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allergic reaction to potato?

I dropped some baked potato on the floor about 2 days ago, and my bullie scooped it up... it was a very small amount.. less than a teaspoon worth... she since broke out in a rash on her face and belly...

Has anyone ever seen this before?

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Bullies tend to have skin issues, but I highly highly doubt it was from that tiny bit of potato. If it doesn't clear up soon I would take her to the vet. My APBT use to just break out in hives for no reason not even the vet could figure out, so like I said the bully breeds are prone to skin issues.
the only thing she has had access to was the potato in addition to the normal feed program.... taste of the wild..... it was the 1st time since I've had her that I let her have people food.... there was no salt pepper or anything other than potato.... she scooped it up real fast... and went back 3 times to lick the tile.... so she must have liked it....


Banned Back Yard Breeder
There are potatos in taste of the wild...So unless there was something else mixed into that I do not assume it was the potato...


Little Dog
Perhaps it was the cleaning agent that you use on the floor. You said that she was licking the floor a few times.
I have heard that it is a good practice not to use any cleaners that end in...sol.
Also many bullies have a reaction to anti static agents like those sheets used in clothes driers.
And lastly a stressful situation can make some of them break out in hives.

Hope you find the cause of your dogs reaction.



Banned Back Yard Breeder
Nice post Tom, I agree!

I use all natural products to clean the floor and to wash there blankets in.


Little Dog
before i came here and learned more about bullies and how important good food is , and what kinda junk shit they put in the main name brands, i found out the hard way by feeding poor chico Pedigree and Purina One.....it would always break out his poor nose and sometimes his back with hives