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Always Expect a Bulldog To Fight

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by tat2stuff, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    Ok he looks different. But dont expect him to like other dogs
  2. pawsmommy

    pawsmommy Puppy

    wow you are right "Paws" looks a lot like your dog Star....does your dog have the white speckled paws too?
  3. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    No. He had white on his paws but his paws weren't as big as your puppy's
  4. pawsmommy

    pawsmommy Puppy

    oh no does that mean my puppy might be a larger dog? I was always told he would be medium size. My understanding of dogs in general is that the size of their paws can determine how big they will be at full grown. (might of been misinformed)
  5. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    And get your dog used to being man handled!!! With any kids a dog is going to get a lot of rough and sudden handling from either your kids, their friends, or kids out in the street.

    Get him used to you and the kids and ANYONE touching everything on him, feet, face, ears, tail, legs, butt, EVERYTHING. But make it fun, praise them when they accept it, and follow it with a treat.

    After awhile, I also like to sneak up on them, grab them, and slip them a tasty treat so they don't freak out when startled.
  6. pawsmommy

    pawsmommy Puppy

    thanks for your post. I have two young girls and we have a lot of family that come over to our house. my puppy is always getting attention
  7. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    Star was on tge larger side. The size of a small field lab probably

    No. Apbts are medium sized dogs. A lot have big paws though. Star is of unknown heritage
  8. I just joined this groups, primarily because we just fostered (adopted, really) a new girl and I was looking for advice on introducing her to my resident dogs - an APBT and a SBT.

    I ran across, and it bothered me. I read the original post. I think ALL dogs sometimes fight. It's not specific to bully breeds.

    I've had a few pit bulls, and VERY FEW fights. We had a situation with 2 girls who had always gotten along, and suddenly started fighting. It was AWFUL. We had to start crating them, but we could not figure out why they were fighting after years of living peacefully together. It was not all the time, and certain things triggered it (mostly excitement). Even a touchdown during a football game and some sofa celebration triggered a fight.

    This went on for about 6 months, with relatively few fights, but enough that it was a problem. We took our older girl to the vet for a routine check-up and found out that she had a tumor. Not malignant, thank God, but it was very large and was causing her discomfort. It as internal, and I cannot remember what caused our vet to be concerned enough to order an ultrasound, but we had it removed.

    No more fights. Ever. We lost our older girl several years later to cancer, but after that tumor was removed we NEVER had a problem again and they went back to being best friends.

    Sometimes there is a physical reason for sudden aggressive. We think our older girl had physical discomfort that we were unaware of, and it was causing her to have less patience. But we were so glad that the cause was discovered and dealt with. We learned that sometimes behavior problem are triggered by physical problems. A good thing to keep in mind.
  9. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    All dogs might find a reason to fight at one time or another, but point being when it comes to the American Pit Bull Terrier, you must keep in mind that the original purpose of this dog was dog on dog combat and because of that, it's important to act accordingly. I will always expect an APBT to fight should it feel the situation at hand demands that it do so. Dog aggression within the breed is normal and should be expected, whether it shows itself or not
  10. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    This post isn't to say that every APBT WILL fight but it's very common so you should be overly cautious because dog aggression is so common with the breed.
    Of course any dogs can fight but this is also a bite and hold breed not a breed that just keeps snapping and going at it.

    If you don't want to believe this you really need to find another breed to get into.
  11. macui

    macui Puppy

    totally agree,
  12. xyrhi

    xyrhi Puppy

    Great post ... Valuable experience you have :)
  13. Kyle D.

    Kyle D. Puppy

    True... I've found that at least on leash by trained my boy to look at me by the command "eyes", helps allieviate any doggie aggression he has towards other dogs. By looking at me he is not staring down another dog, which never leads to anything positive.
  14. jmsheahan

    jmsheahan Little Dog

    Very good post. I'm always hesitant to let my little guy around other dogs because even though I trust Aston, I don't trust other dogs or their owners. My brother for instance has a border collie, and even though Aston is in no way an aggressive dog and could more than likely snap this dog in half just in jaw power and size alone, I don't let him around the collie unsupervised. One time Loki (collie) went off on Aston in the backyard with me standing right there and he scratched Aston in the face pretty bad and cut him open. I was upset about it. Even though its my brothers dog it is still a very territorial dog.
  15. sosa's mom

    sosa's mom Puppy

    Great post >>
  16. PitBullCali

    PitBullCali Puppy

    Great post! Hope everything is going well now! I am defiantly going to be getting a break stick!
  17. The two dogs in my pic are Barbie( the black one) and Makumba ( the brown one.
    I have got Barbie since she was 6 weeks old( I know she was to little) she was always a hyper dog.. When she was little we were going at the dog park, but with time she seemed to become to ruff with other dogs and I choose to do to take her anymore.
    One year ago ( when Barbie was 3 years old)we rescue Makumba, it was 2 years old...
    They got along well for one year... Barbie seemed to be little jealous and dominant... But Makumba seemed to be leader... Well... One day all of the sadden Barbie attacked Makumba... It was horrific to me, she didn't let him go, he was crying( he is double the size of Barbie almost) ... It took me more then 20 minutes to separate them... We didn't let them together for a while after that episode...
    Now they stay together only if my boyfriend is at home, otherwise one at the time... I feel guilty because I think Barbie did that because jealousy. Maybe bring Makumba home wasn't the best idea...
    Now I don't know if I can really trust them together again... As soon as one of them gets close to the other we make them go in their own rooms... Anybody had the same kind of situation?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    ^ keeping them separated is the responsible thing to do. They may never be able to be together like they were in the past. Dog aggression is very normal in all bull breeds. So to expect them to not get along at some point is normal expectations. To expect them to get along forever or even after a fight is wishful thinking for this breed.

    To attempt to force them together would be a huge risk and may result in a severely injured or dead dog.
  19. walethijau

    walethijau Puppy

    i have little kid, i loved bulldog but i afraid they touch my kid
  20. tuckerboi

    tuckerboi Puppy

    Doed anybody know what type of pitbull has numerous black spots on their white coat

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