for sharing!!
  6. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    Yea a break stick is good to have but in most states they are illegal bc they can break a dogs jaw

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  7. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    And your source for both of those claims would be.....?
  8. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    My local police.

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  9. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    Your local police, ok. So you just believed someone within a professional community with a strong history of knowing jack shit about pit bulls.

    Instead of spreading misinformation, if someone tells you something, do your own independent research, and then disseminate the correct information to those that ask.

    Your homework is to find all of the laws pertaining to breaksticks and post them here. I would also like to see any legitimate claims about broken jaws (ie notes from related breed organizations such as the American Bulldog Club of America or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America).

    If you're going to say something, you need to have the facts to back it up.
  10. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    I also did a few years ago I can't remember what sites they were from but each state differs. What state are u in?

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  11. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    It doesn't matter what state I'm in. You posted a claim, you should be able to support it.

    That kind of wrong information can be dangerous.
  12. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    It doesn't matter if they know anything about pitbulls or not. The police know the law and that's all that matters. Check with your local police and do your own research I'm not doing it for u. If u are looking into getting one then do research check with your local police.

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  13. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    You're the one going on about it breaking a dog's jaw, not her. Onus is on you, put up or shut up because at the moment you just sound ridiculously uneducated on a subject you seem to know nothing about. Breaksticks have been used for decades by people who actually know and understand pitbulls to separate fighting bulldogs for a reason. So no. Just no. In states where they are considered illegal they are illegal because they are considered fighting paraphernalia, not because it can break a dog's jaw or whatever bullshit your "local police" told you
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2014
  14. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    Yea they did say that it was considered fighting paraphernalia and that they CAN break a dogs jaw. If you want to do your own research that's fine I was just merely stating that in some states they ate illegal. I have the right to post whatever the hell I want to. And me personally I won't use a breaking stick simply bc where I'm at it is considered illegal.

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  15. AquaLady

    AquaLady Puppy

    Yes. That look kills me.

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  16. AquaLady

    AquaLady Puppy

    I can't open the link.

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  17. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    Proper use of a breakstick will not break a dog's jaw and anyone who thinks that it can is an idiot who doesn't know how breaksticks work. To break a dog's jaw using one you would have to actively trying to and even then, it'd be hard
    You made the claim. If someone asks for proof, that's on you. Not them. We're already aware that it's illegal in some states. I'm asking for proof of them breaking a dog's jaw
    Are you done crying because someone called you on your nonsense now? Good, then we can continue
    Then use a tent stake, which isn't
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2014
  18. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    I'm not the one crying. Yall are the one making a big deal about it. And if Its such a big deal to you then why don't you prove to me that they aren't illegal. And if someone were to ask me to prove it I would do the same thing I just didm I'm not doing your homework for you. And I CHOOSE not to use anything like that. Proper training and other more humane methods can be done. And no I'm not saying that they weren't deemed unhumane. I'm stating that in my opinion it can be handled differently. And I have handled it differently in the past.

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  19. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    It's like you literally read nothing at all. I never said they weren't illegal in some states. Backread. Literally NOWHERE did I say they weren't illegal in some states. I said that them being illegal because they could "break a dog's jaw" was bullshit. They are illegal in whichever states they are illegal in because they are considered dogfighting paraphernalia and banned, usually alongside items like carpet and slat mills.
    I actually know about these dogs. You're the greenhorn just getting your feet wet who seems to think they know more about these dogs than people who have been working with them for years. Follow your own advice.
    If you've read about pitbulls and the capacity for dog on dog aggression and still think you can train a pitbull to not do what it has been bred for decades to do, you're both failing your dog and being extremely irresponsible. Congrats. Also you clearly do not understand how a breakstick works if you think it's use is inhumane. Educate yourself, seriously
    So, you've handled and raised pitbulls? For how long? Because from what I've seen you were the one who came onto this forum, asked how to raise a pit, and then proceeded to ignore what was there and try to puff out your chest over actually taking the advice of people who have been working with these dogs far longer than you have, not me.
  20. Ashton

    Ashton Puppy

    No I did not "read it" the pit I have now is not my first pit. Its just been a while. I have encountered dog on dog action hell ive encountered pit on pit action and handled it fine WITHOUT a breaking stick. And I wasn't trying to "puff my chest out" on anything. And you are the one reading out of context because I never said that the reason why they are illegal was bc they can break a dogs jaw. I said they are illegal in some states AND (not because) they can break a dogs jaw. And I NEVER claimed to know anything about breaking sticks other than that they were illegal. Learn to read. So if you are done TRYING to bully me over the internet (which is stupid) I am getting my dog whom will not be having a breaking stick used on him and going to cuddle up with him and go to bed. Goodnight.

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