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CA: Alert - calls needed today!!!!

Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by Vicki, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator



    -- please cross post widely --

    SB 250 has already been voted on today. It did not get enough votes to pass... YET. It's now ON CALL, which means a re-vote later today. Florez is making the rounds, twisting arms.

    Here's the list of those who abstained or weren't present. We need to flood their offices with calls NOW. GET ON THE PHONE! This is really easy:

    "Hello, my name is <your name>. I live in <your city's name>. I'm calling to ask the Senator to please vote NO on SB 250, mandatory spay/neuter for dogs and cats, when it comes to the senate floor for a vote."

    Moreno Ducheny (916) 651-4040
    Leno (916) 651-4003
    Pavley (916) 651-4023
    Wolk Phone: (916) 651-4005
    Wright (916) 651-4025
    Yee Phone: (916) 651-4008
    Negrete-McLeod (916) 651-4032
    Liu (916) 651-4021
    Desaulnier (916) 651-4007
    Corbet (916) 651-4010
    Simitian (916) 651-4011

    Laura Sanborn

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