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ALL ABOUT EARS. Tall ears, silly ears, perfect ears, cropped ears, inside-out ears


Garp has one hound dog ear and it drives me crazy.

Gaaaah these stupid ears.



Beret: I see he's getting a bit excited...LOL!!!

Sigh. That stupid thing is ALWAYS popping out. It ruins like, 80% of pictures.

Sometimes, I REALLY wish he was cropped. But he's a pound mutt, so that would have been stupid. But aesthetically... It may have helped. He has the worst set of ears.
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Little Dog

11 weeks


10 mo.

and now at 18mo.

they actually had more prick to them when he was younger


Good Dog
IDK, but I just found this extremely derpy photo of my girl... Thought it was a must to go in this thread! Sometimes she has beautiful ears, but when she gets worked up, or curious.. she get a lil wonky... but this is just straight up WILD, gremlin!!! lmao!



Big Dog
Haha, Cobalt. That second one is priceless! I love her ears!!!

Candi's ears are also quite the topic of conversation. Tank swears one day, she'll get the lift she needs from them like Dumbo and we'll have the world's first flying dog. :lol: